Setting Up and Placing Our First Bandit Sign: Avoid the Police.

After watching a few videos on placing Bandit Signs, I see that it does require sneaky methods in which to distribute the signs. You want to capture the most attention possible. Yet, you don’t want to alert the wrong kind of oppositional attention neither. But that is how sales work. You have people who genuinely need your services. You have people who are neutral about your services. And you have people who are in opposition to what you do.

The bandit sign has a long history in society. But to effectively trace the beginnings would be quite hard to do. It depends on how we want to interpret the meaning of the message. A person could interpret cave paintings to a sales message that there was good hunting turf at the time. Many wild antler creatures were killed. Ever since paper was invented, people have been very creative in its use. You could easily tie bandit signs to the creation of paper.

Graffiti Doesn’t Make any Business Sense

Some people learn that their message needs to promote their business. Random acts of advertising without purpose, such as graffiti, find a lot of opposition and very little business application. It takes a particular drive to make the connection that advertising can lead people to your business. Unfortunately, advertising can also lead the wrong people to your door. So, if you want to start getting responses, you need to be able to screen genuine customers from the angry harassers.

A lot of work needs to be done after you place the signs. The signs are just a small step to making money for your business. However, their design and placement need to be done right or you just end up wasting money. So, how do you set up the bandit sign effectively?

Here’s some guidance:

Do not put your personal phone number or your business number on your Bandit Sign. Many people have placed their personal information on their signs and they can get directly harassed. You need to be prepared for many of the awful things that angry people will say about your sign or signs. Many will lie and claim to be someone important, like the Code Enforcement officer.Other people will claim to be the police. You will be advised that you will get fined for $100 per sign, or $500, whatever the caller wants to tell you.

What do you say when you get an annoyed caller, you will need to practice diffusing the situation.

1. Be the bigger person and apologize at whatever they say you are doing wrong.

2.Tell them that it won’t happen again.

3. Tell.them that one of your associates made a mistake and placed the sign in the wrong spot.

4. Offer to give an employee number (make one up).

5. Don’t argue with the caller

Google Voice

Google Voice is recommended to use for the phone number. Google Voice has videos that discuss all the different things that can be done with the service. With Google Voice you can use a free phone number that is not your personal one or business one. That way, you can screen phone calls a little better and avoid people finding out who you are. You can create another email with false names and then sign up with a Google Voice number. You can use several phones to connect to your Google Voice account. I believe there also is a way to switch up which phone numbers receive calls. For example, if you have 3 employees and they share answering the phone. You choose which employee answers the phone for the day.

Police have More Important Matters

Cops usually are the first to get called about signs. It gets received on a complaint basis. If a cop sees you placing a sign, they could approach you, especially if you act suspicious looking around and over your shoulder alot. They can ask you what you are doing. Just answer them honestly and confidently that you are just placing some business signs. A lot of times the cops will leave you alone at that point, because they have nothing criminal to cite you for.

Enforcing Code is Not Easy

Usually, it’s the Code Enforcement officer who will give you an Ordinance citation if they so choose. However, it’s very rare they will give a citation. The sign ordinance may be written in the Ordinance Code, but enforcement is another step to take. You will find a difference between the written code and how its enforced. Once again, just don’t argue with people who challenge your signs. if they say they don’t want the sign in a particular spot, then don’t put it there.

Avoid any kind of confrontation. Cops are the ones who mainly have to deal with this activity.

Placement in Shopping Centers

Placing signs in shopping centers will not generate a lot of traffic, but you can avoid confrontations much better. The owner would have to get the maintenance or security to remove the sign. it can take some time for this to occur.

The nicer the area is, the faster your signs will come down and faster you will get call complaints.

Signs are not illegal, so the police cannot write any kind of ticket. Signs are more about code enforcement.

Be aware of over eager clients.

The Code Enforcement cannot fine you until they find you.

Search Google, “bandit sign”. Look under images and you will see the kinds of businesses that make use of these signs.

House purchases, roofing, spas, work from home, lose weight, train dogs, debt counseling, hiring, and many more, but maybe not too much more…..



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