White Males can get Lumbar Lordosis or Ghetto Booty too

I also have lumbar lordosis. My back has an extreme curvature in the lower regions. This has contributed to my larger rear end. There is nothing I can do to change the curvature. It doesn’t hurt, but its the appearance that makes my butt look larger than most other people.
In the past my lower back had bothered me. But, with proper care, I am able to prevent pains. There are times when I would allow my back to weaken from lack of exercise. When my back doesn’t get enough exercise, I tend to develop pains. I always blamed my lack of exercise as having been a big contribution to past pains. But now, I see that the ghetto booty syndrome is also a real problem as well.
I believe I was born with ghetto booty, as my mom has a lot of curve to her lower back as well. The genetic appearance is not a problem in itself. But, this kind of condition requires its own special care to manage any potential problems that may come up. Your muscles develop a little differently in response to the change in bone structure.
Also, I started weightlifting early in life and have wondered if all that heavy lifting could have contributed to the way my spine is shaped. But it seems unlikely. The most change that weightlifting caused was probably thicker, stronger bones. Heavy squat exercises could have made my back more ready to handle heavy weights.
I have noticed I get low back pains when I try to walk with heavy weights. If I carry 100 pounds in each hand, or on each shoulder, walking will quickly degrade the point where my spine meets my hip joints. I believe the problem is caused by the twisting while holding a compound weight. The heavy weight bears straight down on my spine as I twist and problems quickly play out.
I can squat over 300 lbs fine. But if I start trying to do twists with that kind of weight, I get problems. To be honest though, I have also developed back problems with squatting the 300 lbs as well. I believe I need to warm up the back to perform heavy squats without getting injured.
One great way to fix the lower back is through exercise. The human body is the only machine that improves itself through exercise. However, you want to do the correct kind of exercises to best target a sway back. That is where I recommend the picnic table fitness system. You can perform exercises to your back at many more locations than a gym can offer. Frequently exercising the back is very important.
Here are 3 exercises that relieve and prevent potential lower back pain from lumbar lordosis:

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