Having Sex Next to the Homeless Guy; YouTube Lessons in Search Words;

I am surprised how consistently people have clicked on this silly little video. I suspect that a lot of people are typing the words, “having sex”. I bet a lot more people are searching the words, “have sex” though. I noticed a problem in the search words for another video.

For example, I used the words, “train derailment” and when I searched for my video, I saw it. This is no surprise, right? I found a video with the exact wording. Any monkey can be effective in searching that way. But what if I were to tweak the word, “derailment” to “derail”. I no longer see any choices for “derailment”. Because I put in the “-ment” at the end, I knocked my search word off the results page. If I would stick with just the word, “derail” then it can be more competitive with the other “derail” words. This is because “derail” is not used a lot, so you many not want to add any crazy endings to it. Proper punctuation can ruin your searchable word.


This may work for unpopular words. What about the more popular words, like “sex”. I am willing to bet that every one of you have searched the word, “sex” on YouTube, just because you got curious. I am guilty too, so don’t be ashamed. The word, “sex” is thought of, written, searched, and discussed quite a bit. You could get more creative with the word, like, “sexual”, or “sexist” or “sexy” and still get quite a few hits. People want to see the different variations of sex. It is a fascination that we are compelled to discover over our lifetime.

Even though I didn’t use any unique grammar for sex, I think the search string of “having sex” is still popular. I could probably change the word “having” to “have” and get more search hits. I haven’t tried this yet, so I am only implying that it would increase results.

The title of my video, “having sex next to the homeless guy; also the strip club is too loud”. Probably gets the most hits from “having sex”. But I am not sure. What if a large portion of people are searching, “strip club” on YouTube. I don’t know the exact stats, so it could be a possibility.

Let me add that the “having sex…” Video generates no ad revenue for me from Youtube. It gets a moderate amount of hits, but there are no advertisers willing to pay for it. You would think a condom company would want to pay some money for those hits. They can reach a lot of people. Or maybe, Google wants to avoid sex advertisers, it’s hard to tell.

I am a little surprised that the “9Gag: Ladyboy” video is still very popular. People are searching a lot for the Ladyboys. From what I see on my stat pie chart, I get about 75% males, so many of them want to see the ladyboys! even the videos allowed on YouTube.

Search wording can really make or break your hits. I don’t know if the SEO stuff is as effective as it used to be. But the words used and what they are worth has become more of a business model now. It’s almost like people who own basic necessities. Such as the Chris Rock joke:

Wealthy people own the color blue. This is what Google is striving for. They want to own the English language and commercialize every word. They want control over the slang, ghetto, and dialects. They want all the foreign languages too. Words are what drive people and help us make daily decisions.

Google wants to own content and that all breaks down into the zeros and ones that make up computer science. Some of that code isn’t worth much, but other words are popular. Some words become popular for a few years, and then are forgetten. Look up “shovel girl”. Currently, she is one of the most popular topics that is slowly spreading across the internet. She will be popular for the next year or so as more people find out and become curious about her. Google can sell that search string, “shovel girl” to advertisers who bid on it and sell their ads through that search medium.


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One thought on “Having Sex Next to the Homeless Guy; YouTube Lessons in Search Words;

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