Rice Lake, WI Police are Worse Than Car Jackers

As I was watching a truck carry off a couple cars it got me to thinking about a predicament I had with the Rice Lake Cops a few months ago. They tried to be real sneaky about having my car towed. They gave no written warning, they simply intended to do it. The ticket didn’t say anything about my car being towed.

A car jacker will steal a car without warning as well, when you least expect it. You could step away from your car for a little, come back and see that its gone. What is the first thing to go through your mind upon seeing no car in the spot it used to be? You want to quickly talk to the police.

But what if the police were the ones who took your car to begin with? Therein lies the problem. That is what makes them worse than a car jacker. At least with a car jacker, the cops are on your side and you have a chance of recovering your car. But when the police take your car, they are clearly not there to help you.

I was parked in the 24 hour parking lot and use my car every day. Yet, the police found it necessary to try and get my car towed away. Luckily, I was helped by a kindly old man who found out the cops intended to tow my car away. I think the Cops would have towed my car sooner but the tow truck driver was not available when they needed him.

The Rice Lake cops are bullies and encourage more problems than they solve. I wasn’t causing any problems in the lot. I wasn’t told about any complaints I had got about anything. The Cops were simply picking on me for nefarious reasons.

I strongly recommend being careful of the Rice Lake, WI police if you should ever come across them. What they lack in professionalism they make up for in bullying people.



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