I Didn’t Get Hired at E & E Foods. Here are some reasons why

My work history is very spotty. I have very long stretches of unemployment and inactivity that is very hard to explain to anyone. I could see that the interviewer just didn’t get what I was doing with my life. He probably saw me as flaky and unreliable. I only had a short period of time to prove my worth and it didn’t work. The application looked bad and my interview skills are bad as well.

It’s tough to get a low wage job. My personality keeps changing peoples opinions about me. I am a horrible person to work with. I wish I could help people understand my logic. maybe if they could follow my thought process, they could better understand what I am trying to do. I like to think of myself as a hard worker in general. I have dedicated myself to a life of fitness.

It feels very rare that my standards of living align with someone else. Why don’t more people think like me? Is it really so hard to enjoy a good argument every now and then? I never do very well with small talk. Most of my discussions want to have a purpose and lesson to pass on. I want to feel like I am accomplishing something when interacting with another person. Small talk feels so empty and depressing to me.

I will find myself saying weird things just to get another point of view. Why not enjoy a different viewpoint? I’m not a robot. Let other people act like the robots they desire to be. I have a need to think more freely on subjects. Even I don’t know the best answer to a question, I will try for my best answer. Bad answers can be better built upon than no answers, in my opinion.

When I talked to the interview, I was very vocal with him. I explained the little work I had done. I believe I told him how I enjoy variety with work. I don’t mind constantly moving. I told him that when I have something to complain about, I will voice my opinion. But when things seem to be working fine, I say nothing.

Ok, I’m done.


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