Today, I Was Attacked by a Baby Squirrel

I was attacked twice by this baby squirrel today. I think he felt cornered on the wall. All I was trying to do was take a simple pic. When I got close enough he started growling and squirrel barking at me. Then he jumped down onto the picnic table, which was a couple inches below him and he walked toward me as he was growling. I backed up, not sure of his capabilities. When he got to the edge of the table, he started acting like he was going to jump on me and sink his small teeth into my neck. Luckily, I backed up far enough so where he felt his jump wouldn’t reach me.

Then, the squirrel jumps down onto the seat, and on to the ground to start coming at me. I backed up, startled about his aggressiveness. I was also fumbling to get a video of this mean squirrel, but failed because of stress and impatience. As the squirrel approached me he was growling and baring his small teeth. He focus on my foot and I had to raise my foot and show him the bottom of it. He looked for ways to bite the bottom of my foot, but after finding no options decided to scamper to a tree.

I was eating canned corn before the attack, and tried to see if he was interested. The second attack was a little more half-hearted. When he came down from the tree, he started to charge me again, but I threw some canned corn at him, and that stopped him in his tracks. He approached me a couple more times, but didn’t growl. He let me pet his fur a little while he ate, but is a wild animal and edgy all the time naturally.

I don’t eat a lot of canned corn, so this was a rare occasion to find a baby squirrel and have canned corn together at the same time. What a unique experience. I suspect this squirrel is now confident that he can scare food out of people. He needs to learn as fast as he can that aggression isn’t a good way to find food. A dog could scoop him up or something. But he is a baby, and has a lot of development to do. Maybe he has a chance to live long enough to grow into adulthood and get hit by a car, the common traditional way for squirrels to die.Image



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