Little Buck Tooth Girl Meme; Going to Disneyland, When She Really Needs a Dentist.


I keep seeing the little buck tooth girl memes pop up periodically and had to investigate. She gave a very adorable expression and it has generated a lot of buzz on the Internet. The mom made a video for YouTube, channel: Kaftc. It’s titled going to Disney World again it was uploaded on Sept 2013 and has over 6 million views. The mom made a previous video 2 years ago in 2011 which has over 14 million views. I actually remember watching the 2011 Disneyland video. Her daughter is very cute and sociable. People have been promoting these little girls on many different formats from 9gag, Vine, Memes, to Liveleak and so on. It just keeps garnering more attention and creativity from people. Because of all the different sources of this little buck toothed girl emerging, its hard to pinpoint the actual source of it. First I thought she was just a picture taken at the right moment. But then I saw a black kids Vine where it was actually a video and the black kid took a second to put his face at the very end and tag the 7 second clip to his account. He wasn’t the source, be he certainly helped propel the popularity of the video by condensing the 4 minute video into 6 seconds of the little buck toothed girl. The black kid has 1 million subscribers and his name is ? Anyway, the video is as adorable as the first one. The comments are hilarious too. Here are a couple other 9Gag photoshops: dog nailed it emoji bucktooth Here are other favorite 9Gag Memes that I up voted: ———————–


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Are you a Broadcaster or a Boredcaster? Where do you fit on Younow?

You have two choices on Younow, either you have a lot of fans or you don’t. Either you can show a lot of energy and jump and dance around excitedly. Or you lay on the floor, or your bed and act like you are dead. I have seen a few people just lay on their floor and do nothing. It’s almost like watching animals at a zoo.

The Boredcasters primarily respond to the comments. Comments are what drive them. They have no agenda, except to be watched. They don’t seem to know what they want for themselves. They simply react. They may be very vulnerable to other people and rules need to be in place to control harrassment.

Real broadcasters can talk about their own personal agendas for hours. I haven’t seen that activity yet on Younow, but I’m sure it’s there. I’m still new with Younow. There are definitely people out there who can talk for hours about a subject. They do it all the time on radio. The radio show people know that they their stuff generally isn’t isn’t listened to again, if at all. So, why not have fun with it?

Broadcasting has never gotten easier for so many people. But you do need the necessary devices to do it, with a laptop and wifi. 

Most people confine their broadcasting to their bedrooms or rooms in their homes. I would like to see them outside the house a little more. It’s nice to see different backgrounds. That is a lot of the reason why I have enjoyed video games and travelling.

Interferon is Best Made from Blood. Why not just drink blood? Oh, that’s right, its a social stigma

Here is an excerpt from Sam Walton’s Biography. He was dying of hairy cell leukemia, and the doctors had experimental artistic ideas to treat it.

In the late 1970s, Dr Gutterman discovered that Finnish physicians were pioneering interferon research and flew to Helsinki in investigate. He watched them work, dumping blood that had been donated to the Finnish Red Cross in a centrifuge, which spun the red cells to the bottom, the plasma to the top, and the white cells in-between. The white “buffy coats” were siphoned off, and the plasma and hemoglobin returned to the Red Cross to be used in transfusions. The white cells were partially purified, dried, and turned in powder.

This process involved hard work and great expense. Dr Gutterman was told that by running 90,000 pints of blood through the centrifuge only 400 milligrams of impure interferon could be extracted from the Buffy coats. In laymen terms, that would be .014 of an ounce. It took about 300 donors to provide less than a quarter teaspoon of powdered interferon needed to treat one patient for three months. That one therapy would cost $30,000. And the lone supplier was the Finnish Red Cross.

The book was written in 1990

Hillary Clinton Was The Only Female Board Member for Walmart in 1990

I was reading Sam Waltons book and came across this interesting bit of information Walmart didn’t get a female board member for almost 20 years until about 1990. Sam had some strict beliefs and policies about women in the workplace. For a long time, he forbid dating in the workplace because he felt favoritism and poor work habits would develop from the relationships.

He eventually eased up on his harsh demands about dating and enforced the policy of not outwardly showing favoritism towards a partner over another coworker. Sam didn’t even want family members working in the same department. I always wondered why I got asked so many times if I had any family members working at a company.

The book author tried to get some comments from Hillary Clinton about the policies at Walmart, but she failed to respond. What is she hiding? That’s what I want to know. She is supposed to be a front runner now for President, but I want to know more about her secret involvement as a Walmart board member now.

Nice Craigslist Discussion on Counterfeit Money

Can I buy a gallon of milk with this? < Acumagnet > 07/25 15:55




Depends on the store. § < - >


I usually see only the corners cut. § < - > 07/25 16:02


There was a story in the paper of a man < - > 07/25 16:24

arrested for trying that. He had cut off all 4 corners of a $20 bill (ruining it) and taped all 4 corners on to a single dollar bill.

Couldn’t figure out why that would make him any money.


Yeh. His twenty dollars cost him 21. § < - >


Duh. Cut one from each of 4 20’s. §


R U experienced with that ?_ §


No. I’m just a lot smarter than you are.


Don’t brag … many people are smarter than me.


I appreciate you. < - > 07/25 16:46

I’m sure you have talents that make you special.

We’re all different.

My talent is dealing with numbers, puzzles, etc.


So you are going to turn in 4 damaged bills with < - > 07/25 16:37

4 different corners cut off for a refund?



Brilliant. … not you, < - > 07/25 16:41

the bad guys would spend that money where they thought that they could get away with it.


A co-worker was arrested with one of those. < - > 07/25 16:09

Payday with no money in his pocket, goes to the bank during lunch and cashes his check.

On the way back to the job he stops in an OTB to place a bet. Pays with that bill and is asked to wait a moment.

Security comes and places him in handcuffs while he wonders what is going on.

After a short while he is released when they accept his story that the bill came from the bank.


Would you buy that story? < Acumagnet > 07/25 16:25

I suppose justice was served by catching him on the street.


They might have been watching that bank, < - > 07/25 16:30

it’s not likely that it was the first time it happened.


I think your story is counterfeit. < - > 07/25 16:34

Bank employees are trained to spot counterfeits.


Bank employees are sometimes the crooks. § < - > 07/25 16:36

Typical Computer Forum Trolls on Craigslist.

does the eink 2nd screen save battery life? 07/18 12:22

I don’t understand what is going on with this.

Stop being such a dinosaur 07/18 12:49

You should know very well by know that computers the size of phones easily outperform your desktop of 10 years ago.
Please provide a link to that computer that 07/18 12:59

is the size of a phone. And don’t say phones are now considered computers, dumbass.
Phones are computers. Look up the defintion 07/18 13:06

Maybe you should try reading regular common English some time and stop trying to apply your Program language to everything.
Though that may be, still isn’t a phone forum! 07/18 13:12

There are plenty of phone forums available if you need one though.
Should be a few in these links.
Good luck!
See why everyone calls you STUPID. 07/18 12:58

You can’t even ask your question in the correct forum.

You’re probably too stupid to even find the Android Forum.
If it’s not on the main forum, it doesn’t exist § 07/18 13:03
DUMBASS 07/18 13:06

Is that a “Travis Says” statement.

Sorry, Travis. You are NOT Simon. We only play “Simon Says”.

Simon says “Join ComputerJunkee”.
Is this a reference to Star Trek? 07/18 13:21

I’m not following what you are saying here.

Do you have a link to the episode you are referring to?
Hey Dumbass 07/18 13:24

If I was referring to a Star Trek episode, I would have referenced the episode.

Here’s an example, Travis, from Forest Gump, “Stupid is as Stupid does.”

You stupid dumbass.
Psssttttttttt 07/18 13:20

The forums on CL are only a few of the MILLIONS of forums on the INTERNET.

You’re right, if it isn’t on the main forum directory it doesn’t exist ON CRAIGSLIST, so that means you have to go to some place else where it DOES exist.

There is no forum on CL for “visit my website”.
There is no forum on CL for “Give me money”.
There is no forum on CL for “I’m looking for a job”.
There is no forum on CL for “I’m selling my computer”.

People who post that shit get ridiculed and get their posts flagged and those who continue to do it get labeled as TROLLS and then they NEVER get help, even to legitimate questions.
Your lucky, gonna let you slide for awhile after 07/18 13:32

your loss.
A phone is a computer nowadays, these dumbasses 07/18 13:30

don’t know any better.
Where’s your handle PinkBlood? 07/18 13:35

I got it, I got it, I’m gonna get your handle and eat it all gone…..

THERE IT IS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Where’s you handle, where’s your handle?