How Does a Dox from “4chan” Weild so Much Power?

Now, I see Scooby will stop making his workout videos because of people on 4chan. He seemed like a guy who knew how to get fit and strong. It doesn’t make sense why he would cower to these cowards. Just because they find a little background information doesn’t mean that he is in trouble. He is a positive guy who people want to know more about.

If Scooby had a criminal record that he is trying to hide, then I would be suspicious. If that’s the case, then it makes sense he wants to keep a low profile from anyone discovering more about him. Or perhaps he has a family member who is in trouble with the law?

Either way, 4chan has a history of doxing people. It seems to be becoming second nature for them. if you spend an hour reading their content, you will learn that people send some vile photos and videos to the site. There will be people highly motivated to find the source of these photos or vids. Animal cruelty is something that is very offensive, for example. To see some of the abuses that are submitted can be heart-wrenching to watch.

Enough of these emotional-charged media will turn professionals out of others for the sheer sake of getting to the bottom of the crimes. You wonder if the sick people who torture animals are currently in the process of torturing more. It’s a sick game to play on 4chan. For many, it’s a game that is hard to ignore.

With this group of professional doxers, come victims who may not be causing trouble and just want to hep others out. Scooby seems to be an example of a hero who chose to live a very healthy life and wants to promote his lifestyle among other people. It’s always nice to watch fit people sharing their messages. You never see unhealthy people trying to promote their unhealthy ways that look attractive.

Scooby is another victim of the doxing crew on 4chan. There have been many people affected by the practice before him. For example, there was the Taylor Swift story that surfaced before him. She was running a contest to meet a fan, 4chan found out, gathered their dox Army and promoted a middle-aged guy to meet her. I believe he is winning the contest, beating out poor young fans.

Every day, someone new reveals themselves and makes themselves vulnerable to 4chan attacks. Although, in the Pawn Stars situation, they may not have. The 4chan crew have been calling the Pawn Stars phone number for months and asking for Battle Toads. This has been a recurring problem, The Pawn Stars operators have probably developed a system for handling this kind of caller by this time. However, the 4chan caller has gotten more creative in their calling ways as well.

Kids on 4chan ask strangers to tell them what to say next on a phone text. Usually it seems harmless and out of context for the person being pranked. It all looks funny for a short period of time. But this is simple every day interaction that is being influenced by 4chan. When they set their sights on larger prizes, is when it all becomes a problem.

Overall, I can see someone having a need to withdraw from society for a little bit to gather their wits after a heinous attack over the internet. Some people can be tough to deal with. You just need to develop a better system for handling the trolls. Some people assume they will be left alone if they try to stick with positive messages. However, no matter how good your intentions are, sometimes they can come back to haunt you, I suppose.

You just have to seek a stable balance in your life. 4chan is a way to achieve a sense of balance by pulling people down a peg, or doxing for justice through an offensive media source. 4chan tries to pull everyone back to a middle ground as much as possible. The violent get shamed on, and heroes get humbled. It’s turned us into a 4chan moral world.

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3 thoughts on “How Does a Dox from “4chan” Weild so Much Power?

  1. I am assuming that Scooby has a good reason for what he did what he did.
    My best guess would be that he made a firm promise to his life partner that he can make videos only as long as his identity remains anonymous or something like that.
    I assume anonymity is very important to them.

  2. scooby is not a victim of doxing. he’s a victim of people using his address to threaten him. doxing is “revealing a target subject’s personally identifiable information, such as home address, workplace information and credit card numbers, without consent.” while scooby had the info publically on his website all the time.

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