11 Things High income freelance writers do different.

I just listened to the Ed Gandia podcast and copied these down for fun. He seems to know what he’s talking about. You can feel the confidence in what he says. I just copied what he said. There isn’t really anything to debate here. His advice is good and precise.

Although, I’m not really a writer, I like to listen to a wide variety of podcasts to get very different perspectives on life. It feels much better to me to tap into the very different realities in life than escape into fantasy worlds that make no sense. Although, I did play World of Warcraft religiously for over 2 years.


1. High income business writers are clear in their positioning.
-starting out, you don’t need to declare a specialty.
-they don’t waste time selling their value to strangers
-they already sell to the converted.

2. They view high income as a reality.
-losers worry about money
-they talk to themselves in a different way.

3. High degree of self respect for themselves.
– they don’t worry about being a fraud.

4. High degree of respect for clients.
-always coming through
-bring ideas to the table
-develop peer to peer relationships.

5. Mindful of their productivity
-planning day
-they are more structured than freelancer.

6. Go after corporate clients.
– corporate clients need a lot of copy.
-they don’t see corporations as evil.

7. Not afraid to let go of clients who can’t afford them.
-they may not pay you what you’re worth.
-they don’t respect you.

8. Focus on lifetime client value
-look at clients as lifetime partner.

9. Go after high price projects.
-white paper work paid $3500.

10. Value and leverage their relationships
-it can’t be a struggle every time
-relationships are everything
-contacts keep hiring you when they change business

11. Do not rest on laurels
-into self improvement
-willing to admit they don’t know it all.



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