Project: Turn Your Patio into a Catio; Posted to Craigslist, with Responses

This is a little post I put on Craigslist Pet Forum, with responses. It turned into someone interpreting the animal as being in jail. The person previously was in jail, so carries that bias with himself. That is a connection the person made for themself based upon their own experiences in life. A few other people joined in and gave alternative views. it was a short discussion and everyone quickly moved on to the next topic that was posted.
Turn your patio into a catio < Acumagnet > 01/25 11:57:40

How much do you love your cat?

This is Mia’s tower: < Rankins > 01/25 12:28:20

As a person who spent time in jail < justdontdrink > 01/25 12:34:18

I can tell you from first hand experience being outside in a cage does not give you a feeling of freedom. A cage is a cage inside or outside. I think its more of a tease then anything else.

Oh come on. < Rankins > 01/25 12:36:58

You really need to stop being so damn negative.

Or stop sounding like a troll handle.

Pick one.

Are you actually telling me stop being negative < justdontdrink > 01/25 13:08:25

now thats funny. You may not agree with what I say . That does not make me a troll or negative. Theres a big difference being out in a yard or even on a porch then in a 2 by 2 cage. If you disagree with me and the cat is quite content in its little cage outside just leave the door open. And I also think theres a big difference between a dog in a yard that can run stretch and play then being locked in a small kennel. You seem to have a need to insult anyone who may disagree or say something you dont like. I personally find that rude and childish.

So you’re saying that < BKayHol2 > 01/25 12:41:00

allowing your pet/s to spend time outdoors in a safely fenced enclosure is like putting them in jail?

No wonder Abby looks so miserable here…

Squirt is so miserable < Rankins > 01/25 12:46:31

in her sunny fenced area.

Are you seriously comparing that area to the < justdontdrink > 01/25 13:17:31

small cage the cat was in? Come on I thought you were smarter then that. Grass under the dogs feet something comfortable to roll on.
I am sure you can see the difference in the pictures that you used.

I think most would see that a cat likesurveying < duckdogmom > 01/25 13:21:45

the world from it’s perch for a couple hours/day.
You think it’s not a little extra fun for an indoor cat? Or let me guess, you don’t think cats should be ‘imprisoned’.

AND it appears to me that the cat can < duckdogmom > 01/25 13:22:31

choose to return to it’s safe indoor domicile at any time.

i think you should look at that picture again < justdontdrink > 01/25 13:37:02

That is not attached to the window ,nor can the cat get back inside. Otherwise I would have not mentioned it. People make assumptions about other people to quickly.

I guess we SEE different things. § < duckdogmom > 01/25 13:40:12
Are we talking about Mia’s tower? It’s placed < Dash_No_More > 01/25 13:48:46

just outside an open window, which the cat seems to have just stepped out of. What are you seeing that makes you so sure the cat is trapped baking in the sun rather than free to come and go through that window?

Yes she can. < Rankins > 01/25 18:50:37

She steps in and out of the window anytime she wants.


I have no particular issue with cats < justdontdrink > 01/25 13:34:21

being imprisoned as you say at all. I totally get why people do it. Some of my cats were indoor some were outdoor. But there is a big difference between a cage that is 2 by 2 then being able to roam around a house. If you could compare a small cage to being able to move around I guess we will never agree.

*sigh* take a close look at the picture < duckdogmom > 01/25 13:35:41

It appears to me that the door to the cage is connected to an open window… the cat EXTRA freedom, IMO

Then if I am wrong I stand corrected < justdontdrink > 01/25 13:51:45

It wouldnt be the first time.


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