My Reaction to Winamp Shutting Down.

Lots of good memories using Winamp

I see there is an announcement they are shutting down. I always thought they were the best free software to use in the early 2000s. I probably used it for 5 years and downloaded every new update. It was great shuffling all my hundreds of illegally downloaded songs with that feature.

It seemed towards 2005 or so, that they added too many features with one crazy update. With every update the program got bloated and more bloated. It got to the point where it slowed my computer too much at times and I started abandoning the newer updates and looking elsewhere or preferring the older versions.

The early versions of Winamp from the late 90s were a great start for this software though. I certainly preferred the simple design with basic play options. I don’t understand why they felt such a need to add so many bloated features. They were very experimental, I guess you could say.

The end of Winamp really signals the end of the Wild West attitude of the Internet. You can’t just go onto Napster, download whatever song you want for free and play it on Winamp anymore. It was a nice break from playing CDs, that’s for sure.

I applauded being able to save songs onto my computer. It sucked having to load those clumsy disks into the machine and wait for it to be ready. CDs were cumbersome and cost too much. They also only were way too limited in carrying good songs. They only carried like 12 songs each or so. Shuffle was a joke for a CD.

When you have 100s of songs loaded up on Winamp, then you really never know what song could possibly play next. It might be one you haven’t heard for days from such a large volume of songs. Of course, if you downloaded from Napster, you probably ended up with a lot of partial songs that ended too soon. Luckily, Morpheus and Kazaa, plus the Bit a Torrents started improving their file sharing capabilities.

I forget Winamps slogan. It was something about a Llama that listens maybe. They certainly helped pave the way for digital music though. They made CDs look vintage.


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