GoPro is really Going Places, Even Walmart

When Walmart starts selling them, you know they see a successful item that has a future in sales. Also, Walmart will certainly accelerate the sales of GoPro as they have many other items. Walmart is the epicenter for product brands.

I saw that GoPro HERO3 is currently for sale at Walmart for $200. It sounds like it has a lot of great reviews as to its functionality. Here is a great response I got on Craigslist about the GoPro:


GoPro’s advantage is durability, and mounts < iamlucky13 > 07/08 17:58:08

GoPro’s are shock-resistant, water resistant, (and come with an inexpensive but effective water-proof outer case), and they make a lot of different, specialized mounts to make it easy to adapt them to just about every hobby you can come up with.

Nikon and Canon don’t really produce anything that competes. GoPro’s are dedicated video cameras, which is a market Nikon doesn’t even compete in, and Canon does mainly just camcorder style.

The latest models also have surprisingly good video quality for such a compact package, plus the ability to do fairly high frame rates (up to 120 fps at 720p), although the simple lens design helps with that (no real zoom capability).

Plus they’re starting to work on improving the useability. For example, with the newest model, it can create an ad hoc WiFi network that a smartphone can connect to and use to control it, including previewing the video to make sure you’re happy with the position and settings.

I honestly think it’s a bit of a fad – it doesn’t have the home video versatility of a camcorder for recording every day memories. Rather, it’s specialized for action sports, and a lot of what is driving the demand for GoPro’s is the novelty of all the cool action videos that used to be difficult to produce. As the novelty wears off, the sales will drop, but it will still find a market.

FYI, the sorts of people who regularly use the Go-Pro have been wanting such a camera for a long time.

Before the Go-Pro came out, the mainstay for action sports videos was the Oregon Scientific ActionCam. Another lightweight, rugged, waterproof camera, but it’s video and sound quality was rather poor, and it had very few features beyond a start/stop recording button. At ~$100, though, it was a lot cheaper.

And before that, people were rigging up their much more delicate camcorders in all sorts of questionable ways to try to achieve the same end. I knew of a mountain biker who spent hours building a custom mount for his helmet that included one of the lightest camcorders he could get at the time on one side, and a counterweight on the other, because even the lightest camcorders still unbalanced your neck too much for a long ride.


Do slow mo with watermelon explode

How the GoPro billionaire was made:

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