Facial Exerciser Mouth Stretcher Full Lips Yoga Fitness Acumagnet

You can both perform exercises and stretching of your mouth with this device. It has a much better range than the other products. You are not limited by the spring action at all. The device will always be able to open wider than your mouth can, so you will always have a flexibility to strive for depending how much effort you want to put into the exercises.

Would you like to fit a pool ball into your mouth? This device will help make that a possibility. There may be some people who naturally have large mouths, such as Steven Tyler from Aerosmith, but that doesn’t mean that small mouth people should be limited. Go for the record of having the largest mouth in the world, or strengthen it a little bit to remove wrinkles.

In Chinese Face Reading, it is said that males who have larger mouths tend to attract members of the opposite sex easier. It may appear more sexually appealing to see a large mouth rather than a small one for most people. A large mouth reveals generosity and earth energy. By increasing the size of your mouth, you can also change your personality to fit that feature.

Most men are also attracted to the Angelina Jolie mouth. Although her full lips are naturally large, any female can begin a stretching and exercising routine to increase the size of their mouth as well to achieve similar results.

Plastic surgery is not an option. Its dangerous and not natural. Besides that, the plastic surgeon is not able to stretch your mouth anyway. You end up with injections that only pad your tissues. If you tried to combine mouth stretching with plastic surgery, you can risk deformity of the plastic work.

It’s very comfortable to use and portable as well. You can put the device in your bag and use whenever you feel like exercising.

My device in action:


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