How do You Choose the Right Facial Exerciser?

There are many different unique products available to choose from. Each is more expensive than the next. Not all of them give the same results though. It can take a lot of frustrating research between all the different choices to make a good decision. But you can never be sure if you found the perfect winner. Let me offer some guidance in your preference making process.

I have a lot of experience with using facial exercising techniques. I understand where a lot of these products are coming from. But, you could argue that anyone understands what these products do just by looking at them. You just want to see other peoples results, because that is what matters most. I have to apologize about that.

Face Muscles Designed by Nature

It’s hard to show many awesome results with facial flexing exercises. The facial muscles aren’t that big to begin with. Our face muscles were never intended to be big and powerful like a shark or lion. These creatures can have 500+ lbs of biting strength to tear through their prey. Their jaws are also shaped different to accommodate that biting power.

The human mouth evolved to be closer to the face. Instead, we rely on our own hands to break food down, cook it and handle it in various ways. Our faces evolved to demonstrate a wider range of emotions instead. We are unique in that way. If you study Chinese Face Reading, you find that our faces are a map to our own personalities on top of the facial body language we can communicate. Furthermore, your face map can be changed a little through exercises.

Surgery is not safe

Still, many people are unsatisfied with their own appearances. Body modification experts and plastic surgeons have emerged in large numbers to help retool peoples faces to create the desired images. Some surgeries are minor and turn out alright, while others transform the victim into a horrifying sight to cower in fear of. I have heard on people dying on the operating table while recieving plastic surgery, so it’s not safe. I believe Kanye Wests mom died, for an example. Surgery is dangerous and not guaranteed.

Retooling our own faces is big business. That’s why Hollywood Movie Stars are always being evaluated on whatever change in their appearances come about. The public loves to analyze and prod at the lives of famous people. We want to know how the beautiful people are able to maintain impressive appearances over time. The money seems to be a major factor over our appearances. How much does that face cost? Having a healthy face doesn’t need an expensive price tag.

Cheap does not always mean inferior

I don’t want to say that because facial exercises are cheap, doesn’t mean it’s not effective. Sometimes, even the cheapest methods can be one your best ways. Price may seem like a factor for the quality of everything but it’s not. It’s all in how a product is marketed. If something can be made to look cool and fit well into the pop culture, it will become a big hit and the price can easily be raised as a flood of people start to desire it. You have to be aware of that.


There are fads in every aspect of our lives: Fad fitness products, fad diets, fad clothes, cars, products, places to go, whatever…. We have to approach ideas as best we can with a centered point of view and not let too much of the bias get in the way. Exercise is not a fad, but the approach can be a fad. When a new exercise comes to market, we get excited for the fresh idea, but by next week we are bored of it.

Facial exercise products can be very much a purchase based on the excitement of fad. You can buy every product in the facial exercise category and find a unique perspective with each one. each one is interesting because it’s unique in it’s own way. Buying all the products can certainly keep your motivation high for keeping up on the facial exercising program. By spacing out your purchases, you could buy a new one once per week or month and play with it like its a new toy. But who has that kind of money and room to store new facial muscle exercisers.

I tried many facial exercise ideas

The important thing is to keep your motivation for exercising your face up.I have lost motivation for a long time myself. At about the age of 21, I started playing with regular face movements to get blood flowing to me face, in a way to keep myself awake while working the night shift in the Air Force. But, I was having a hard time maintaining much motivation for really working the muscles. I didn’t enjoy putting my fingers in my mouth to work lips. I didn’t like just smiling in place repetitively. It felt boring and lacking. I tried holding an old CD case in my mouth for a little resistance. Mind you, I would rather weightlift than run. weighted resistance is always going to be my motivational lift.

After I got out of the Air Force, I decided to purchase a Facial Flex:



I enjoyed the exercises very much. I paid $70 for it. It came with creams, but I didn’t use the creams for my face, because I didn’t need to. My lips did grow a little larger. I could really tell. You know when you blow air out your mouth and sometimes you can make that pfffft sound where your lips are slapping against each other? I was more easily able to do that. I was never able to make much of a lip smacking sound, because I naturally have a thin upper lip. This one time, I worked with a guy who spent a lot of time making the lip smacking noise. He had very large lips. I could never make the sound he did, until after I started using the facial flex.

It’s a little empowering to be able to have larger more full lips. It gives you a new perspective on life. It’s like having larger muscles in any part of your body. You feel a sense of accomplishment and pride. No one else may recognize your achievement, but that’s ok, as long as you feel more improved, yourself.

Lost interest when product was misplaced

After a few years of using the facial flex, I lost mine. I spent quite a few years since, not doing any facial exercises. For some reason the motivation was drawn from that simple tool. I couldn’t keep any kind of motivation going with any other technique before. A lot of people may be facing the same problem as me. Motivation is absolutely huge in sticking with a routine. One thing leads to another, right? That was how I felt about the facial flex tool. It led me to working my face muscles more. Whenever I saw it, I would casually pop it into my mouth and work the muscles as I sat at the computer. It was nice to have around.

I could buy myself another one, but it was very expensive the first time. The money puts me off. I tried to think of different ways to approach working my mouth again with tools. I went through a lot of crazy ideas. it took a long time, but I found something cheap that is very reminiscent to using the Facial flex. Allow me to present my discovery:


DIY Facial Exerciser

They are simple tongs. I had to bend them to fit well enough into my mouth. I not only can work the side corners with them, but also up and down, which the other facial exercisers miss. The great thing is that these tongs only cost a few dollars, unlike the professional styles available. These tongs have brought my motivation back up for facial exercises again. I feel they can help anyone. Of course, they could be more professionally made. i crudely bent this pair into a simple fashion for fitting my mouth decent enough.

My Video

Here is a video I made using hot dog tongs for facial exercising:

You can search “facial flex” on youtube and see all the various products available. I will stick with my own crude device for a while since it works a little better than the advertised products, in my own opinion:

Pics from Youtube Vids



Twitter: @acumagnet



4 thoughts on “How do You Choose the Right Facial Exerciser?

  1. I urge you try the flexaway system facial exerciser. The product is NOT a gimmick. Its been around for over ten years. We have a loyal customer following. We are FDA approved, and are US patented and made. I began using it in March 2013. After the first week I saw my cheeks, chin, and mouth area become plumper, more toned. Flash forward a month, I regained the lips of my youth, chin firmed, no more sagging sides of face. The sides of my neck muscles became less lined. My girlfriends began to ask me what face cream was I using? I am just an ordinary house wife that plays tennis, exercises like everyone else. I have had no fillers and no face lift. I loved this product so much, I called the woman who invented it at the time, we found out we both lived in MIchigan. we got together for lunch. The woman said she wanted to retire. I started working for the company.
    Now I run it. I hope people at least try it. There are many skeptics and cynics out there. Unfortunately too many gimmick products claim to do what they say don’t. But the Flexaway system does really work. Money back guarantee.

    Please the writer of this article above me, send me your address , and I’ll send you a Flexaway system. Thank you.

  2. The flexaway really does work, I love it but now need another one. I used it for 2 years regularly, everyone I know and those I meet think i’m in my 30’s i’m 49. I was recently made redundant and now want to work for myself teaching First Aid, as I am an instructor, but it takes time to build. I can not afford this ex Spence at the moment, but when I can I will buy another one.

    • How often do you perform wide stance squat exercises? I think that is the true exercise to youthfulness. All you need are some sewing skills to make a nice squat strap.

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