The Difference Between Skateboarders and Surfers is the Noise.

I watched This video:

It is a compilation of people who hate skateboarders. There are common traits for the kinds of people who hate the skateboarders. One is that destruction is always seen as imminent among skateboarding activities. Another problem can be the gang activity that draws skateboarding crowds together. People don’t like to see groups of kids making a large ruckus near there private property. Many times the skateboarders are penetrating private property too, such as churches.

Anywhere there is concrete and rails, a skateboarder tries to perform tricks on them. What compels the skateboarder to perform the tricks? For one, these kids love to challenge their sense of balance. But it isn’t enough to stand still and practice balance techniques. A sense of movement can go a long way for the exciting rush of remaining on your feet after some crazy jumps.

I think the skateboarder draws attention to themselves a lot because of the noise. People hear such loud noises coming from the boards and associate the noise with extra hard hitting against the concrete. Every time I hear a skateboarder, I am alarmed by the noise.

Although no one in the videos brings up the fact that skateboards are very noisy, you can see people put a lot of the focus of their anger onto the skateboard. Many times people will take the skateboard away from the skateboarder and a fight will ensue. People seem more mad at the activity of the skateboarding than the actual person. Although, many times the skateboarder takes offense that the person is mad at them personally.

What would happen to the skateboarding community if they made no noise? The end result would be less conflict, because people would not be clued into the activity as much. Usually, its to slamming of wheels on concrete that will draw a persons attention first. It can sometimes sound like bones cracking. People who own private property refer to the matter of whether someone hurts themselves on their property, a law suit can be brought up for damages.

I’m sure we all know that skateboarding evolved from surfing in the 1940s. However, skateboarding could never have been first conceived without flat concrete. Surfers were around for a few hundred years, but they couldn’t gravitate to skateboarding until more surfaces became wheel-friendly.

So, in conclusion, If the noise from skateboards could stop sounding so destructive, then skateboarders would probably stop drawing so much negative and irate attention to themselves. But is it possible to make a quiet skateboard? It seems unlikely.

Another option could be for the skateboarders to consider moving closer to the ocean Do you know how many miles of surfable waves are available in Washington year-round? I just drove along the coast and walked a lot of the beach. There are miles of beach that nobody is on. Western Washington may be largely undeveloped, but I have no idea why that is. If more people could see the opportunities here, they would likely fall in love with it.

Surfing is the primary excitement that trumps skateboarding. If the skateboarder knew how much more fun surfing is, they would not skate as much. Unfortunately, most skateboarders are confined to middle America and at a geographic loss for surfing. This can easily be remedied by moving to the coast though. It is something to consider.



Also, let me add that skateboarders frequently say that they have never been on the private property before. They claim to have not seen the signs that say “no skateboarding”.  On the other hand, the property owner keeps saying that they are tired of seeing the skateboarders all over their property. Someone is lying. There is a huge contrast between arguments.


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