I walked by a man who had ripped pants in the butt area.

He was bent over talking to himself and reaching for rocks. As I walked by, he asked me if I had a lighter. I could see the cigarette dangling from his lips. I told him no, I didn’t and continued walking. He said thanks anyway.

After I passed him I saw a baseball cap laying on the sidewalk. Also, further down I saw a bicycle laying on the ground. I think he rode a bicycle then crashed it, dropped his hat, then ripped his pants.

Everything he was doing was very out of the ordinary. I actually got a little scared of his behavior when I saw him. I found myself wincing in anticipation of him throwing rocks at me or something. I couldn’t follow his state of mind, so I kept my distance from him and just kept moving on.

He looked bald and in his mid 20s. He just wore a shirt and a ripped pair of pants. I didn’t see that he had on any underwear or boxers. It was just his bare ass showing. He didn’t look or act injured that I could tell. Even though outwardly he seemed alright, I don’t think he was sober inside. The police would need to test him out for drugs. There is a good chance he was on meth, I think.

He seemed almost like being a zombie. Once he detected me, he reacted swiftly by asking for a lighter. Anyone who passes by him becomes a target. He didn’t look all that strong, but it doesn’t take a lot of strength to throw rocks if he chose to do so. Rocks can do a lot of damage.

Why would he throw rocks in the first place? I have no idea. Why would he be bent over mumbling loudly to himself as up he picked through rocks in the first place? It was very odd behavior, especially for the location of it all.

There is a lot of odd behavior going on in Aberdeen. Each drugs brings out a different kind of personality in people. Its hard to tell what everybody is on all the time. But you can always expect alcohol to be involved, since it’s the easiest and most legal to acquire.



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