Width of Eyes in Face Map Reading Predicts Personality

The width of your eyes tell a little about your natural personality. It is just one example of the many examples that can determine a persons intention. I naturally have close set eyes, but I photoshopped this picture to show myself with wider eye set. Some famous people, with wider eyes, you could refer to would  be Cameron Diaz, Samuel L Jackson, or Emma Stone. Of course the size and shape of the eye tell a different story, but I’m just focusing on width.

I cmpare myself to a bunny rabbit, because they naturally have wide eyes. A rabbit doesn’t focus on things, they have to be aware of their surroundings. Anything could be a threat so their imagination will be wild and jumpy. Although no human has ever developed eyes as wide as a rabbit, I just want to demonstrate the potential for how open-minded a person could become.

Opposite of wide eyes are narrow eyes, which you find on any predator. They stalk their prey and need to maintain focus and not let other distractions bother them if they want to be successful in their task. There are some humans with more narrow eyes than others and this will affect their personalities, as such.




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