GTA 5 Deaths are a lot more Graphic, with Pics

I was watching a few GTA 5 vids on Youtube and surprised to see the wide variety of deaths that occur. Some were suicidal, some accidents, others were from the AI mechanics. The mountain lion death is very surprising to me as mountain lions aren’t known to chase you down a busy street and maul you. But it happens in GTA. Mountain lions are also quite loud in the game. Normally they are stealthy cats that don’t want to alert you to their presence. Here is a fuzzy pic of a mountain lion mauling Michael: Image The shark death is weird. The shark kills you and then swims off. I had to take 2 pics to show the death scene: Image Image Here Nova gets into a fight with a Rottweiler and loses: rotweiller The planes are funny. It doesn’t look possible to get away from the Cops at all after stealing a plane. You have a better chance of losing Cops after stealing a car. One guy stole a jumbo jet but couldn’t even get it off the ground because the Cops blocked him: Image When guys are able to get up high enough into the air, they can fall to their death, which seems to be one of the most obvious ways to die. I find it interesting how the characters always seem to automatically turn upside down when they fall to their death: Image Here is a guy who decided to crash his blimp into another blimp. He didn’t even have a chance to fall to his death. The explosion was enough: Image Car crashes are always bad. Things fly all over the place. Here a noncombatant happens to fly into the frame during the death scene. She is actually in the air over Franklin: Image Here a guy fell off a building and on to some hard pavement. You can see quite a splatter there. Rockstar definitely wants to bring realism to the game as this type of gore is all over the internet, and people question death scenes more actively now:  Image Here are 2 different guys who died while running into poles. I believe their health must have been low enough to trigger their deaths, most likely: Image And this one: Image Here someone stopped a bicycle thief and returned the bicycle to its owner. However, because there was no reward for the bike, he killed the owner and retook the bike. Suddenly, the whole neighborhood started shooting at the player, and a car full of gang members killed the player in retaliation. stolen bike Not wearing your seat belt can lead to your death if you get in an accident. This player learned that unfortunate mistake the hard way: seatbelt

This death occurred because the player stood too close to the sticky bomb when he blew it up with his shotgun. He was trying to rob a security truck in the process, but didn’t know how to properly detonate the sticky bomb:

sticky bomb

Here some stole a cop motorcycle and got an instant 2 stars. The Cops caught up to him quickly.

bandicam 2013-10-06 12-18-36-341

Here, Nova was stuck in his car, about to get into a fight with a construction worker when both cars blew up for some weird reason:

Nova Max Payne

Here, Nova got into a fight at Vespucci Beach with female bodybuilders. The first one he called the Cops and had her killed. The second female bodybuilder ended up killing him. You can see her standing over him. The cops are in the distance watching him get killed. The video this came from was hilarious and I highly recommend watching:

bandicam 2013-10-21 11-51-37-417

Observations: -Gangs are serious business -The military base is an instant 5 star level -Cops will watch you break into a car without doing anything. Or, at least, delay their reaction. -You can’t stop a train with your car -Cops come out of no where, even at the top of the mountain when you cause problems. Overall, I have been very entertained just watching the videos that guys make on the Youtubes. There is a lot of variety. The storyline is very hard edged, weird at times, but really speaks of the cultures that we are living in today. The realities of some lifestyles can have an impact on our own lives and it’s hard to ignore. Also, if you study sociology, you learn there is a dark side to everything in society. Even the Cops can become corrupt when the conditions present themselves. These situations come up in the news, time and time again. Becoming more aware of the potential for deviance can help make us all better and active citizens. Games like this one help create awareness of deals that usually stay out of the spotlight. Thank you.


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