Culture: Bohemian Fitness in the Modern World is not for Everyone. But I’m an Addict of it.

The reason I call it Bohemian Fitness is because it is counterculture. I don’t even need to attach the Bohemian flavor to fitness, because fitness seems to be counterculture in itself. Only about 15% of the population at any given time is actively engaged in a fitness routine. Most people give up on fitness. It is not popular.

After reading the definition of Bohemian on Wikipedia, I can relate to that definition quite closely. I am desperately poor and I reject a lot of the values of the popular culture. I have a love for artistic things, although I am not much of an artist myself. My style of art is trying to find frugal ways of keeping my body strong and in good shape. Unfortunately, there is very little in the landscape that supports my lifestyle.

What I have a vision for are features that support a suspension training routine. I love to be able to stop a long my journey and pump a few reps of rows. It feels so great to have that blood rush flow to my arms and back that I have become addicted to it. No drug can replace the feeling of a good pump during a workout.

I used to go to the weightlifting gym to achieve my pump. It felt glorious. I always loved the gym and I would still go if I had the money. I imagined that the day I could no longer afford a gym membership would come. My mind raced trying to figure out the best alternative possible to the gym. I couldn’t just quit exercise without the gym. Also, I couldn’t rely on “daily work” to get a satisfactory workout. Most jobs do not give anything close to a full workout effect. Jobs cause more repetitive stress conditions more than full body workouts.

My Bohemian nature may be even more Bohemian than the actual counterculture from whence it separated itself from. The Bohemians seem to take on a more relaxed approach to life. I absolutely hate feeling relaxed unless if it follow a good workout routine. Relaxing without having expelled a significant amount of energy feels like absolute laziness to me. You could say I am a subgroup of a subgroup.

It is said that many Bohemians tend to be vagabonds. That is exactly what I am doing, being a vagabond. I drive from town to town, sleeping in my car and trying not to attract attention. I certainly enjoy looking at the different sights. Although some sights are better than others. I also think about where possible places could be for exercising.

I look at parks for places to set up my suspension trainer comfortably. Sure, I like to admire the park from time to time, but ultimately, I need to exercise. A combination of taking in new beautiful sights and a good workout go together very well. No drug can beat that.


If you serach Bohemian in Google images, you will find a lot of images of young females who dress in loosely draped clothes with a lot of patterns. I don’t think the imagery on Google Images accurately conveys the Bohemian lifestyle. These modern times may be more about marketing the lifestyle into a brand more than anything else.


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