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The Reason That Women Fell Behind in the Computer World

After listening to the most recent Planet Money podcast I learned the very moment that women stopped being interested in computers. It happened in 1984.

The commentators went back as far as the 1950s to find some women who were men’s equals in the computer world. This was a time when computers were programmed with the bare bones binary system of 0s and 1s. Some women put together a business and programmed mechanical language for major corporations like Raytheon.

As computers got more sophisticated and the language was able to get more advanced in the programming language of C, a wider range of programs emerged. Many of the program’s involved games to be play for fun like Pong or PacMan. More boys became interested and encouraged to play with computers at this point.

The focus of marketing got to the point that they targeted boys as the majority for purchases. They loved playing the games and hanging out at Radio Shack to see the latest tech. Girls were not involved with computers as much as the boys through 1980s. Even though there were a lot of girls who were just as good in math as boys.

So, as a result, boys tended to have more hands on experience before college than girls did. The computer education did not demand any experience with computers, but boys tended to have the experience which gave them an edge over the girls.

Eventually girls started to drop out in greater numbers from the computer education. It has taken them a long time to catch up to the level of males over the ensuing years.

Living Amongst all The Obese People has given me Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome

They are very disgusting to look at. They know they suffer an addiction to sugar extracts. Many of them go on Whisper and complain about being fat and not being able to pick up a man. They are the kiss less virgins who are frustrated with their bad health conditions.

Like any drug, alcohol, gambling and whatever addiction…. Obesity also affects other people around them. The health condition is such that everybody suffers at different levels. The person carrying the extra weight suffers, and then those who interact with them will also suffer adversely by having to deal with the psychological traumas that play out with the disease.

My overweight grandma of 88 years insists that I shouldn’t even look at the fat people if I don’t like what I see. I certainly follow her advice as best I can, but the amount of fat people is just so overwhelming. In fact, when I make a YouTube video, I definitely don’t want any fat people in the video. I think a lot of other people may feel this way as well. It is a burden to record fat people because they are unsightly.

It pains me to look at them. They don’t have to do much to lose the weight either. All they have to do is cut out sugar extracts. Unfortunately, the manufacturers are to blame in large part for all the processed foods that contain sugar extracts. Even when I try to bulk food sections, they add sugar extracts.

Fat people are not entirely to blame for their health problems. They are the end result of a health system that has failed. We all are suffering to some degree. When I see a fit person in America, I see a person who has to be a little bit stronger than everybody else to resist the addictive sugar extracts. They develop attitudes like they are superior to everybody else and that can be tough to deal with. I have developed one of those superior attitudes to overcome my sugar addictions as well.

It never used to be this way. The corn subsidies of the 1950s led to the HFCS bombing all the food of today, which created metabolic syndrome. It feels very futile to resist the urges to eat these sugar extract bombs. There are many foods in which people say they hardly taste the sugar. Regardless of their taste buds, if it has any sugar extract it is bad. People overdose on other drug extract as well -like cocaine, nicotene, heroin….

I can’t trust slender people in America just as much as I can’t trust the fat people to be level headed about the sugar extracts consumed in this country. People still talk about how their problem is mostly a metabolism problem and how Aderral or ephedrine is their only hope to lose weight. Many slender people rely on stimulants to lose weight. I don’t rely on the stimulants. I don’t touch them and I don’t touch sugar extracts either.

It takes a lot of will power to deal with the health problems in this country. Many candy stores profit from it. I don’t think they have a conscious. People need to realize what they are doing to themselves is hurting others. The diet craze is the single biggest threat to the strength of this country that no one seems to put enough focus on. For that I am stressed out and have suffered psychologically as a result.

Best Movie Scene: Alternative Music to the X-Men Days of Future Past Quicksilver Scene

I had to make some major changes here to still be able to Monetize the video. But I think fans could have fun thinking about the kinds of music they would have added as an alternative to what was chosen. I made my own music for fun using a Mbira & Khartal:

Here is the original scene:

And above is my alternative music for the same scene:





“Time In A Bottle”

If I could save time in a bottle
The first thing that I’d like to do
Is to save every day till eternity passes away
Just to spend them with you

If I could make days last forever
If words could make wishes come true
I’d save every day like a treasure and then
Again, I would spend them with you

But there never seems to be enough time
To do the things you want to do, once you find them
I’ve looked around enough to know
That you’re the one I want to go through time with

If I had a box just for wishes
And dreams that had never come true
The box would be empty, except for the memory of how
They were answered by you

But there never seems to be enough time
To do the things you want to do, once you find them
I’ve looked around enough to know
That you’re the one I want to go through time with

US Post Office Monetizes their General Delivery System Now. Extra Bogus Fees from USPS

This comes as a surprise to me. After a year of using the General Delivery for packages, I finally got charged money for the Post Office to hand me the package. In the past, I had 3 pairs of shoes sent to Rice Lake, WI Post Office with no charge. I had a couple packages sent to South Bend, WA with no charge either. I had a package sent to Raymond, WA, but they refused it because I put their address with the General Delivery. All of those packages were from UPS or FedEx.

When I get to Seaside, Oregon, they finally charge me over $6 to hand me the package. That cost me more than the FedEx delivery charge of $4. Their reason for charging on General Delivery packages? It’s package had a FedEx postage charge on it and not a USPS charge. So, the clerk decided to charge me the price it would cost to send the package from one end of the town to the next. He said that I should be thankful that he didn’t charge me for the distance from Iowa that the package was originally sent.

He made it sound like that postage that I paid for really didn’t happen. He acted like he was just holding a mysterious box that needed to have some kind of Post Office label to sit behind the counter. He actually said that he could have charged me from the ship out point in Iowa, but didn’t because he was being nice about it. This guy is a real jerk and I wouldn’t doubt that he is probably pocketing the money.

If he wanted to charge me from the distance in Iowa, then he is recognizing some elements of the delivery that occurred. He talked like the label from FedEx was untrustworthy. But, he certainly recognized that the box did come from Iowa and said he would charge me for that distance. want to pay my rightly fees, but this sounds like a hidden fee that he made up to surprise and then further state that he could charge me more to be thankful for the smaller fee to cover from one end of the town to the next.

If this General Delivery fee has been in place, this is the first time I have heard about it. I remember asking in Rice Lake Post Office about their rules. They said that they can carry any sized package for free for up to 30 days. They didn’t mention any issues with extra fees or anything. If they could have told that fees would be applied, then I would not have used the General Delivery system.

Is USPS not standardized? How can one Federal Government Office charge me a fee while another does not? The Post Offices seem to be acting more like their own businesses instead. I need to know if this General Delivery fee is standardized, but most ignore charging the customer. Or is it not standardized and the employees will charge at will? There is a major inconsistency going on here with a Federal mail delivery system.

Here is my story in further detail:

Cops Claim that they both Help People and Hurt People Equally

But they also carry a firearm. I don’t believe that they equally help good people and hurt bad people. I think you will find a striking imbalance between the kinds of services that a cop provides.

Just look at a cops Tool Belt closely. None of those tools look like they are designed to help anyone. Every single tool they carry is designed for an altercation. They carry a beating sticking, a deadly gun, a blinding pepper spray (optional) and immobile devices (handcuffs). All of these communicate to the person in question that a lot of pain can come to them. Who really can find much help among the disabling tools that a cop carries?

The cop doesn’t carry a construction workers tool belt. If I saw that kind of tool belt, with hammer, plyers, screw drivers, I would be thinking more about how the person could help me build a structure. That would be a person I consider helpful. Or even imagine they carry a stethoscope or bandaids. This would cause me to believe they can save a life.

The appearance of a person quickly tells us if they are there to help or hurt us. Whether they are cleanly dressed or dirty, we make our assumptions. I’m sure many of you have seen or heard about the nicely dressed homeless guy who begs for money. His appearance made a huge difference.

By how do cops hurt people more than they help? Some people might want to say it’s equally. Because if you factor in that by having a cop hurt someone, they are actually helping the complainant in turn. The complainant is the person who they are helping, by hurting the person being complained about. But let’s take out the indirect help factor, because it is what the cops respond to as a beginning for the interaction.

The cops will either take a call, or read the Ordinance to determine when they should start issuing pain to the subject in question. They protect and serve the ordinances and people who complain with the most power. Whether something is legal or not can always be up for debate, but ultimately, the cops serve those who are in the most power and bring pain to those who are not in power.

If you want to question why I think legality is up for debate, just look at the military. I was paid and trained to kill people. It was legal. Now, in society, killing people is not legal. You see that the law works in peculiar ways depending upon the situation.

It’s illegal to camp in your car in the city. But what if a natural disaster strikes? The people who lose their homes will suddenly become illegal campers too. The law works in peculiar ways.

Rent Your House out to your Business for Tax Benefits

Here’s a tax tip. You can use your own home to rent out for meetings for your business and you don’t have to report it as income if you don’t have more than 15 days each month.

Make sure that the rent price is fair and competitive for your area. Also, keep a lot of receipts. You need to make the deal fair like two separate businesses are going into an agreement with one another. It’s not like you can charge $10,000 to rent your house out to your business and claim the fee. That is too unusual and will alert the government.

I noticed there are particular kinds of small businesses that hold meetings in their homes. Many of these kinds of businesses are the word of mouth businesses. You will see Advocare, Youngevity, Amway, Scented Candles, Passion Parties and more go into someone’s home and hold a sales meeting. It’s hard to say if many people knew about charging the rental fee to use their home or not. But it can work.


There are people who rent out spare bedrooms to tenants as well. I did that when I owned a home for a few years in Rice Lake, WI. You are not limited to renting your home out to only renters, but I wasn’t really aware of being able to rent the house to businesses before.


Correction: There are vacation rental rules where you can rent your house half the month and not claim the income. You don’t have to report all the rent you collect, only for 15 days out of the month.

Homeless vs Home Dwellers: Who Really Have the Worst Lives?

There are a lot of assumptions to be raised between the two factions. One group will shut their doors and lock themselves inside all day and talk about how great their lives are. While the other group will spend all day outside in the favorite hangout spots. There are a lot of factors that make one lifestyle more appealing than the other. In many cases, it’s the weather that makes a big difference between which lifestyle is more desirable.

For example, in Wisconsin, it is very possible to live in the Northern regions for a good 6 months out of the year without fear of death outside. But when the winter time comes, you either need to leave or have a very effective shelter to survive the elements. A shelter comes in very handy for the winter. But, then you face problems such as “Cabin Fever”. Can you weather the psychological devastation that develops from being shut inside to escape deadly cold weather?

So, really, the home dwellers fall into more of their settled lifestyles of sticking around their properties. Although, some will choose to move to warmer locations. This is most likely what Indians did in the Midwest. You would have found Indians migrating with the birds to escape the deadly winters of Wisconsin. How far south should they go? Well, it can still snow as far down south as northern Louisiana. But, moving straight south does make a difference. I noticed that there was about a 10 degree difference between cold and warm from Eau Claire to Milwaukee.

I drove 6 hours to Milwaukee in the winter and it was warmer by about 10 degrees in December. It stayed in the upper 20s, while Eau Claire was lower in the upper teens. There is certainly a difference in temps within the state. Being homeless would make more sense as being more of a long range traveller to escape the colder northern areas of Wisconsin.

When I suffered through the cold winters in Wisconsin, it was an awful experience both in home and out of home. I don’t think that the Home Dwellers were that much happier than me inside their homes. Many were still experiencing the chill of the Artic blasts through cracks and pores in their homes. I sewed extremely thick layers of clothing to battle the elements. I felt better about my energy consumption spending. I only used enough energy to keep myself warm. I never ran my car to get warm. It didn’t make any sense to me. Why should a person heat up a whole house just to keep themselves warm? This idea feels like a environmental disaster to me, especially with a growing population.

Anyways, after watching the weather patterns of the west coast, I noticed that it remains a little more stable than Wisconsin. It can still get cool in the winter, but not deadly cold. However, for the Northwest US to be survivable in the winter you need to have ways of keeping the rain from falling on you. The rain is a blessing because it keeps the air warmer than you find in Wisconsin, but you can get very soggy too, which isn’t exactly desirable.

A house can develop a lot of bad mold problems real quick in Washington and Oregon. Breathing in that mold is an awful experience that can wreck havoc on your health. You have to be willing to spend the money to fight the mold if you want your home to be habitable. This certainly takes money. With this, the homeless have an advantage, because the open air can deal with mold issues a little better.

Who Needs Meals on Wheels when You Have Instacart?

Actually, I don’t know how this works specifically, but if it’s like other similar software programs I have read about in the past, it sounds like a grocery delivery system. Taskrabbit might also support a grocery delivery job, but I wouldn’t know since I got shut out of their loop when they made their app changes in July 2014.

This app has sort of been compared to Uber. So, I think regular people will use their own cars and deliver food that people want to their homes. After peeking at the app, you can also deliver beer. So, there are people who can do beer runs for you through this app. I’m sure this app is not limited to food or consumables either. Maybe someone can deliver furniture too. This could be a way to save money on corporate delivery fees.

I am impressed that Instacart has an app already. I just heard about them today. Although, I have known about these kind of companies for a couple years. I believe it came to my attention because of the Amazon delivery services.

If you know about Schwans, they have been spending years on delivering food to the home. But everything had to go through their trucks and corporation. Now with Instacart, an individual can shop for ice cream at any grocery store. They may even go to an ice cream shop and deliver it all to your home. It’s like pizza delivery, but you aren’t limited to ordering from only the restaurants menu. How nice is it to have that kind of choice? The companies that never had a delivery service before, will now have a 3rd party delivery system through this app.

Patreon Takes a Different Direction from Kickstarter, Indiegogo, Gofundme….

There are a growing number of these donation websites that are trying to develop their own niche. Patreon is just another one that seems to be focusing on YouTube video creators. They recognize that the Adshare is not enough money and that creators need to find other ways to make the money.

I think the donation websites are silly and I don’t take them seriously myself. That is probably why I still live in my car. I just don’t understand who really is worthy of this free money. As we all have learned from Kickstarter that many of the beggars will squander your donations with nothing to show for it. I believe I made a video about one example a while back. I have to take another look. It really enraged me to see all the excuses the reps made up for having nothing to show for their donations.

People can promise you the moon. There is no end to promises. What speaks volumes are results. I think Patreon may focus a little bit more on results of what they creators have done in the past and not so much what can promise to do in the future, like you see on P2P lending. It’s hard to say.

If I had money, I would not be so charitable. That is probably why I am penniless today. I would not help anyone whom I don’t feel is worthy. This is probably why I’m currently jobless. You really need to establish a good connection with people you like to benefit from the charity. Both parties involved need to feel good about the results.

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