The Meth Is Extracted from Ephedra Plants in the Southwest Deserts, just like corn syrup is extracted from corn.

There are people who discuss how to grow ephedra and much of the best advice is use very sandy soil with good drainage. The ephedra can also handle a lot of sun as well and low moisture, so the desert is the perfect environment to grow your plant. There are many pictures on the Internet to give you an idea of what a healthy plant looks like. It’s also called ma huang.

The meth plant is not exotic. It currently grows prolifically in the deserts of the Southwest. Many cops will have us believe that the most common and best source for manufacturing meth is through the synthetic means. However, you get more from the actual source of the phytochemical instead. Here is an article making that case:

I think the plant works better than any synthetic means. Nobody would have discovered the effects of meth had the plant ever existed. The discovery of meth took place like every discovery of drugs occurred. Some damn fool ate it and talked about the effects. Since he didn’t die and liked it, other people tried it. Word of mouth spread and the chemists started studying it. Before long they extract the very phytochemical that made the plant unique and you got meth.

I actually ordered ephedra over eBay one time. The seller insisted on calling it ma huang, but I knew they were the same thing. I made a tea from a 5 inch stick and my heart was thrown into adrenaline mode. It was quite a strong rush and a little too hard on my body. It wasn’t the most desirable thing to consume, but this was because I didn’t consume pure meth.

I can compare the difference between ephedra plant and actual ephedrine, because in the 1990s, ephedrine was still legal. It could be found in acetabolan, which I consumed somewhat frequently. I liked the extra energy of ephedrine, it was very different from coffee. Also, the ephedrine acted different from ephedra because it was pure. I think the ephedra plant has natural properties in it that reduce its addictive ness.

Since 75% of drugs come from plants! this is just another example. People are just more willing to experiment with plant extracts than weird chemical concoctions. It just feels more natural that a living organism produced these properties.

In my opinion, the desert is a nasty hot dry sunny place. Ephedra most likely developed to enhance the properties of the desert when eaten. People would have found the effects of ephedra as terrible in an already hot and dry climate, as the plant brings the problem out further. Ephedra doesn’t want to go extinct, so created defenses against being eaten. However, ephedra never factored in the genius nature of chemists who know how to extract the addictive stuff.

I found Acetabolan to be more addictive than ephedra by itself. This is a similar comparison between the coca leaf and cocaine, heroin to the poppy, tobacco to nicotine. When the extracts are removed from the plant, then the real fun begins. All the plants defenses are thrown in a garbage pile.

Humans have become experts at extracting specific properties from raw material. Whether it be gold from rock or phytochemicals from plants, we have done a lot of work so far. But some work is best done in the right location. Location is key, and the deserts are the best places to find the source for the meth epidemic.


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15 thoughts on “The Meth Is Extracted from Ephedra Plants in the Southwest Deserts, just like corn syrup is extracted from corn.

  1. ephedrine is a precursor. meth is made by actually synthetically changing the molecular structure. it cant be made without ephedrine but the plant extract is not meth. it is sythetically produced. i believe that is what spiffy was getting at.

  2. hey common nut its clear that you know fuck all about chemistry which they don’t teach at opportunity school but they do teach English and the meaning of prefixes verbs pronouns adjectives etc etc so have you ever heard of the word PSEUDO and its meaning if it was a waste of time the two big company’s in India and china would not have been making it for the past 20 years plus you retard redneck

  3. For the purpose of drug / medical study experiment using plant/ herb extraction, one of the keys is that all of extraction solvents / chemicals should NOT have toxic effect(s) or strong interfering efforts to living cells, animals, and human beings.

    About organic solvents applied for extraction, some of them have high toxicity to living cells, such as Methanol, Acetone, Chloroform, Dichloromethane, etc.; some solvents in low boiling point have high risk in laboratory and manufactory safety issues; it is better to opt out these chemicals/solvents.

    In addition, to the early study experiment design, cost effectiveness and working efficiency should be considered, too.

    Using high toxic chemicals / solvents, you have to COMPLETELY dry out the extraction, and then you need to do solvent residue test to each batch of products; and if the residue in the extraction dryness is high, you have to do many more study experiments on all cell biological, animal, and human study tests with the toxic blank solvent/chemical A, B, C, D, … as negative comparison tests without herb/plant involved. Whereas on extraction using the solvents of Water, Ethanol, Ethyl Acetate, and Hexane, which have no toxic effect(s) or minor interfering efforts to the living cells, animals, and human beings, you only need to do one blank test on water base.

    Water extraction product mainly contains metals, ions, high hydrophilic compounds, and water soluble proteins/enzymes, glycoproteins, peptides, amino acids, nucleotides, sugars, and polysaccharides.

    Ethanol extraction product mainly contains high hydrophilic compounds (including very polar neutral, basic and acidic compounds, amino acids, nucleotides, sugars, and polysaccharides).

    Ethyl Acetate extraction product mainly contains medium hydrophobic compounds (including medium and low polar neutral, basic and acidic compounds), of which, steroids, wax, fatty acids, alkaloids, and polar-chain carbonated polymers are expected.

    Hexane extraction product mainly contains low or non-polar hydrophobic compounds with extremely high lipophilicity, of which low polar neutral compounds, steroids and high carbon fatty acids are expected).

    Hope above points are helpful to you.

    Which is the best solvent for herbal extraction?. Available from: [accessed Jul 30, 2017].

    • Impurities are fine for many phytochemicals. I would rather have a white willow bark tea than aspirin. Impurities put the harmful phytoaction of plants into check. The coca leaf is relatively safe and effective, but cocaine, even though it is nontoxic, will kill you and make you addicted to it.

      Nontoxic doesn’t account for addictive.

  4. In reality, if you feel that you may benefit from stimulants, or in the case where you feel that you may be pre-disposed to a medical condition such as ADD, ADHD, obesity, in where stimulant medication could help mitigate these conditions, see you physician. Generally Adderall XR will suffice. In the case that you are simply recreational, graze away on that nasty, bitter E. Californica stem.
    “The ability to understand, is the greatest gift given to all of mankind by nature. To exercise this gift, constructively and with conviction, is to show the highest degree of appreciation to nature one can show in return”. J’dL. 2017

    • Why do you forgive these drug manufacturers? Simply because you don’t like the taste of a natural bitter plant? When you lose the taste for natural foods, and prefer extracts instead, then you have a drug problem.

      I like the bitter California poppies.

  5. You voted for Trump, I assume. Not that Hillary was better. This place we navigate through, we make not a dent in the collective. At a point, rankings, mustard seed, even having no female in your life, all become second runners to the fact that we must simply leave bread crumbs, and hope someone picks up the trail. J’dl. AA1239070.G44914

    • You certainly had a lot to say. I don’t know where to begin with responding to anything. I bet you could be a very powerful writer if you took your writing energy and concentrated it into a focused topic.

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