How to be a Homeless Farmer

I have to admit that I have never done such a thing. But I would like to give it some critical thinking here for a moment as it is becoming a very dire situation for me. Without any kind of a job, I lost my ability to feed myself.

What is farming about? You find some good land and grow plants or raise animals on it, pretty much. The idea is pretty basic. However, being able to farm your food takes on an entirely new approach when you don’t own any land.

Without owning any land, you are forced to look into whatever options present themself for land use arrangements. Perhaps you could try to negotiate with other land owner in the community for a plot of space to grow some vegetable. In fact, many communities hold public garden space and teach Master Gardener classes to those interested. This all costs, so you have to weigh the benefits versus cost.


I believe many serfs in Europe borrowed plots of land to farm. Of course, they could be easily forced off their land by rising prices.

People who are smaller in size have a great advantage in being poor than larger folks. Smaller people don’t require as many calories as bigger people for one. So they can conserve more food over longer periods of time. If they don’t eat a lot, then they don’t drink a lot either.


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