6 Magnetic Therapy Science Videos That Can Change Your Mind.

Here is a series of videos that can create more interest in magnetic therapy. They demonstrate the unique power that you will not find with any other substance on earth. I hope to inspire you to pursue magnetic therapy in your own en devours and be as excited about the possibilities as I am.

1.  Eddy effect:

Here you will see that the power of neodymium magnets can grab and move the can without touching it. He has very powerful magnets, weak ones will have a weaker response. The effect is something you would find similar to a boat oar being rowed against the water. There is a swirl of energy around the oar and the stronger the row, the bigger the swirl.

When you place the magnets close to the body, you have fluids such as blood, lymph, nerve signals and other fluids that cross the magnet near the skin. They all get affected by the effect and get balanced evenly. If you are extra excited or nervous, the eddy effect will slow down the flow of energy to allow for a faster way to calm down.

if you are a little tired, the magnetic energy can free up any stuck energy at key point. If you study Acupuncture, you learn the points to touch that can release trapped energy. There is a spot suggested below the kneecap for hikers to use Acupressure.

In this video about eddy currents, they talk about how the eddy current can increase heat as more energy is created in that very spot. It gives a little history about the discovery and some applications. Read the comments below, there are some factual challenges made, but mostly, people are supportive of this video.

This video shows how the eddy current slows the magnet down. When magnets are placed on the body, you can slow nervousness down to give a nice calming effect. Many people buy magnet mattresses to sleep on. They lay on the magnets and this gives a calming effect unlike any other kind of effect to sleep peacefully to. I was sleeping on a large magnetic area for a while and felt the effects personally. Ofcourse, I was suffering a lot with a health condition and may have experienced a greater turn around in health than someone who is already healthy at the start.

Here is another demonstration of a magnet in a tube. The eddy effect is a little stronger because it is completely surrounded. You can see clearly that magnets effect and are effected by other objects that are in motion. They need something to influence, but that have their own kind of energy to transfer on a constant basis. Also, a little heat is generated as the magnet falls from gravity.

2. Levitating frog:

Here is a vid that shows the powers that magnets can have against gravity. The kind of magnetic energy used requires a power source and is very powerful. I believe the video tries to explain the process a little better in then description. As you can see, the vid is 7 years old so far. The have levitated other objects since then, such as strawberries:

Or the levitating grasshopper:

The creatures appear to be just fine, most likely a little confused about what is happening to them. But the effects of the magnets are naturally soothing.

3. Diamagnetism:

You can see the water was calm and then moved ever so slightly by the close presence of the magnet. This effect is diamagnetism and water is repelled by magnetic energy. Our bodies are diamagnetic and the repelling effect comes into play when the magnet is in close proximity to the skin.

4. Magnetic battery, possibly with salt:

Magnetic energy has a lot to do with electricity and the control of it. Most people seek out chemical treatments from doctors and completely ignore the electrical aspect. Our brains produce 12 volts of electricity, which is enough to power a lightbulb. Sometimes that electrical output can become unbalanced, and magnets can easily bring you back to neutral and into alignment.

Some raw materials do a better job than others in transporting the electrical current throughout our bodies. For example, the electrolytes have an impact on your electrical charge. Salt water can improve the electrical charge. However, I would still be careful about how much salt you consume. It’s unhealthy to consume seawater.

Other kinds of raw materials that impact the electrical flow are copper, silver and gold, which are mostly used in electrical gadgets. Once again, I don’t promote consuming these metals directly, but using them as utensils can help. I drink from a copper coffee cup because I believe that the copper does have an influence on the liquids inside. You can place copper pennies in your water, or silver.

Silver, copper or gold are said to kill bacteria. The bacteria short circuit themselves and die. People use copper strips to kill or repel slugs, because as the slugs move, they build up an electrical charge that affects the state of their health in a negative way. What the metal comes down to is transporting electrical charges mostly.

5. Quartz has a timing effect on our health

6. Water Bridge: Add electrical charge and the water holds together.

7. Dancing Salted Frog Legs


This video above shows that quartz melts ice faster than in the ladies hand. The quartz has a natural vibration to it that shakes the ice into water. quartz is used in watch making because it has the most accurate timing of ticks. There is a special energy that eminates from quartz that can influence your health in positive ways. They may not be like magnets but they show that the earth has a lot of natural life enhancing substances to promote good health.

To summarize and put magnetic therapy in better perspective, I find that it is an energy not be ignored. Magnetic therapy can be applied to more than just taped to the body or used in an Acupuncture session. It is shown to enhance the health of plants, pets, water, and more motors run 10% more efficiently when placed near the gas lines. Magnets are attached to pipes to reduce calcium scale buildup. Equestrian trainers rub magnets on their horses to keep their nerves calm and help promote recovery from a workout.

Magnets have a larger use beyond the fridge and more people discover these amazing properties and show them on youtube video.

Thank you.


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