What Does 34 Fewer Meals Per Month Mean To You?

I am trying to make sense of the Farm Bill. After reading the Wikipedia page describing it, I can find some evidence of struggles to come for the poor people who own no property. This Bill is largely based on supporting property owners. The poor will get hungrier and more desperate. The food providers will hold a little more power and also, in turn, have even more room to be experimental with food.

There is much less socialism involved in this Food Bill. I think the Food Bill is designed to stimulate more fierce competition. If each person is looking at 34 fewer meals per month, they will be making fewer trips to the grocery stores. So, in turn, the grocery stores will need to respond to this loss in revenue. How do they do it? They either raise prices or add more sugar and try to make their food even more druglike to entice people to still buy their food.

The grocery store is one the most extensive systems of drug dispensaries in the world. They have been successful at selling foods injected with extremely addictive ingredients to cause massive withdrawals in its own customers for years. Many people have physically lost their willpower to the grocery store foods. To try and raise their own foods is difficult because many people are under the influence of the addictive chemicals found in grocery store foods.

Now, the government will be putting less money into the addicts pockets and this will cause a change in the grocery system. The government built up the grocery stores with their Food Stamps program, and now can take it away. Unfortunately, many more changes need to occur on the city level for people to successfully adapt. However, most City Councils across the Nation have their heels dug in very deeply in the soil to change.

Every city will need to be able to bring back some form of livestock for slaughtering into the city. Sure, it’s a barbaric process, but it’s how we, as a people, have been surviving in the past. Livestock was running up and down many cities 100 years ago. Everyone survived difficult times during those periods.

Why should I have to worry about what place in line I’m standing to eat? I want to be able to raise food myself. I need the ordinances to drop so that I can enjoy a self-sustaining life. This whole squeeze on the poor, but no give has gone on far too long. It’s too bad that most poor are still too distracted and possibly scared by their addictions to properly respond to the changing measures.




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