Natural Smiles and Natural Frowns Show Outlook on Life


People are either born with slightly upturned , straight, or downturned lips. When they are at an emotional balance you can read the features of that trait. Part of their natural personalities can be easily told by simply looking at their lips.

Of course, you can read body language as well. When the subject is intentionally smiling or frowning, then that enhances their natural feelings. But when the mood is calm, you can have a better idea of their intentions when they are not making any body language cues.

It’s hard to say whether pessimism or optimism is bad or good. As far as I can tell, they can balance out over time in the individual and also society as a whole. Too much pessimism prepares people for the worst outcomes. As well, too much optimism can cause a “rose-colored glasses” outlook on life. There, also, can be times when the pessimist is optimistic about their future, as well.

The angle of the lip is controlled by the element of fire, in Chinese Face Reading. According to the book, “face reading in Chinese Medicine,” “The corners of the mouth are directly tied to some important heart emotions. An upturned mouth means a person is optimistic, cheerful, and positive, and this helps them attract attention. The down-turned mouth indicates pessimism. People with this trait are prone to pessimism, often because of past disappointment.”

I have naturally downturned lips. I am a slight pessimist. I recognize it, accept my own nature and move on with life. There are other people with more pronounced pessimism than me, but mine is visible. If you look at “Grumpy Cat’ her frown is natural and we all attribute it to her natural emotion. Even if the cat is happy, we see the frown and believe something is wrong.

I admire the optimistic look. You see it on pets and it can make you feel good. I believe the labrador retriever has a nice natural smile. I don’t know whether it really is happy all the time, since it’s a dog, but it could be. I can read it’s body language as well to gauge its emotional state to tell.

Some examples of famous people with a natural smile are the painting of “Mona Lisa”. She has slightly upturned corners on her mouth that signify optimism.

Can you think of any natural frowns or smiles you would like to mention? I could use more ideas. Thank you for reading.



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