Uber is Stealing Lyft Drivers; This could make a great movie, like Social Network.

I took a look at the Uber app and in Seattle area, they appear to have about 7 or 8 cars at a time on the map. I checked about 3 times over a few days. I just saw an ad on Craigslist for recruiting Lyft drivers:


Seven or eight drivers for Uber is not enough to cover the city of Seattle. Maybe the city put a limit on how many drivers are allowed to provide ride service within the city. So, instead of Uber being able to recruit new drivers in the city, they want to steal from other businesses. This is a very cutthroat business right now. The $500 bonus sounds very promising, but it makes me wonder how much more the driver could ask for.

Ofcourse, when you click on their webpage, Uber makes a few more demands.

If you listen to the city council podcasts in Seattle, they have been listening to pleas from the Taxi cab drivers for months. The taxis begged for the Uber and Lyft app businesses to stop. But it doesn’t look like the Taxis are getting protection from the city. Now, Uber doesn’t want to recruit the Taxi cab drivers.

You know, this change in rider behavior could make a great movie.



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