My Appendix Ruptured. Here are Some Reasons Why It Might Have Happened


On Sunday or Monday I ate fermented grains. Fermentation mostly from flour. It hurt my stomach a lot. I placed magnets right over the stomach to stop the pain.

Wednesday ate whole chicken and more grains, some was the same flour, not fermented. I felt weird, but not too bad. Part of the reason I felt weird was because I forced myself to eat that chicken when I wasn’t even hungry. Also, the chicken tasted different for some reason.

At 6:30 pm felt burst in lower right gut. Pain ever since. Also dizzy. I wasn’t doing anything different when the burst occurred. I was simply sitting at the laptop computer typing. There was no warning beforehand, it just randomly burst.

Its 11:47 pm I had recurring pain close to navel. The pain affected how I breath, my breath muscles tightened up a little bit because inhaling and exhaling affect pain. I kept the neodymium magnets pointed directly on the source of pain. They seem to relieve the problem. I also am wearing a magnet necklace that hangs to the stomach. I flipped it around sometimes so that it touched the spine.

I think that getting some magnetic energy to reach the spine can reach the source of pain as well.

It is raining heavily and I have to pee. I consumed a large amount of water from 9 to 10. It wasn’t easy to drink, garlic helped me drink more. Because I drank a lot, I pooped diarrhea poop 3 times. I flushed my colon out a little bit. Although I still have chicken and a little grain cereal still digesting. I hope they don’t cause a worse infection as they pass through.

I am scared of septic shock. Wikipedia says there is a high risk for it. I think pain should be a good indicator of sepsis. I was quite dizzy early after the burst, along with the pain. The dizziness comes and goes. Part of the reason I developed dizziness was due to the large amount of water I consumed.

I don’t know if I will be able to sleep in my car tonight. I have been debating whether to get in touch with hospital. Dizziness convinces me I need medical help. I always get scared when I am unable to walk straight. However, my walking wasn’t seriously affected. I paced a lot while I was suffering. My pacing was very limited because of the heavy rains though.

I wonder what precursors led to my appendix bursting. I suspect several things:
-percussion massage using softballs on the gut, could have caused unnecessary injury.
-eating fermented cereal that spoiled, simply because I didn’t want it to go to waste.
– continuing to eat the flour that ferments rather easily. I can’t cook the flour, so will need to throw it in the garbage. I bought it thinking I could eat raw flour.
-the chicken I had for breakfast

Something led up to my appendix bursting and I’m at a loss to say what it is. It’s very frustrating to be compromised like this. I felt very weak and vulnerable.

Reading the Wikipedia about appendicitis didn’t help. They said many people can die from sepsis. I will still be at risk for sepsis in the coming days. My appendix is becoming necrotic in my body as I speak. It’s about 8 am the next morning. I felt some gas pains over other parts of my gut over night. I peed like 10 times from all the water I drank. My mouth and throat feel rough from the garlic.

I did have a lot of anise in my milk? I recently started putting anise in my milk for the first time, to flavor. Generally, anise is supposed to relieve gas pains. It did no such thing.

I ate a couple things with my chicken. The tomato stuff wasn’t even sealed. I assumed it would be good anyway. Maybe it was laden with bacteria?

That honey on Monday stuck to my insides and made me very uncomfortable. I cannot ignore the problem I had with digesting this old natural honey. Felt like it got stuck in my gut and made things very tight. I shoveled several spoonfuls of it. It tasted good as I was eating it. It was a cold night, and usually my appetite goes up in response to the cold.

I also think maybe not getting the right kinds of foods may have contributed to a weaker appendix that was vulnerable to explosion. I stopped eating potatoes, mostly because the potato flake box always spills all over in my car. I haven’t gotten a better container to hold potato flakes.

The reason why I believe potatoes can help a lot is from Chinese Medicine. It is said that the natural white foods feed the lungs and intestines. I can’t recall eating many white foods over the past few weeks. Neglecting nourishing the intestinal will cause problems on top of eating the wrong things as well. So, in my recover, I will try to consume more potatoes when I get hungry.


12 noon Thursday, October 3:My herbal therapy has been started. I will consume a few different kinds of herbs over the course of the next few days. Many people talk about how they experienced sepsis and weak livers, because bile or bacteria leak out of a broken appendix.

My herbal therapy will include:

-dandelion root: diuretic and detoxifier (goes best with burdock root).

-burdock root: blood purifier and detoxifier.

-red beet powder: also cleans the blood and strengthens liver.

-milk thistle: supports liver function.

-chia seeds: serve as bulk fiber source to clean (hopefully) intestines.

-possibly ginger: to raise body temp and improve circulation.

-a little turmeric: helps support liver function.
4:13 am woke up to a little more pain where the appendix burst a couple days. I don’t feel dizzy. My body is shivering from the slight cold, and I normally don’t shiver. My middle burner is having a hard time generating heat after the appendix rupture.. The appendix area pain isn’t as bad as the previous night, but it’s letting me there is something wrong. I will need to take another round blood cleansers today’s to stave off sepsis.
8:50 am Friday, I woke up with a reoccurring pain at the appendix. Nothing a magnet can’t settle down, right? Then I start walking to the park. About 1 block I started getting dizzy. I wasn’t drinking much water over night. I think the blood pooled and now it started circulating more when I was walking. The toxic blood hit my brain and now I’m dizzy again. So, no doubt, there is a slow leak at the appendix still. It needs more time to repair. In the meantime I need to continue drinking water and taking detoxifying herbs in response.


11:20am Still a little dizzy. I heard this was going to get worse and it has. The pain isn’t there, but the mild sepsis certainly is. I think part of the reason I’m dizzy is because I ate wild grapes. They may have added enough sugar to my blood to feed the bacteria. I’m consuming dandelion and burdock root tea to try and clean my blood. I read somewhere that burdock root can reduce sugar from blood. I hope it works.

This post appendix explosion is awful. I’m just trying to keep my spirits up and take as many helpful herb remedies as possible. I went to the park earlier and grabbed some willow bark and white pine bark. The pine bark tends to astringe tissue.  I might need the appendix to astringe better so it can heal. The willow bark is to reduce inflammation.

I’m amazed at how sugar can manipulate bacteria in the blood. I felt fine immediately after consuming those wild grapes, but then the dizziness came right back. The grapes most likely feed the bacteria. It has been said that grapes are very similar to blood with the electrolytes. But, in this case with bacteria, it may not be something to consume.


6pm Friday: Looking back on the series of events that led up to my gut trauma, I think I was causing inflammation to build up on the lining of the gut. striking the gut with anything just makes it worse. I think the diet could be partially to blame, but the biggest blame has to fall on my own actions. I didn’t realize how damaging the percussion effect would be until it was too late. Currently, I’m not dizzy. My gut is a little tight, but not in pain. My PTSD is a little shaky but I’m recovered. I just, now, want to focus on avoiding the dizziness in the morning like I experienced this morning. With that, I will need to keep my hydration up and clean the blood as much as possible. I’m probably leaking bacteria in the gut still from the damage.


10:40 Sat. Woke up with less dizziness, which was great. I will not take for granted that I’m getting better and will continue to purge my blood with dandelion and burdock root teas. They seem like a powerful ally, along with the magnet therapy for staving off the dizziness. There is nothing else to report really, I have simply reduced activity and diet. I had oatmeal this morning with little problem. I also did a little picnic table fitness to strengthen my lower back. All that sitting hunched over stretches out the back too much.

My energy is good.
8:40 Sunday, feel a weird dullness in the appendix area that reminds me to be cautious of my actions. No pain. No dizziness. Good energy. I think I might get a little lazy in my treatments. However, I will focus my diet on easier to digest foods, like the potatoes. I don’t know how messed up my digestion is yet since the rupture. I haven’t been to the doctor, they probably would want to recommend surgery anyway. I think I would rather live with a larger scar in my abdomen than having tissue cut from it.


1 pm Monday: Started out in the morning feeling fine, but then dizziness returned and that alarmed me. I’m consuming more dandelion and burdock root tea. I didn’t have any tea yesterday. It tastes bad, but it cleans the blood and aids the liver. I don’t believe my liver can handle so much toxic substance getting into my blood via my colon.


UPDATE: October 30 2013: The ordeal of my appendix was a great struggle. There were 2 or 3 times where I felt I was going to pass out and possibly never wake up from the nausea. It was very bad for about a week. I took no drugs and not much really changed except for taking the extra blood cleaner herbs. I can certify that the nausea came from the toxic leakage from my colon. When I ate grapes one day, I got extra nausea. 2 weeks later, I ate the same grapes and was fine. I think the bacteria fed on the grape sugar in my blood to cause extra dizziness.

Blurdock root and dandelion root are great blood cleaners. I relied on them heavily. The milk thistle seed also kept my liver strong.

I learned never to strike my gut area. Contusions over time get very bad and lead to terrible things. It’s not worth it.


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