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Face read girl

I just want to say that if any drugs are being taken, they can easily throw off the face reading analysis. Drugs are a very heavy influence on the body that cannot be ignored. Sobriety is more natural for your personality to flourish.

You look very pretty, first of all. The pic quality doesn’t show aging lines very well, but I guess that you are younger, between 25 and 30? At your age, I would look for signs of aging in your lower forehead. The heavier the lines, the more trauma someone experiences. For you, you appear to have weathered stress well.

Eyes: they are neither very wide nor narrow in proportion to your face. Usually very wide eyes indicate an expansive imagination, and rather unfocused, while narrow eyes indicate more focus on tasks. You appear to be in between.
The size of your eyes appear in good proportion to your face. They are the window to the soul, and tell the truth. Usually larger eyes cannot conceal a lie very well, compared to a smaller more narrow eye.
You have rectangular eyes that indicate an analytical mind. You may have deep emotions but you are unlikely to show them easily, except for humor and anger.
Your eyes look only a little sunken in, but not much at all. I think you enjoy talking a little more with people. Deep sunken eyes tend to dwell in their thoughts a little more than eyes that protrude from the face.
The sharp inner corners of your eyes means that you choose your words carefully, and you can have a sharp tongue when you get angry.

Eyebrows: yours appear in good proportion to your face. I believe you have an ability to hold a moderately bad temper and are not too shy to reveal it. But there are larger eyebrows, such as a unibrow, who are quick to temper. Smaller eyebrows are not comfortable with anger.
Your eyebrows don’t look very long nor very short, and I put you in between: long eye brows show the ability to have a lot of friends, while short eyebrows reveal and independent personality and a desire to do things for yourself.
Your eyebrows are slightly curved which show you posses feminine wiles and know how to work with people, especially men.

Forehead: you have a little bit of a high forehead which indicates that you can think a lot before you act. A smaller forehead would act before they think. You have an intellectual mind and philosophical nature.

Forehead, side view: You are in between a straight forehead and slanted. I describe straight forehead: linear mind. Slanted forehead: facile mind, and negotiating ability.

Outline of face shape: oval, which is defined as specializing as a diplomat, host.
Oval shares many characteristics with the round face. 56

Five elements: I want to put you in the earth category. You get along best with fire, earth, and metal. You may find more trouble with wood and water personalities. Earth organ: stomach. Body type: rounded fleshy, plumpness. Needs: family and friends, comfort, things. Colors: brown, yellow earth tones. Sound: singing. Senses: tasting.

Ears: can’t see, sorry. One interesting characteristic is if your ears are very wide away from the head you talk more than listen, whereas ears that are close to the head means they are more of a listener than talker.

Hairline: you have a widows peak, which means you easily attract boyfriends or husbands.

Chin: the chin is slightly rounded, indicating you are diplomatic and even-tempered.

Jaw: the jaw is called the “roots of the tree” a big strong jaw mean the trees cannot get blown over very easily by the wind. You don’t appear to have a very strong wide jaw, nor a very narrow one either. You are in between. A strong jaw shows your determination and athleticism and a desire to fight for what you believe in. A narrow jaw means you consider your options before making a decision. A narrow jaw can change their mind more frequently. You are balanced between both.

Nose: you have a slightly rounded tip of your nose which indicates a need for creature comforts and a love to be surrounded by beautiful things.

Mouth: you have a large mouth which indicates a generous nature and strong earth energy. You give easily and grandly 😉 smaller lips indicate suppressed emotion and a reserved person, which you are not. Your full lower lip can indicate that you are a gourmand.. You love good food, wine, company and luxurious surroundings.

Lower cheeks: you have slight money bags, which is a sign of extra earth energy and show your ability to save money and energy. This is the most important warehouse on the face.
You have more plump cheekbones you can make a nice boss who is pleasant to work with.

Nose: your nose is slightly larger which indicates ambition and your willingness to work harder to achieve your goals. You have an ego that is best filled by a sense of accomplishment.

The bridge of your nose is more wide than narrow. You have good strength, stamina and abilities to make good money. It is a sign of a stronger spine. Narrow bridge on nose shows a weaker spine.

The flesh that surround your nostrils show that you can be disciplined about money and good at saving it.

In conclusion:
I think you are an objective person who can see both sides of a situation fairly. You are not judgemental and are very fair in your actions. You may want to be careful about being too generous, but you do have a strong ability to make money. You might enjoy work that allows you to maximize your personality, such as a teacher, nurse, engineer or anything that requires a fair perspective.

Thank you.

Would it be ok to add my evaluation to WordPress?

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