Socialblade Inflates their Numbers for Youtube. 5 Reasons Why

I’m using my own personal information here. I don’t get many views, but it looks to be enough to register on Socialblade. This website says I am making at least a few cents at a minimum each day. Yet, Youtube negates those stats.

Here are the optimistic numbers from Socialblade:


Here is the sobering reality from Youtube:

ImageNow this difference may seem small, but over time should add up to something. When you estimate for a year, we should see some real revealing data. Socialblade says that this channel is definitely making a little money, while Youtube says not a single cent is going to that person.

I haven’t seen anyone compare the profit difference between what other websites believe Youtube is paying out, and what Youtube is actually paying. This is personal information, and most people want to keep their records private. But how do you handle the inflated numbers from Socialblade when Youtube says they aren’t even close? The IRS has made decisions based on rumors, in the past.

If we could look at the differences with more popular channels, we will see similar results, like mine. Just move the decimal points over for other people. It would be interesting to see the moment when Youtube actually does start paying out. I can only use the records of my own personal work.

Why is Socialblade inflating the numbers?

1. Entertainment: Socialblade claims that they are merely entertaining us with these higher values. We are not to take them seriously. This is comparable to lotteries where the Jackpot is an inflated number, but the actual value of the potential winnings is just a fraction of that. Inflated numbers are there to add excitement. It makes for better marketing.

2. Partnerships: They may want to give the impression that by becoming partners, then these numbers can actually become reality. I have sat through a few sales meetings where the area manager offers more rewards to those people who rise in their ranks. If you sell vacuums, you make the % as a supervisor or manager. This gives the sales team a desire to sell enough to become a partner of some kind.

3. Competition: Perhaps Socialblade wants to give a stronger impression of higher payouts through a partnership. The highest bidder generally wins, right?

4. Pride: No one seems to be willing to negate the numbers. Maybe the channel owners take a little pride in their inflated public numbers. It might look good if they are trying to acquire funding for more camera equipment to cite Socialblade. No one can actually see the private numbers, but the owner and Youtube.

5. Greed: They want to overpromise the potential for future profits. They gamble on the future of Youtube by inflating numbers. There is definitely risk for a bubble bursting here.


3 thoughts on “Socialblade Inflates their Numbers for Youtube. 5 Reasons Why

  1. The estimated earnings section on Social Blade are just estimates for entertainment purposes. They are not actual earnings or anything that you are making as a YouTube or network partner.

  2. Are all of your videos monetized? Because those estimates are if you have ads on your videos. And the social blade estimates aren’t saying you are DEFINITELY making money, mine says I should be getting a few cents a day, but I also don’t have ads on my videos yet, so I’m not making ANYTHING per day.

    • Only Google pays the Adsense money. What Google stats show me are much lower than Socialblade.

      What could be happening is Socialblade is giving a good idea of how much of a cut Google is taking as a part of their % from the ad revenue.

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