Air Fresheners can Irritate Multiple Chemical Sensitivities

Air fresheners and multiple chemical sensitivities

Do you use chemical air fresheners? How do they affect you? They are said to simply improve the smell of the air. Yet, all they seem to do is mask an odor to me. In fact, they also add more nasty chemicals into the air and sicken the environment.

Generally, a bad smell can be fairly easy to deal with. We can find a way to get used to the smell when exposed to it over time. That is, if the object is not continuing to rot. If you have a decomposing body to deal with, there is nothing you can do to cover up that smell. The same goes for feces. You can’t just cover up rotting smells, but that’s a different situation.

Spraying Makes it Worse

Spraying chemicals into the air just make the situation worse. Not only are you exposed to biological fumes, but spraying chemicals into the air add to the toxicity of the area. It’s just piling more harmful toxins on top of others. Where does it end?

Open up a window or door. Improve the ventilation better. The best solution is to dilute the bad smell, not saturate it with other harmful chemicals. It makes no sense the reasonings people have with these chemicals. Very few good things come from a can, and scent sprays are no exception.

Eat Candy and Get Addicted

There was a statistic that said women who eat a lot of candy and sweets prefer a man who wears cologne. However, if a woman eats more natural foods, she prefers a man with his natural scent, this is assuming the man is reasonably cleaning himself. I forgot where the stat comes from, sorry. This statistic makes me wonder about the influence of chemical scents.

Unscented Febreze

I can understand the approach that Febreze has with controlling odors. They actually designed their product to chemically latch on to bad smells and pull them to the ground by weighing them down. However, the scentless early version of Febreze was not selling because nobody could tell if it was working.

Are people’s noses that bad that we can’t tell if a bad smell stopped lingering in an area? If you aren’t sure, then get confirmation from a friend. It’s better to let someone know you are aware of a bad smell rather than the both of you denying it. Yet, for Febreze, the sales figures never lie. They decided to do a study which led them to add chemical scents into their bottles.

When Febreze started to add harmful chemical scents into their products, it started picking up in sales. Why did people prefer scented over non scented? The answers came back that the scents made things smell fresh. Imagine that, these harmful chemicals trick our brains into thinking something smells fresh. That should be a warning sign that chemical extracts can lead to more harmful habits, such as believing addictive scents are safe.

Urinal Cakes Smell Like Cakes

I have grown up with bathrooms that smell like candy. Urinals cakes are called cakes and look pretty even after getting pissed on all day. The bathrooms are almost like extensions of the kitchen. All that poop and pee still get into the air, yet the smells can make you hungry for dessert.

Poop Vapors Migrate

There was a statistic that your poop vapors get into the air and can spread 30 feet from the toilet. When you flush your poop, it aggregates, then leaves a little bit in the air, and it spreads over a wide area. Then it settles to the ground. You have to be careful about what you put in your mouth around the toilet, especially, your toothbrush. Not much can protect your items in the bathroom from your pieces of poop, especially a Glade air freshener.

Outhouses and Aerosol Scents

Before plumbing became popular, people used outhouses. Their poop and pee were exposed to more air flow outside. I don’t understand how people were so unsanitary when nobody was allowed to poop or pee inside the house. They had to dig long holes in the ground and keep it a good distance from the house. The sooner you expose your poop and pee to bacteria outside, the better.

Perhaps, in larger populations or bigger cities, the outhouse may not have been the best situation. You would want to find a better way to pump waste and sewage out of the city. But, on a large scale, the best solution is to work on moving the bad smells out of the area, not cover it up with addicting chemicals that smell good.

Targeting Bad Smells

Whenever I notice a bad smell in a house, I start trying to narrow down where the bad smell could be coming from. I have a strong need to get to the bottom of it quickly. I don’t want to cover up the smell at all, I want it gone quickly. Usually, I can look at the trash first and get rid of it quickly. It’s generally not a mystery.

The Huffers

Maybe some people who are addicted to huffing prefer to use the chemical sprays. This addiction is absolutely horrible. You start getting addicted to dizziness. This contributes to brain tissue destruction. Your liver gets taxed from having to clean up the mess that develops in your blood. Too much huffing and you can die. A lot of people seem addicted to making themselves sick from this harmful spray.

Scents are Profitable

There are better alternatives to trying to improve the smell of your garbage. Unfortunately, most of it can’t make a vendor much money, so they don’t bother. The whole chemical scent system is based on profit. It’s not to look out for the customers best interest. The manufacturers want to design things that are virtually addictive and produce max sales with minimum effort. They definitely found this balance by manufacturing addictive chemical sprays.

Will Power to Resist

How do a customer resist the urge to use chemicals? It takes strong will power. It’s the same kind of will power to avoid junk foods. It’s also the same kind of will power to avoid drugs. Much of these products are based on chemical extracts of one kind or another. We, as consumers, may not be able to understand why these weird chemicals are so compelling by themselves. It’s a unique psychological experience.

From what I found, the chemical extracts are missing properties that tell our senses we had enough of it, through smell, taste, feel, whatever. Because we don’t experience the natural triggers that tell us to stop using the chemicals we continue to enjoy it in a numb way. Its sad to me to think how the addictions are so prevalent in our society, yet nobody says a thing about it. Oh well, at least I can rant about it.

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