5 Reasons Why Foods Stick to your Colon.

I looked up “sticky foods” in Google Search, but all the hits I saw were warnings from dentists about getting cavities and such. I don’t know why there isn’t much discussion about the types of foods that tend to stick in your colon and cause you to become constipated. Your colon health is just important as watching the amount of sugars you eat.

Some people, such as myself, have gone to extreme measures in avoiding sugars. I practically eliminated all my sugars. I relied on protein to break down into usable energy. I lived like this for 5 years in my mid twenties. It was all based on a book that inspired me, titled, “Protein Power”.

They said that I didn’t need sugar, but they kept stressing the short use of the diet. When they stressed the short-term approach, I couldn’t stop thinking about have bad weight cycles where I would gain 20 pounds and then have to go back on the diet to lose it again. I decided to just stick with the diet long-term as an apporoach to avoiding the frustration of coming off it.

Unfortunately, my heavy protein diet started to catch up with me. I was getting constipated and extra cold in the winter. I think I was binding up my insides with sticky substances from the high protein approach. This was becoming a new and different frustration, I didn’t get any answers to, even with all the searches I conducted on the internet through 1999 to 2004. I couldn’t find anything too helpful for curbing my addiction to the high protein diet.

It took a while, but after enough constipation problems, I started to change my habits and learn more about the types of foods that can help alleviate my colon. even though I exercised frequently, my metabolism is still slow enough at the point where I can gain weight rather easily, whether i want to or not.

1. Meats are nourishing and nasty by themselves. Without consuming fiber a long with the meat, it will just get stuck in your gut. I remember, while on the high protein diet, I was experiencing frequent constipation. I tended to eat a lot of burger meat, chicken, peanut butter, and cheeses. Those foods prevented obesity, but also caused digestion to stagger as well.

2. Lack of exercise, ofcourse. I notice that particular exercises help move the colon more than other exercises. for example, working the upper body does virtually nothing for helping the colon process food. Working the lower half is essential to prevent constipation. Certain muscle work triggers stuck energy to get moving again to improve your digestion.

3. Drugs and alcohol. They cause stuck energy points that are absolutely unwanted. Because they are extracts and acidic, they acidify parts of the body which closes down the natural energy flow throughout. Many people have erratic moods while on drugs and can get sleepy at odd times. I take no drugs myself, especially after studying their effects. i don’t understand how doctors can prescribe drugs after reading about what harmful things they do to the body.

4. Overprocessed food, especially the ones with vital fiber taken out of them. Many manufacturers may remove fiber because it takes up too much space in their food products. They process food for flavor and focus on the vitamin content a lot. Vitamins may have some benefit for constipation, but not nearly close enough in comparison to natural fiber.

5. Dehydration from lack of quality water. Some people can still suffer signs of mild dehydration when they drink poor quality water. Some parts of the US have very undesirable water quality from the tap. For example, San Diego, LA, Sacramento and Portland had some the worst water I ever drank. I didn’t desire drinking as much, therefore, struggled to consume enough water to be well-hydrated.

The water needs to be free from chemicals and positive charged ions to be fluid enough for our bodies to readily accept. I put a magnet in my water bottle to add a slight charge to every drop I drink. I also added copper and silver because they also conduct electricity from the magnet charge as well. They change the taste of my water slightly, making it a little more enjoyable to drink.


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