5 Things the Homeless Want You To Know But Can’t Ever Tell You.

1. We Wish That it Didn’t Have to Come to Begging for Money.

Many homeless are the victim of economic times. We have to work within our means to satisfy the local ordinances yet strive to maintain some dignity, in turn. We could do so much more, but the land resources are limited and so we make do with the free resources that are available to us. The street corners are still considered free and open for public use, so that is where we will stand to try and respect the law and your right to privacy as well. What little we ask for, in change, by staying out of your way can stretch a lot. Thank you.

2. We Want to Talk With You and get to Know You.

Stop by and visit us when you can. We tend to remain in various public places that are safe. There may not be a dress code anywhere, but be aware that some homeless can feel intimidated by those who dress really elegantly. Besides that, a conversation can help bridge to gap between us. There is always much to talk about in the city, between the weather or sports. We all have our passions when the right subject is brought up. The lighter the conversation, the more friendly conversation can be. The homeless aren’t always looking to pick a fight. But be sure to keep your distance from the ones who look like they want a fight.

3. We are Aware of the Insults Hurled at Us.

It’s not like we don’t care about cruel things said to us and about us. We are just not comfortable with criticism. We may get defensive at times for the very rude behaviors, but it depends how hostile people decide to get at us. When we are told to get a job, what do you expect us to say? I can’t? I sometimes ask the people who tell me to get a job if they are hiring for something or know someone who is hiring. Usually, I get a silent response. The excited utterances are poorly thought out and show the immaturity of the person shouting them.

4. No one Wants to be Productive More than Us.

Trust me, I have applied for many different jobs. Something shows in my history that the employers just don’t like to see. I have to keep moving along though and looking for opportunities that come up. When I get told that I won’t make the right fit for a company, I take a minute to collect myself. By the next day, I am busy looking at other options. I have to feel like I am moving forward every day. I will accept no for an answer, but I know that means I have to reverse course and look at other alternatives for another chance to rebuild my finances.

5. We Sacrifice For You.

We respect the wishes of storefront, of their rules, not to loiter. We hold our bladders and try to find the places that allow us to go to the bathroom. We try our best to keep ourselves clean and presentable on a daily basis. Our toiletry options may be extremely limited, but we make the most of what we can. Sometimes we have to walk great distances just to use a public restroom. We don’t want to trouble you in your routines to attend to our own needs. We know that your privacy is also as important to you as it is to us.




I read the 5 things nurses want you to know and thought of the homeless.

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