Opium Poppies can be grown in US Gardens; Marijuana Never Looks Good in a Flower Garden.

You are limited to up to about 10 poppies for your garden. The government recognizes the beauty of the poppy flower and has relaxed laws against it’s landscape appeal.

Compare the poppy to the marijuana plant and you see the difference between beauty and the beastImage:


There are many different beautiful kinds of flowers that are in the poppy family. However, in the marijuana family, all the flowers look unsightly and pretty much the same, despite the alleged uniqueness between each plant. This is why poppies have not been completely banned from the US. Poppies may have been the first to face stiff legal action back in the early 1900s, but enough horticulturist prevented the plant from being banned in their gardens. The horticulturists were silent on the matter of weed.

Leadership tends to take more of an interest in the beautification of their landscape. As we get older and less physical able, we stop more often to smell and admire the flowers. Many of us may even think about the fact that we will be feeding that vegetation when we die. That is why we get buried in the ground. We don’t treat our corpses like dog food to be left for the wild animals to scavenge off of.

Anyway, I have taste the white sap from an opium poppy that was growing in someones garden. I did feel my blood pressure drop and my hands did feel like “two balloons”, granted a little more mildly than what was described by Pink Floyd. I never felt addicted to the sap, but I could feel how it can be helpful for the medical community.

Imagine a campaign against a beautiful flower. It just wouldn’t last very long. It’s easy to watch marijuana get destroyed. The weed looks like anything a person would spray harmful chemicals on to kill. But the poppy, with its beautiful red flower is something to be enjoyed. In the sea of green vegetation, it’s always a treat to gaze upon an amazing natural color.

Also, the poppies can attract bees and butterflies as well. What does weed attract? Who knows or cares, right? Marijuana may bring joy to the hearts for those who consume, it cannot bring beauty to the landscape at any stage of its life. Marijuana is best appreciated by those of the low class for that reason alone: appearance.

People may not know that the garden varieties of poppies really do have heroin in its raw form. There is no other plant that can mimic it’s appearance. Also, I believe the seeds that are sold in stores are very much alive and plant-able. I will admit that I never got the chance to successfully grow any poppy plants from the edible seeds though. I would love to hear if you are successful with it.


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