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Sign up for the Younow Babysitting Service. How Many Fans does it Take to Babysit Your Kid?

All ages, income level, sex, race, creed, geographical regions are encouraged to apply. All you have to do is sign on and start watching the kids who want the attention. It’s not hard to find them, as they all pretty much want attention. If anything questionable happens, then you can flag them and maybe their parents get notified.

This really could be the future of babysitting. Isn’t it how security is already set up for a lot of buildings? You pay someone to sit behind cameras all day. Well, now we can have people watching the cameras for free who really like watching kids. Certain behaviors can be encouraged from a distance. The kid can just communicate without being interrupted. They only way to interact with them is through chat.

I guess you could literally have a whole village watching your kid all at once, especially if the kid is well-liked. The most people I seen watching one person at the same time was Matthew Espinosa with 9.1k watchers:

Everyone else usually don’t break 1,000. But still, you don’t need a lot of fan babysitters anyway. Even the single digits can be fine.

To go further with this, you could have a real babysitter over at the house, but Younow watching both the kid and the babysitter at the same time. Some people will tend to get more attention than others ofcourse. People may not want to think that it is any kind of competition, but your decision has been made when you choose to watch a particular person. When you choose to watch one person, you are choosing not to watch another one. So, therein lies the result of your vote. Some people are just more popular than others.

I am recording at various times for fun. There are always new people on. It is quite entertaining for me to see what people do and present on this platform. This is my channel for screencaptures.

Dungeons and Dragons was too Open-Ended in the 1980s

They certainly improved on the fantasy games with MAGIC cards. I remember giving Dungeons and Dragons a try in the mid 1980s. My step brother asked me to join him and his friend in a little game, just the three of us.

His friend was the Dungeon Master. I was handed this sheet of paper with my step brothers stats on them. I think it was some kind of mid level elf hunter or something. He told me to be very careful with his character and not to make changes without his permission. My step brother may have been another hunter or scout or something. With these character stats, we had to imagine a scenario to journey through.

I think we rolled the dice on a setting. Either way, we ended up in a town of some kind. We made believe that it was a retirement community filled with old people. Since we both had good pickpocketing stats, we decided to start stealing from the old people. Every time we picked someone’s pocket, the dice had to be rolled to determine whether we were successful or not.

I couldn’t stop laughing at this Dungeons and Dragons game. I didn’t know that it was considered so open-ended. We were tying up old people and rolling them down stairs. We made sure to torture and steal from as many as we could. It was very reckless and fun. I really didn’t give any good experience for the character I used, because old people don’t yield many points. But it was fun at the time.

The problem with Dungeons and and Dragons was that it was probably too open-ended. People probably wanted much more direction than the descriptions of characters, weapons and enemies. I used to love looking at the old artwork and read the fantasy statistics. But I didn’t know what I could do with this information. It was all so new and lacked much direction.

Now, the Magic card games use many elements from Dungeons and Dragons and add more structure to the game. It made fighting the central theme, which is what most people tended to gravitate towards anyway. Instead of using a sheet of paper with your character stats, you use a deck of cards of your best players. The randomness seems to be more in the cards you can get rather than the roll of the dice.

Dungeons and Dragons may have gotten popular, but I don’t think it took off like Magic cards did. There are fairly large groups of young guys who get together and play their fantasy games based more on strategy than imagination. I guess if you want to experience more of the imagination end of this fantasy, you can read a book or watch TV.

I loved to watch the cartoon, Dungeons and Dragons in the mid 1980s, because it made me think of the game. However, it was nothing like the game.

Do You Want to be 9Gag Famous? Or, what does that even mean?

It’s a pretty random promotion system that 9Gag has set up. The search for old posts is terrible. The people who comment tend to be childish. But every so often you find a gem that really inspires you or changes your life forever, in a 9Gag sort of way.

Here is a girl who is enjoying some free self promotion that she claims that she didn’t even initiate. She just happened to be another pretty girl chosen for a meme and now is currently seen on the 9Gag main page. How is she handling her instant fame? Well, once again, it’s 9Gag fame so she is just making comments and not getting many responses almost like the rest of us, except for slightly more attention. Such is the wonder of 9Gag fame:

bandicam 2014-09-30 15-43-48-126

bandicam 2014-09-30 15-53-30-706

She accuses us of looking at her pic when she was under 18 in a sexual way by calling us fappers. She got a lot of piercings for an underagers, but I guess some people can get away with it.

If you look at her Instagram, you will see that she must have kept her dreadlocks for a long time. I don’t think she changed much since the picture, but it’s not like she was any kind of lowlife at this point in her life. But also, she is not much older than she was in this pic. Her Instagram, which she makes easily available for anyone to find at has 13k+ followers, says that she is age 22. So, that is only 5 years ago, which may seem ancient to a younger person, but is not really that long ago to an older person.

So, she is 9Gag famous for the moment. She can thank the editors for promoting her pic and see how that can help her social media glory through Instagram, blogging, Youtube or whatever. Or perhaps she can take it all in stride until the next photo takes over her spot on 9Gag. But, overall, this is free advertising for her whether she wanted it or not. Free can be good:

bandicam 2014-09-30 15-59-44-460

Top 50 Food Banks in Running for Walmart Grant Money; Current Standing

  1. This is a snapshot of Sept 30, afternoon for Walmart grant money. I choose the Oregon Food Bank because that is my location. I am surprised at some of the top Food Banks. Many of them seem like low populated areas that somehow brought people together with technology to get their names out there.

The grant is for $60k, which is significant for a Food Bank. I think Oregon has one of the best systems for Food Banks, but I could be wrong. I don’t know how people rate their Food Banks.

  1. 1. Feeding South Dakota8195 votes
  2. 2. Second Harvest Food Bank of the Mahoning Valley7934 votes
  3. 3. Regional Food Bank of Oklahoma5037 votes
  4. 4. Freestore Foodbank4894 votes
  5. 5. Rhode Island Community Food Bank4808 votes
  6. 6. River Valley Regional Food Bank4387 votes
  7. 7. Second Harvest Food Bank of Northwest NC4225 votes
  8. 8. Northern Illinois Food Bank4024 votes
  9. 9. Second Harvest Food Bank of Northeast Tennessee3826 votes
  10. 10. Community Food Bank of Eastern Oklahoma3814 votes
  11. 11. Food Bank of Lincoln3674 votes
  12. 12. Central Illinois Foodbank, Inc.3588 votes
  13. 13. Harry Chapin Food Bank of Southwest Florida3581 votes
  14. 14. Weld Food Bank3488 votes
  15. 15. Mid-Ohio Foodbank3365 votes
  16. 16. CEO’s Weinberg Regional Food Bank3364 votes
  17. 17. Community Harvest Food Bank of Northeast Indiana, Inc.3362 votes
  18. 18. The Food Bank for Central & Northeast Missouri3289 votes
  19. 19. Second Harvest Food Bank of Middle Tennessee3185 votes
  20. 20. Second Harvest Food Bank of Central Florida3173 votes
  21. 21. Feeding America, Kentucky’s Heartland3155 votes
  22. 22. Community Food Warehouse of Mercer County3129 votes
  23. 23. Akron-Canton Regional Foodbank2979 votes
  24. 24. Kansas Food Bank2979 votes
  25. 25. Second Harvest Foodbank of Southern Wisconsin2945 votes
  26. 26. Good Shepherd Food Bank2863 votes
  27. 27. Northeast Iowa Food Bank2832 votes
  28. 28. East Texas Food Bank2813 votes
  29. 29. St. Mary’s Food Bank Alliance2812 votes
  30. 30. Chattanooga Area Food Bank2767 votes
  31. 31. Hoosier Hills Food Bank2721 votes
  32. 32. Bay Area Food Bank2707 votes
  33. 33. New Hampshire Food Bank2677 votes
  34. 34. Central Pennsylvania Food Bank2656 votes
  35. 35. Food Bank of Northwest Indiana2611 votes
  36. 36. Connecticut Food Bank2592 votes
  37. 37. Wichita Falls Area Food Bank2592 votes
  38. 38. Food Bank of the Albemarle2591 votes
  39. 39. Oregon Food Bank2579 votes
  40. 40. God’s Pantry Food Bank2576 votes
  41. 41. Blue Ridge Area Food Bank2558 votes
  42. 42. Roadrunner Food Bank of New Mexico2556 votes
  43. 43. St. Louis Area Foodbank2555 votes
  44. 44. Lowcountry Food Bank2548 votes
  45. 45. Second Harvest Food Bank of Santa Clara and San Mateo Counties2538 votes
  46. 46. Food Bank of Northern Nevada2534 votes
  47. 47. Dare to Care Food Bank2529 votes
  48. 48. Greater Berks Food Bank2504 votes
  49. 49. Harvest Texarkana Regional Food Bank2488 votes
  50. 50. Greater Cleveland Food Bank2480 votes

Storing Food in My Car Might have been a Big Mistake; Homeless Health Problems

I have developed a lot of liver problems over the past week and was confused as to why that was. Many possibilities popped into my head as the cause, and it took a while to come to the conclusion that all my food is probably bad. I didn’t want to believe that my food is bad. I have to conserve my money and throwing away this food will be a big blow to my finances. But after enough suffering, I have to come to terms with the reality of the situation. The sun and heat made all my food go rancid.

The summer time is pretty much over, but that doesn’t take back the fact that the food I have is not damaged. My suffering with my liver has been too agonizing. I have the question of whether I want to go on suffering and continuing to eat my rancid food to save money, or do I want to feel better. Feeling better is usually the priority.

The sooner I throw away all my food, the sooner I can start grieving over the loss and get over it. I am taking a big hit on my savings with this decision. This is the homeless lifestyle. I am more vulnerable to the changing seasons, particularly the sun and heat. I understand that there are more dark and cloudy days through the winter, which will help with food preservation. Although, I will face more moldy issues as well. But last winter I never had any serious issues with mold.

I suffered with my liver problems for almost a week so far, and may not be completely in the clear. This is more of an update than anything.

Here is the day, Sept 26 when it got really bad:

It wasn’t just an isolated situation that I was hoping for, as I continue to suffer the griping Sept 29:

The next day, after more suffering I decide to toss all my old food out to see if that is the problem:

It’s been an awful experience so far that I want to end as soon as possible. I seemed to have experienced very good relief from wheatgrass. i just chewed on the grass and my blood may be more oxygenated ¬†with chlorophyll now. But I still need to focus on preventing the problem from recurring rather than constantly treating it.

Bitter Tastes are Primarily Sold in Alcohol Sections of Grocery Stores

People love the bitter tastes and the grocery stores put a premium on that appetite. You won’t find bitter anywhere else in regular chain grocery stores and this is by intentional design.

There is a lot of benefits to the bitter tastes. They are what you taste in many medicines. It’s not like the doctors wanted to make it taste bitter so more people will consume medicine. The natural bitter tastes will appeal to liver healing. A liver does not do very well without consumption of bitter tastes.

Before grocery stores, people knew what was edible in nature. In fact, the pioneers brought over the dandelion on purpose because it was a very common medicine that grew rapidly and spread with them wherever they set foot. The milky latex is very bitter in the older plants.

You will also find a white milky latex in lettuce. Unfortunately, the grocery stores manage to drain the milk out of lettuce and render it inept. Once again, they do this on purpose. There is much more money to be made selling bitter hops in the beer.

If you can ever figure out how to get your hands on hops (it’s not easy), make a tea out of it. It tastes exactly like beer. You will experience all the effects that hops do as well, without getting drunk. If hops were sold by itself, more people would make a tea out of it than drink beer.

Overcast Podcast Player for iPod is nice, but it eats my battery

After installing the new iOS 8, I am able to look at which programs eat up my battery life. Its turns out that Overcast eats up the majority. Overnight, outside of Internet range, I saw that 75% of battery usage went to the Overcast app.

I like Overcast, but I also like to maintain good battery life as well. I use the camera to record video and need that battery life. The best option right now for dealing with Overcast is to delete it. I don’t see any options to stop the background activity in the app.

This makes for a tough choice.

One Week of Browsing Younow Top Trenders; Many Interesting Young Personalities

Every time I record there is someone different who is trending. This is a worldwide forum and the website has been popular for a few years now. I’m a little surprised it hasn’t gotten more professional. People could be giving sermons to whoever joins or conducting a yoga class. The website is relegated to bedroom talk.

Sept 24 Morning

Sept 23 Evening

Sept 22 Evening

Sept 22 Afternoon

Sept 22 Morning

Sept 21 Evening

Sept 21 Morning

Sept 20 Evening

Sept 19 Evening

Sept 19 Morning

Sept 16 and 17

Differences and Similarities Between Horse Carriages of late 1800s to Horseless Carriage of early 1900s

This is strictly through the videos I took. I recently came upon this old Henry Ford Model T car. The license plate calls it a “horseless carriage”. I actually was in a Carriage Museum at Raymond, Washington and it was amazing. You can see many big differences between the high class horse carriages and the low cost “horseless carriage:

You can see that the car was closely designed like a horse carriage. But there are also clear differences as well, such as with the steering wheel. None of the horse carriages used a steering wheel. They relied entirely on the horse to take commands for steering.

You can see many of the nice interiors of the horse carriages inside have very similar features to the horseless carriages.

The suspension on the bottom were very similar in nature. I tried to get under the car as best I could. It has an axle that probably makes for a bumpy ride. The horse carriages used pretty much the same kind of suspension.

I believe the wheels are made of wooden spokes for all the models. There was a scene in the Ford factory where the workers put together wooden spokes.

Tires started to become rubberized in the early 1900s. I started the video on the tire with the Ford, because I thought that plug looked very interesting. I wonder how he airs up his tires. Is this what they call vulcanization?

Also here is a video outside the Carriage Museum, because I thought the wagons look neat. They actually cover the wagon with the traditional style canvas for summer tourists:

The horse-drawn carriages sometimes had seating that face you away from the direction you were going. That could be a little unnerving, but I suppose if you are moving at a slow pace it might not be so annoying. The majority of gas-powered cars relied on forward facing seating.

Horse carriages may not have relied too much on mud flaps. Since all the power and inertia came from the horses, they didn’t need to be too concerned with the wheels spinning out and getting mud all over.

The Reason Mexicans will be half the Population by 2050

Is that they have not abandoned natural sexual traditional roles between man and woman. There is much less confusion between the genders in the Spanish language. Words are designated as either male or female. There is no ambiguity, like there is in the English language.

Our thoughts are confused by our own English language. How would all of these same-sex efforts have been pulled off it was not for the English language? People are going crazy for the gays. I never seen so much talk about gender confusion before through the 80s and 90s. A lot has changed for the English speaking groups in that time.

Droves of Mexicans have abandoned the English language in America. I run into many young ones who don’t speak the English as their primary language. They are able to exist and thrive only speaking Mexican Spanish. This population is growing too. In fact, more English speakers are reaching out to the Mexicans in the US than the Mexicans need to reach out to the English speakers.

The Mexicans practice a very strong clan behavior that many English speakers have not taken a strong liking to. The last clans that English speakers went after was the Mafia -the Cosa Nostra. We learned a lot about their ways in the 1960s and after learning about them, the US government set about policies to put a stop to this kind of culture for future generations.

We found out that the clan is very male centric. Woman take a much more supportive role. This gave a lot of power to the males so they could form strong brotherhoods and effective criminal organizations.

It seems that English speakers were effective in breaking up the Italian clans, but that came at a cost: the equality in the workforce rules. Women were given a lot of power and preferences over more qualified men for certain positions. This results in a lot of gender confusions. Many men started to feel more comfortable switching sides for the benefits of being a woman. Where do we go from here?

If we maintain the gender equality laws, the Mexicans will have no problems taking over in the place of the lower numbers of English speakers. Then, when the Spanish becomes the primary language to speak, the equality laws will be abandoned in favor of their more effective laws for their clans. What feels normal now, will be very different a generation from now.

I don’t like the equality laws. But, I’m also not too crazy about the Mexican culture either. I’m at a loss for words in this power struggle. I’m homeless, jobless and penniless and all I can do is watch the changes take place. I just hope that the Mexican Zetas don’t establish too strong of a foothold in the US as well. They are much more primal than the terrorist groups of the Arab countries that we watch so closely on the Internet now.

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