True Emotional Intelligence is Achieved through Calm Nerves

It can be hard to think straight when under stress. Not to fear though, because there are ways to keep your nerves calm and you don’t need drugs to do it. I will be making reference to my own personal experience with my own brand of techniques that have helped me a lot.

Let me just say that my nerves are naturally prone to agitation easily. I tend to experience a hyper-response to stimulus. It can get so bad that I freeze up in the face of the unknown. In fact, I was getting panic attacks 2 or 3 times per week at one point in my life.

I was making a lot of mistakes and bad decisions all under the premise of anxiety. It ruled my life. I wanted to avoid any conflict as much as possible, because I always felt emotional before, during and after the fight. Although, I naturally like to argue, it doesn’t feel very good to do face to face combat. The Internet has helped me give my opinions in discussion forums without the direct contact.

But, to really get your point across, it is best to meet face to face. This is especially important if you need a decision right away. When you meet and need an important decision right away your nerves will build up a lot of energy in anticipation. There can be so many things to be mindful of in conversation and that stimulates the nerves excessively.

Some people are left with overtaxed, chaotic nerves after a stressful event. They may feel like they need to withdraw from society for a little bit. While other people’s nerves are stimulated and energized. Either way, distress, or possibly eustress cause shaky nerves.

Here is the order of importance for maintaining calm nerves: good exercise, magnet therapy, bland diet, and some light herbal therapy. Some may seem obvious, but even the obvious ways may not be very easy to follow through on. You have to develop a different perspective on life to become successful with achieving calm nerves. Your nerves are the pathway to high emotional intelligence.

Simply watch the overly emotional people. When they express themselves in extreme ways, there is a high probability they won’t be making good decisions. Emotional people don’t have clear thinking. They can be taken advantage of as a result. A salesman could use psychological techniques to appeal to a persons emotion to get the sale. Maintaining stable emotion helps for stable nerves.

Exercise is a great way to focus your energy. A repetitive movement, like walking, will help bring back a rhythm into your thoughts. The more a person walks, the more likely they will enjoy clear thinking. There are, of course, some exercise techniques that help calm your nerves better than others. Targeted muscle exercises, for example, won’t be as effective in calming your nerves like full body exercises.

Magnet therapy is one of my most favorite nerve calming therapies. I have only been practicing it for 5 years, but I noticed a huge difference between using them and not using them. They are said to target the electrical impulses of your nerves. The brain produces about 12 volts of electricity and it can get unstable at times. Magnets will slow down and speed up the energy channels to achieve the emotional balance that you need at the time.



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