How to Drink 1 Liter of Vodka per day

Want to learn how to drink 1 liter of vodka each day? I don’t actually drink any alcohol myself, that would be crazy. Instead, I’m spreading the lessons forward, taught from my sister. She is very passionate about drinking alcohol and has been practicing her skill for over a decade. She has increased her daily drinking each year since she started. She makes drinking alcohol look effortless.

She wasn’t always able to down 1 liter per day. She started drinking smaller amounts in High School. Our dad supplied her with a lot of alcohol when she started out, because he felt it was ok to drink at any age. Drinking alcohol may have been a bond my sister and dad shared together. My sister had to work up a tolerance from her young age.  There were times where she had to cut back or quit, because she either felt too sick, or couldn’t afford it. But she persisted through the drier times to emerge a stronger drinker.

Throughout her younger drinking years, she endured responsibility and dignity, which affected her drinking. But that kind of attitude prevented her from consuming alcohol. You can’t worry about dignity if you want to seriously drink large amounts of alcohol. Responsibilities take away from the drinking habits as well. You have to shun and reduce all responsibilities. For example, she lost custody of her only child.

She intends to only have one child, because more kids mean extra responsibility. Besides that, she may know that your kids don’t always make the best drinking buddies anyway. It’s better to drink with other adults around who also enjoy alcohol. My sister enjoyed going to the bars frequently through her 20’s. She was able to acquire free alcohol from other drinkers and be comfortable meeting other interesting people. Somehow, people become more intriguing when you are drunk.

Eventually, my sister tired of the drama at the bars, but never tired of the drinking parts. She decided to increase her at home drinking and find other ways to have fun. She circulated through a series of boyfriends who lived with her. The relationships were generally short-lived. They would spend a lot of time together, watching TV, smoking cigarettes, drinking, then fighting. It’s amazing how much energy a few shots of vodka can give an alcoholic. They can go on yelling all night. She has the most fun yelling at other people, particularly, the ones close to her who she is comfortable being around.


Then, she started drinking at the factory that she was employed at for over 12 years. After a few years of drinking at the factory, she was fired and struggled to find work until she came across a part time job folding laundry. The extra free time has allowed her to drink alcohol in the comfort of her home.

She has lost a lot of dignity by keeping up her drinking habits, but still remains committed to staying drunk. Friends have abandoned her and she abandoned friends. Other family member are not interested in her activities any more and cut ties with her. My sister removed her Facebook profile, and doesn’t use email much.

While I stayed at my sister and her boyfriends house for a few months, they averaged 1 liter of vodka each day. My sister would simply add a little water to the spirit and keep it in a water bottle. She always had the water bottle with her wherever she went. She felt it looked inconspicuous. This is how she worked for a couple years under the influence of alcohol. She hid it in her water. She never mixed the vodka in anything else, just water. She said she doesn’t like the taste of orange juice, so never makes screwdrivers, or anything sweet and fruity.

Although, she is grossly obese. She isn’t morbidly obese, just gained a lot of obscene weight. Throughout her 20s she was able to maintain a trim figure, but that all changed in her 30s as she increased her drinking habits and spent more time sleeping. Age didn’t exactly catch up on her as much as the habits of her drinking have.

She made a lot of her own money to fuel her alcohol addiction from the factory work. She cashed out her pension early, after getting fired, in her 30s. She has no long-term future plans, and expects to die by the time she reaches 40. She cites how other family members have died in their 40s as well from disease.

Her boyfriend claims he used to only drink beer alot, before meeting my sister. After they got together, they started drinking vodka in large amounts. Every day they would take a trip to the liquor store and purchase the 1.75 Liter of cheap vodka. They polish the bottle off fairly quickly in the evening, but have just enough to drink in the morning until they ran out by midday. Then, the cycle starts again where they purchase another bottle.

Their habit isn’t cheap, it can cost about $17 per bottle each day. They tended to pick up Gordons Vodka brand, which is a cheaper brand. My sister also had to add a pack of cigarettes to her tab as well. Also, she has been smoking a lot of E-cigs, that may raise the price of her tobacco cost.

My sister has had a prescription for Adderall for over 8 years, I believe. She may be able to drink more alcohol than normal because of the amphetamine effect that Adderall has on her central nerve system. Normally, people get sleepy with alcohol alone. But Aderal allows her to not feel the effect of alcohol as strongly.

She told me when she felt like partying, she would double the dose of her Adderall. In turn, this would allow her to increase the amount of alcohol she consumes as well. I could never really tell when she was drunk, because she was generally alert. I could only smell the alcohol on her breath to know she had been drinking at any point in the day.

My sister was very honest about her drinking, even though she was trying to hide it. Sometimes she would deny that she had been drinking, until I told her that I smelled the vodka. Sometimes it took confronting her to let her know I was aware of her inebriation, where should would admit to drinking.

Her emotions are unstable in the late evenings. I have seen her yell in anger about not getting her way, and cry for the same reasons. Her emotions are generally reserved when I suspect she is sober, but it’s hard to tell. All alcoholics suffer emotional problems. My sister is no exception. A lot of the reason that people drink is because they are emotionally unstable. The drinking will enhance emotional instability.

She claims to black out. I have never seen her pass out of consciousness. She has conversations that she later forgets. I have said many things to her that she later denies that I said. Her blacking out may help her get through the fighting that goes on at night with her boyfriend.

They fought so hard and had the Cops stop at their house, that the landlord decided to evict them on Dec 24. I was living with at the time and moved into my car on that day. It was -14 degrees that night. I remember it well. They never really put up a fight against the landlord about the eviction. They had a lot of training by physically fighting each other while drunk, but that never prepared them to fight the eviction.

Over 50% of their fights involved something being broken. Their fights were reserved more for weekend nights, although there was an occasional weeknight fight. They argue about who said what, which escalates. They tell each other how they are tired of each other and that they need to stop the arguing. Eventually, the hit or slap each other, which then turns violent and someone gets hurt along with something getting broken. My sister has broken her hand from punching the wall, bruises all over her body from the boyfriend, sprained ankle, electrocuted herself and damaged her body all over.

She normally doesn’t puke, but there were some days that have stood a part from others. For example, the night the boyfriend was arrested was very depressing for them both. They took a pact to commit suicide together by consuming large amounts of aspirin.

The night she swallowed all her aspirin was very disturbing. i noticed the next day a bowl full of green light laying next to her head. She was sleeping in the living room, which was a rare occurance. They normally slept in their bedroom. She said they had to empty the puke bowl a few times. She puked so much that she was puking out bile, which was the green liquid.

The boyfriend being arrested was more of a reason to try to get inebriated and forget about the real world for them both. They tried a couple times to kill themselves. They were unsuccessful, so maybe it was symbolic. There was one night where the boyfriend shot his gun off in the bedroom. That was a scary, tense moment for me. I was very close to calling the police but never did. Instead, I demanded that the gun be given to me.

You can expect either suicidal thoughts to come from alcoholics. My sister wants to forget her life. It’s been a long period of alcoholism. Although, she did manage to remain sober enough to have a baby in her early 20s. She had her child taken away from her about 7 or 8 years later due to irresponsibility. She had shared custody, but that was taken away. My sister has no qualms about her child having limited contact with her. She developed a stronger connection with the alcohol over her own kid.

the culture of drinking for the county we are living in is very strong. We have the highest drunk driving incidents per capita in the state. Either you are an alcoholic here or you live in denial that other people are drinking. My sis and I have a mom who lives in denial about her husband being an alcoholic. Our dad drinks excessively. My uncles enjoy alcohol immensely. The alcohol, in all its forms, has been welcome by everyone close to me.

It takes a strong culture to help everyone drink. Even with the age limit set at 21, my sister was never at risk of getting into trouble for consuming at an early age. She felt more accepted as a drinker amongst her friends. However, as everyone got older, that same alcohol started to tear away at the fabrics of her relationships.

She was sent to some Rehab Clinic for less than a week. She received the bill for the institution a month later. They did nothing for her because they are a business and need her to go back. She returned once more, for reasons I don’t understand. She doesn’t sound like she wants to change her habits and is content with her lifestyle. With alcoholics, they have to want to change before anyone can help.

You can follow this path like my sister and become a successful alcoholic. An alcoholic can live for many years. The most common cause of deaths for alcoholics are accidents. Organ failure isn’t exactly the first threat of death for alcoholics. Many people associate the body failing from alcoholism, but that isn’t completely true.

gluttony forest

burns from lighter

Here is an unrelated link to a sobriety home I recently visited:

Here are 2 alcoholics fighting that I recorded:



6 thoughts on “How to Drink 1 Liter of Vodka per day

  1. jeez that could be me! I was very lucky to escape an alcoholic death. 12 steps worked for me. I think you were smart to get away fr your alkie family. One of the things that helped me in the program was the education I got abt addiction. Approx 98% of americans are addicted to something. I got a lot of insight fr Anne Shaefer-Wilson’s books on addiction & intimacy. Honesty & empathy are impossible for addicts to have. Knowing this has made all the diff in my recovery and my ability to forgive.

  2. I too know what it’s like to be the sibling of someone who fights and yells and have to live with their bullshit drama. That video hurts to listen to. I can’t even visit home without getting panicked. It’s just all bad energy. I had a drinking problem and an abusive relationship with enough bullshit to write a book about, check it out if you’re curious.

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