Why I Haven’t Been to a Dentist in Almost 15 Years

How long have you gone without seeing a dentist? I haven’t been to one in almost 15 years. During that time I have suffered some periodic tooth pain that came and went. The pain has gravitated around my mouth a little bit. But, the pain mostly has been concentrated in my upper left molar areas, between 2 particular molars. Most of my pain was the result of eating too much sugar. So, during a high sugar meal, I receive triggered pain the most.

I never experienced chronic tooth pain. The longest pain lingered in my mouth may have been 30 minutes after a particular meal. Any pain that came out would go away when the acids from the sweet sugars washed away. My teeth have never held their opinions back in regards to high sugar meals.

I have never gotten any tooth pains during a high fat or protein meal. Although, I want to limit my fat intake, because it affects my heart more than my teeth anyway. The protein, from meats and nuts have always been friendly to my teeth. Although the high protein isn’t exactly friendly to my gut, either. It’s a bit of a give and take that requires some balance in my diet.

From age 23 to 37, I haven’t been to a Dentist

I stopped seeing the dentist at 23 when I left the US Air Force. I had some work done, such as capping on my teeth as a young man. I can see the caps fairly clearly. Its hard to tell what benefits from the caps I have gotten. They were meant to cover cavities. I also had my wisdom teeth pulled out. That percocet drug was very addictive.

Teeth Regenerate Themselves

I believe teeth can regenerate themselves to a degree. If teeth can respond with nerve pains, then they can also respond with a repair response.  Why should we even generate pain at all if our bodies can’t respond to it in some way? The tooth may not be as dynamic as flesh, but they still have some regeneration properties available, if only to cover up the pain.

Food Triggers Most Tooth Problems

Food triggers are, of course, very sweet acidic tasting foods. For example, these foods could be dates, raisins, processed jellies, tomato pastes, and such. Sometimes, I can blend the sweets with milk to reduce chances of pain coming. Grains also help reduce the chances of pain occurring. Anything that can mix with the sugar to dilute it helps a lot.

I have largely cut back on processed foods that have sugars added, and this reduced pains in my teeth. I read a statistic that 80% of food has sugar added in the super markets. I think that added fructose is a big problem for not only metabolic syndrome, but also tooth pains as well.

If I can avoid having my teeth capped, my teeth communicate to me without barriers, when it comes to sugar. Pain is an excellent response to the sweet problems. It could be that people who have their cavities covered with fillings no longer detect overeating of sweet foods quite as keenly. Obesity has many problems and dental surgeries could be another factor that contributes to the obesity epidemic that took off since the early 1980s.

Some Dentists are Dishonest 

When I grew up in the Camelot Acres trailer court, my family was walking distance to a dental office. It was very easy to make our appointments with him. He performed a lot of work on my teeth that, when I look back, seemed excessive. I had caps put in that were for prevention of cavities because I may have had early signs in some way. Either way, my mom had insurance and didn’t argue the procedures he performed most of the time. Also, as a kid, I didn’t know any better about dental procedures so couldn’t question his practices.

After a few years with Dentist Johnson, my mom declared that he was dishonest about his practice. She said we were no longer doing business with him. She started scheduling appointments with a Dentist Wolf instead. This new dentist was much more hesitant to perform cavity operations. He took more of a wait and see approach and practiced prevention. It was interesting to see the differences in styles between dentists. I definitely appreciated having less work done on my teeth. They never hurt when I had the procedures.

Cracked Molar from Popcorn Seeds

I cracked a molar while chewing popcorn seeds one time. It has been a problem for over a year. Food gets stuck between the teeth now. What I have to do is keep a machine sewing needle with me to serve as a pick and then I jab food out of the gap now. I did try the water pick early on, but have abandoned the procedure. The water pick helped a lot, but water splashes too much all over the place.

I can’t ignore the problem when food gets stuck in between my teeth. It starts to feel tight and I get a nervous, anxious feeling for relief. It is an annoying feeling to deal with. This is why it’s important to keep some kind of floss and pick with you at all times. My floss is sewing thread. The thread breaks a lot, but it can work in a pinch pretty good.

Magnet Therapy for Teeth

My own teeth therapy practices seem to help me avoid the dentist. I overcome  pains when they emerge with my own therapies. Magnets have helped ease pains that arise much of the time. I simply place a strong magnet on the outside of mouth to quell the nerve pain. I also avoid the sweet foods that trigger pains. On top of all that, I brush when my teeth feel dirty. I don’t brush every day. But even though I don’t brush every day, my teeth feel fine. I don’t feel that tooth decay comes so much from lack of brushing as much as eating the processed sugars. Thank you.

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