I got two entries in the Rice Lake Chronotype Police Log this week

1. Tues: Police were called to library at 11:43 to escort man from library for his bad smell and told to come back tomorrow after he washed.
2. Wed: Man was cooking in Rice Lake Veterans Park again at 9:43

Let me just say that I don’t think I smell bad, nor was I cooking anything in that park. I was simply hanging out and listening to my iPod. Sure, it was a little cold in the park at 10 degrees, but what are the Police going to do about it? They can’t warm the place up for me. I wasn’t committing any crimes, my presence is not illegal.

How many papers even have a Police Log anyway? I am only aware of Rice Lake doing this. It’s like the Chronotype celebrates crime to an shameful level. Why give so much space to the police activities in this city? You encourage criminals getting recognition for their foolish achievements. Maybe this is why the Chronotype isn’t very popular anyway. This could be also one of the reasons why Rice Lake has some of the worst alcohol offender rates in the state. People have a need for a more positive spin on activities around the area.

The Chronotype seems quite out of touch with technology. This is not helping the city. For example, they refuse to create a Page for Facebook, instead they want to stick with being friends. Facebook wasn’t designed for this approach. If you are a group in any way, then make a Page. I’m currently friends with this paper and I don’t know why. It felt weird sending the Chronotype paper a friends request.

I dropped the Chronotype as a friend, then turned around and sent them another friend request. I think everyone should drop Chronotype and then send another friend request so they get the message that their paper is not people.

This just shows how ignorant the paper is toward technology. However, the Chronotype did champion free discussion at one time when they opened up their discussion forum in about 1999 on Rice Lake Online. I found it interesting to discuss various topics of interest. I was going to college at the time and had a lot to discuss, simply for the educational value.

One flaw their early discussion forum had was that everyone was anonymous. Also, they allowed HTML code to be embedded. I created a page that flashed when people entered it and it was hard to get out of it. It was very humorous, but a little annoying at the same time. It was especially bad when I trapped myself in it, struggling to get out. Ricelakeonline discussion forums didn’t last too long though, RIP.


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