Langley, WA is one of the best cities I have been to so far.

They seem to have very low crime, everyone is friendly. Its clean. The weather is beautiful. The salt water is vast. Its on an island and quite isolated from the rest of population. The architecture is amazing. The donation charities are very supportive in the community. The library is quiet and has 24 hour WiFi. Nothing is over-commercialized. The vegetation is lush. Plus to top it all off, their is an adorable bunny infestation which was caused by an interbreeding between wild and domestic rabbits.

I haven’t seen one single homeless person here, besides myself. Maybe that should be a concern, right? When I walk around in the evening, even though the town is very cropped closely together, I still feel like there are hardly anyone on the streets.

At night I can start seeing the northern cities of Seattle off in the distance. There is another island across the bay, which looks well-populated too. However, the only way to reach that other island is by ship or driving around back to the mainland. That other island looks beautiful as well.

I talked to one guy who said that shipping UPS is very hard to do on this island. This lends to the isolation the island experiences. There is no easy access to this place. It has turned into a wonderful land of paradise because it is so isolated. No uncommon visitor could just wander onto this island by accident. You would have to intentionally set out to travel here, sort of like what I did.

The reason I came to this city was to check out their library and Internet. Even though there has been a lot of construction on the Main Street; Even though it rained for a couple days; even though its cold in January, I have absolutely grown to love what people are doing out here.

Here is a measure to consider for crime: when this town can have a glass factory business that is comfortable about keeping many glass displays outside at night without anything getting smashed on the ground, you know they are doing good. When a business can keep a lot of the stuff they are selling outside, they are doing good. When they can keep a public bathroom open 24 hours a day year round, you know they are doing good.

The people have been uncommonly friendly to me. I am surprised by the relaxed nature of the people. There is something about this city that seems much more welcoming than any other city I have been to so far. I strongly suspect that the island plays a big role in the cities ability to preserve its integrity.

If I could ever make money again and settle down. Langley, WA would be my number 1 choice in the Nation. It doesn’t get much better than this. I would be thrilled to come back here and see how it is in the summer time, especially on the beach.

Maybe I’m missing something here. But I have never felt so relaxed about sleeping in my car as I have in Langley. I heard coyotes almost every night, but am comforted by the fact they are probably chasing the bunnies instead. Also, all the wild life look strong and healthy. If you were compare deer in Washington to Wisconsin, I notice the deer looking stronger and healthier in Washington, particularly on the island. They have thicker legs, more slender torsos.


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