The Story of UberX Riding Service; There is no happy ending for the Taxi services.

It’s taking away my business. I have to be able to feed my family. Please do something about them. I am unable to stop them myself. Says Habib, representing Yellow Taxi Service. Council member Jill asks, who exactly is taking away your business? I don’t know who it is. It is more than just one person. They are like several of them out there right now. Says Habib. Another Council member, Tom, asks if they have any identifying signage on their cars or are their vehicles unmarked, or what? Habib says, they drive regular cars and pull in to pick up other people where our taxis normally pick up people. I watch them all day taking my customers away. I lose business to them and I have to feed my family. Council member Jill says that, maybe they are just a few people who are simply picking up their friends. How long has this been going on that you noticed? Habib replies, they have been picking up their friends for months now. One guy, in particular, has a lot of friends if that is the case. He somehow has a lot of friends coming out of the Airport on a daily basis. I don’t know how he made so many friends. Not even I have that many friends and I meet new people every day driving my Taxi cab, picking them up. Council member Tom asks, can you describe the type of people who are giving each other rides? Habib says, they look younger. It’s mostly the young people who are giving each other the rides. Council member Tom says, Facebook is a pretty popular social app for young people these days. Maybe they are arranging pick up times with their friends through the website? Habib stands confused and frustrated. I don’t know, but they take my business from me and I need to feed my children. I paid for the permit to drive my taxi as my business. I went through the process of getting insurance and permits to conduct my business in the city. And now, I see people getting picked up and taken away from my business in regular looking cars. This isn’t fair. The city needs to stop it. This is illegal. I have to feed my kids.



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