Theory behind Strap Squat or Twerk Strap

When I want to do a body weight squat, my inclination is to want to stand up straight when my leg muscles start hurting, thusly rendering the workout short. When I stand up with locked knees, then I am in a rest position. But to build muscle, I don’t want to be in a rest position standing all the way up.

I want my rest position to be with bent knees for the most work. When I limit the top part of my range of motion in the squat, I have a lower rest position using the strap. I don’t have my mind telling me to keep in a squat position, while my legs are saying to stand up all the way because they feel tired.

Your mind and your muscle can work against each other, when it comes to exercise. The muscle looks for the easiest way to perform an exercise. Your creative mind has to find ways of coping with the laziness of the muscle. Using tools that create new boundaries help.

Simply try squatting and holding your position for a minute, using no gear or tools. You have to keep telling yourself not to stand up. Now use the Strap Squat. You can force yourself to stand up as much as you want, but it will be prevented.

Your mind and muscle will thank you for using this type of resistance in your leg workout. Your muscle will be happy knowing it tried to stand up. Also, your mind will be satisfied that it also is trying to stand up. It removes an added stress of contemplation of what point you want to stand up because you are too tired.

The Strap Squat helps you focus more on developing strong leg muscles on a psychological manner. Try and break it, that helps your mind feel like its doing something. You want to break this strap. But since it’s rated at over 2000 lbs its impossible. But your mind still feels good knowing that the strap still does have a breaking load limit. Perhaps someday you may exceed that load limit. Good luck.


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