Forums Should Make Anyone a Teacher. Twitter, Craigslist, Facebook, Google+, and Reddit all got it wrong.

Do you have questions where you don’t know where to turn for advice from experts? Are you looking for a quick answer tailored to your specific concern in real time? If you are frustrated with the lack of structure for categorizing your question, you have come to the right place.

There should be a forum where anybody can be the teacher or expert in a field. It can be like the “Ask Me Anything” thing on Reddit where you can teach based on questions asked by the participants. Ask me about science, or more specifically about waste management. People can ask a question and teachers are waiting to answer it.

I love the aspect of craigslist discussion topic forum. I also love Twitters loose structure. But something needs to be in between them to bridge the gap. Craigslist Discussion is a little too open based. Twitter is more blocky and controlled. The designs could be synthed and stitched together. Also, an addition for Memes has become very important and popular as well.

The advantage of craigslist is that it limits your words to less than 140 characters in the title heading. I think Twitter allows too many words. Twitter is about creating titles and then allowing people to click links to huge articles or the titles can stand on their own.

With Craigslist, you are never sure if there is a body for the rest of the message. I find myself constantly clicking to see if there is more than just the title. Its almost playing a game where you are curious as to what’s behind door number 2. Will the OP explain their headline more?

I hate the lack of themes with Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and everyone else! for that matter. Craigslist Discussion Forum has got the right idea for forcing us to click on a subject and then staying particular topics without going off on too much of a tangent.

I bounce around a lot of different topics because I love learning from many different subjects. The Science is about science. Legal is about legal. Or Psychology is about psychology. No question is too awful. But if it is a bad question, then it will be negged and flagged to the readers delight.

I love talking about health subjects. Its great to see people contribute. Out of the insults and nonsense, some real gems for information occur. Even the abrasive people can offer interesting insight.

I think Craigslist Forums need a reformatting. It could work better if it looked more like Twitter, but not too much. There is a lot of room to grow for discussion forums. None of them have really got it right yet. The different forums are spotty with benefits and plagued with problems. Thank you.



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