Shovel Girl Lost Her Dignity To a Shovel.

If you watch the video you will see these girls agreed to a fight. They calmly walk over to some kind of designated fighting area, as chosen by the shovel thrower. Then shovel girl uses her reach advantage and better experience to really cause a lot of pain for her opponent. After fighting and continuing to taunt each other, the shovel thrower finally orders shovel girl off of her property. Shovel girl asked if any cops were going to be notified and refused to leave until the shovel thrower grabbed the most readily available weapon, a shovel.

This was an emotionally charged, yet calm and relaxed fight. It’s like they both knew what to expect out of this interaction. I think they probably watch MMA and learned a lot from those fighters on how to remain calm before the fights. However, when the fight began, the girl in black failed to dodge any punches.

The shovel girl jabbed straight on which is very important in landing clean hits. The girl in black clearly was losing the fight. In fact, the shovel girl taunted the girl in black and asked if she had enough. This query prompted a response that the shovel girl was at the shovel throwers house. I think the response was meant to communicate that her injuries were minor.

Either way, this kind of fighting reminds me of the weird fighting videos that come out of Russia. They practice weird formalities like they know how to conduct such an event professionally. Who knows how far in advance this fight was scheduled for. It sounds like it had been boiling up over a period of time and had to do with a previous relationship with a boy or something.

I have always been a fan of Bum Fights and Felony Fights. YouTube still allows some fight videos to remain on the website. Its hard to tell what the rules are for violence on YouTube. They seem to have loose rules, but they will pull extreme content, at least. The extreme gore is usually pushed onto Liveleak, which used to be called Ogrish. liveleak is the tamer version of Ogrish.

There used to be a lot of controversy over whether females were fighting more often. I believe the debates were increasing since the early 2000s. I really can’t tell if females are fighting and being more aggressive these days. All I see is more video being easily shared of violent contact.

Maybe the Shovel Girl will open up more dialogue again about females risking their own well-being by engaging in more dangerous behaviors. This is in a time where females are encouraged to fight MMA and also allowed to fight in combat. How far will they go to prove they are equal to men? There are some things that really don’t encourage inspiration in female behavior. This is one of those things.

I was surprised that the whole video only got 10k viewers at this point. The Vine is more popular than the full video. This can show how much more popular Vine has gotten. I still don’t get it though. 8 seconds doesn’t tell me enough of the story.



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