Social Media Glitch Report: Trouble with Twitter

I can see that my account @Acumagnet is still active, but I’m unable to log in to it anymore. I tried logging in with both my email and then handle name with no luck. So, then I request to change my password. After resetting my password I still cannot log in to

When I go to Tweetdeck, I can log in with no problem. Even after I changed my password, Tweetdeck still opens up for me with my account showing. I can still post and stuff, but now I’m unable to change my settings. To change my picture, I need to be able to log into, which I can’t. This is very troubling and shocking.

It’s like I have control of my twitter account, but don’t. The service will still post on my behalf with all the links set up, but if I wanted to change a link I can’t. For example, if I wanted to remove my Facebook link, I am unable to.

If anyone has a similar problem and was able to solve it, please let me know. Thank you.


I just signed up for Path and promoted through Twitter. I had no problems with logging onto Twitter through this medium.


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