Amazon Has the Worst Customer Service and Payment System Available

How is this company able to even stay in business. Its probably because they take the cheapest steps possible for customer service. They put all the pressure on the individual seller to not screw, yet Amazon themselves, are the ones who fall short on help. It’s not fair to work with Amazon. Right now, they are simply surviving on their popularity as a brand name. Everything else is the cheapest service set up possible. Their financial accounting system is run by gangsters and the customer support is answered by the remotest village in India. Amazon blazed new trails for collecting money in every way possible, as easy as it can get. A customer can pay into the website at lightning speed. But, when Amazon has to pay out money, their accounting system experiences several hiccups for days and weeks at a time. When you have a question about what is going on, you talk to English language students from India who are earning their foreign language credits for school. I emailed an Indian with a simple question. Manpreet was not able to answer my question due to lack of detail. He told me that he needed more detail. So I try to email him back, but get an auto email back denying me contact. Apparently we aren’t allowed to have email conversations with Amazon reps. Is that the secret to Amazons success? They reduce the peasants to only being able to talk about them, but not to them? Is there any person who can stand up as a recognizable Amazon representative? Or is this really like being lost in the Amazon where you are lucky to run into a tribe who can help guide you a little bit through the deep jungle? Amazon keeps wanting to push people to their facetious discussion forum. Just what I’m looking for is another group of people who only have slightly more knowledge than me on the operation of Amazon. This website really is a deep dark jungle that will leave you scared and angry with them. Here is my email reply that just compounded my problem with them: 20140417-113425.jpg


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