Youngevity / Dr. Wallach CDs or Youtube

Dead Doctors Don’t Lie: Talks about how Wallach discovered that doctors tended to die sooner than couch potatoes. Also, in 3rd world countries, the inhabitants tend to live healthier and longer because their diets are more natural and herb-based.

-Doctors Do Lie

-Hells Kitchen

-Healing is Easy

-Good Doctor Bad Doctor

-Who Made MD King?: Dr. Peter Glidden: Youtube

-The Schrauzer Files: Selenium: GERHARD N. SCHRAUZER: Youtube

-Cerial Killers: Wallach: You are what you absorb; Youtube

-Dinner with the Doc: Wallach; Youtube

-What Kills Billionaires

-Dead Athletes Don’t Lie: Wallach; Youtube


CDs to buy from Wallach: Here


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