Little Buck Tooth Girl Meme; Going to Disneyland, When She Really Needs a Dentist.


I keep seeing the little buck tooth girl memes pop up periodically and had to investigate. She gave a very adorable expression and it has generated a lot of buzz on the Internet. The mom made a video for YouTube, channel: Kaftc. It’s titled going to Disney World again it was uploaded on Sept 2013 and has over 6 million views. The mom made a previous video 2 years ago in 2011 which has over 14 million views. I actually remember watching the 2011 Disneyland video. Her daughter is very cute and sociable. People have been promoting these little girls on many different formats from 9gag, Vine, Memes, to Liveleak and so on. It just keeps garnering more attention and creativity from people. Because of all the different sources of this little buck toothed girl emerging, its hard to pinpoint the actual source of it. First I thought she was just a picture taken at the right moment. But then I saw a black kids Vine where it was actually a video and the black kid took a second to put his face at the very end and tag the 7 second clip to his account. He wasn’t the source, be he certainly helped propel the popularity of the video by condensing the 4 minute video into 6 seconds of the little buck toothed girl. The black kid has 1 million subscribers and his name is ? Anyway, the video is as adorable as the first one. The comments are hilarious too. Here are a couple other 9Gag photoshops: dog nailed it emoji bucktooth Here are other favorite 9Gag Memes that I up voted: ———————–


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Think and Grow Rich may be an old book and dated but it can be tweaked a little.

For example, the knowledge resources would have to add the Internet at the top of its list. But the principle is still the same: gaining a general education does very little in your chance at making any real money. That is why many professors are not rich.

The people who are making the most money off the concept of “knowledge is power” are the teachers themselves. They have chosen their lives of selling knowledge. Hill knew they were over selling the concept of knowledge back in the 60s. But it has gotten much worse today with the rising education costs.

The Rich Dad, Poor Dad hit on this concept of poor college more detail. He had a poor college professor dad, and rich business dad. Maybe he didn’t feel that Napolean Hill talked enough about the two different dichotomies.

To be successful, what you need is a specialization. This is a very important concept that Napolean Hill mentions. I like that idea, but I’m only a 100 pages into the book. Maybe he will explain what happens when your specialization may become obsolete. I want to read how he can address that. Is he thinking long-term for the reader?

We have seen countless specialized jobs rise and fall. Many specialists can make a lot of money, but, then the technology could replace them. Those who got in early reap the biggest rewards for the longest time. Those who get in late to the specialization will suffer the consequences.

Another concept is thinking about the money you want to make. I want to add a twist to that and think about the money I want to save. People can demand more money, but that can be at the expense of the other person they do a deal with. The author emphasizes that everyone should be happy in the end with the deal. But that can be like walking on eggshells. You would almost have to specialize at doing deals to be successful.

So far its a neat book. I can’t wait to read more of it.

Adrenaline Amusements CEO is Confused by English Grammar. Check out his About Page

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This is on their About page:


Building amusement products for TODAY’s kids and for the kid in everyone of us.



Experiencing the experience – Adrenaline Amusements officially started its operation on January 2010. The company is privately held and has its operation based of the greater Montreal area in Canada. The company first product, Kaboom, has been introduced to the other industry members in March 2010.

Adrenaline mission is to develop and introduce a new bread of amusement product to its industry. The foundation of the company lay on 15 years of core experience: David Lachance, Adrenaline President, has bring many technology to the coin-op market and look forward to do more. The team of executive standing behind its President is baring non-traditional skill set that will have Adrenaline’s products stand apart by their design and innovative components as well as their unique go-to-market strategy.

Adrenaline is making a priority of structuring an enhancing a global distribution that already include today’s most respected and influents distributors from North Americas, Europe, Middle East and Asia.

“Proud of its young root, Adrenaline’s team is devoting its time and energy to bond technologies and innovating concept in order to exceed the expectation of today’s arcade and amusements true customers: the new generation of video game players.”

Francois Lachance, Adrenaline Amusements CEO


I think he is a French Canadian. He speaks with phrases that seem very foreign. For example: “Proud of its young root”. Usually, in English we say “roots” instead. There a lot of these anomalies in his statement. I already question their success as a business, but now their CEO’s competence also becomes a factor too. However, they are selling their products regardless. I came across this gaming unit in Seaside, Oregon: 

In my opinion, they could do a lot more to integrate the iPad experience with this expensive to play game. Why not offer all the games available to play in the Arcade Room. The Arcade owner could offer the game for free and have the player sign in instead. Then he could use a system of referrals for when someone decides to spend some money on the game. Maybe Foursquare could set up a system of checking into the Arcade Room and you can earn some points, tickets, achievements for going to this Arcade Room to play.

Just offering the same game on a bigger screen and charging $1 to play doesn’t look like a great business model to me. If you go to AA’s Youtube channel and watch videos. many of the commentors say that they are happy playing the game on their iPads.


Top games for 2014 are all racing games

I was issued a warning about no camping in Seaside, OR

I parked not far from the hospital and at 6am a Police Officer woke me up from my sleep to tell me that I was not allowed to camp within the city limits of Seaside. She said that she was wearing a camera and recording the incident. Apparently, there is a $700 Fine for camping.

I don’t understand what the problem is. I am a grown man just sleeping in my car. Yet I’m treated like a child in Seaside. If sleeping in your car can bring large fines, then we clearly don’t have many options or freedoms left in this country. The Police State is very hard on the adult population to the point of militarism.

I wasn’t told of any options. Am I to presume that I need to stay awake at night so I won’t get fined? Why does sleeping in public have to be a crime. The Cops must see a large threat from people who are asleep. When they could be looking for criminals, instead they will ticket the people who are sleeping.

Would any reasonable judge support the use of tickets for people who are caught sleeping in their cars. I can only imagine the debates that occurred in the City Council. It would be absolutely crazy if a City Council member ran on the platform of fining the sleepers. Vote for me, I will fight for an Ordinance to send those sleepers to jail. If they want to sleep where we can find them, then they can sleep in jail at your expense.

That is what the police are working on is a frivolous case to send people to jail. They don’t even need to smash your tail light out and ticket you for it not working. The police can just accuse you of sleeping in your car as a reason to start the process of sending you to jail.

UberX may Disrupt Taxis, but. Driverless Cars will Disrupt Uber

The driverless are only in their early development stages and probably a long way off from having a supportive infrastructure. But, I have to ask whether the Taxi drivers were really surprised to get blindsided by UberX. The taxi drivers had to suspect that their market conditions were on the verge of changes.

We have seen several movies about the future taxi drivers where a robot drives a person around. I think Total Recall or the Fifth Element portrayed robot taxi drivers. The future of getting more ride interactions is becoming more digital. Fewer people are relying on calling a Taxi Cab company.

UberX is moving as fast as they can to gain ground. In a weird way, they are a little late to the transportation game. They are pushing the limits of the current laws to grow as fast as they can. They know that driverless cars are the future, but the laws do not know that.

Technology is driving our future. Many kinds of technology have to get out of the way for others. It can be hard to understand exactly the direction that it will go. Maybe there will be some unforeseen problem with driverless cars that makes them impossible to follow through on. The developers are still exploring the future within their own pace.

UberX is better poised to compete against the driverless car market if it ever became a thing. The Taxi driver profession may have gotten bowled over by UberX, but there are bigger competitors emerging in the technology center that would have made more of an impact than UberX, had everything come out at once. But that is the timeline of technology. Not everything is invented at once.

If you look historically back at early taxis, I bet the train system was very upset to see all these taxi cars taking away the trains business of transporting people. Where would our transportation tech be today if we tried to protect the market of trains? It’s been a constant progression in business, and so far for the past 100 years, nothing has been the same.

I drove to Astoria and found startling information about my bicycle

Its a strange series of events which may or may not be related to each other. What drew me to Astoria initially was out of boredom. I was hanging out in Seaside and was looking forward to walking into the library at 9am on Monday. Unfortunately, they were closed all day. Their long hours are Tues, Wed, and Thurs. I felt distraught about the doors not opening.

So I hopped back in my car and started driving back north. It wasn’t until halfway down that I remembered that Astoria and Warrenton both had Gigwalk jobs available for a total of $12. So, I decided to do them to cover my gas costs for this frivolous drive. Afterwards, the jobs seemed to go well.

After completing the quick projects, I started scheming about how to get another bicycle. My first stop was over the the Astoria Rescue Mission. I wanted to see what they would say about where to get another very cheap bicycle. I was pretty clueless. They started making suggestions about going to the Thrift Stores. I listened while petting their cat.

Then I said I felt like stealing a bicycle myself, because I feel like taking revenge on a stranger. That’s when they brought up a situation that occurred where a guy stopped by at their house, the previous night, and tried to sell them a bicycle. The residents described the bicycle closely to mine, before I could begin to tell them about it.

They said it was a black mountain bicycle with a rack on the rear wheel that can carry stuff. I thought that was interesting how similar this bicycle was sounding to mine. But that was all they could describe about the bicycle. They went into further detail about the guy selling it. They said he was very rude and that they wanted him to leave the house for his behavior. He also had a beard like mine too.

I digested this bit of information and wondered if this was the guy who took my bicycle. Did he try to sell it to a homeless shelter last night in Astoria? My bicycle was stolen in Seaside. If I were to sell stolen merchandise, I would not sell it in the same city I took it. It seems strange how both the thief and I went to the same homeless shelter about my stolen bicycle. It’s like the epicenter for criminal activity. He tried to sell my bicycle.

Either way, I don’t want to steal another persons bicycle. But, I really need a bicycle. I rely on bicycle heavily. I love to park my car for long periods of time to go on long rides around interesting areas. Walking is severely limiting on distance. I can’t stray very far from my car with only my feet -maybe a couple miles at best. On my bicycle I have traveled up to 20 miles away from the car just exploring the areas. It has been a lot of fun.

I want to continue exploring, but now I’m in a recon mode for a new bicycle. I can’t spend more than $30 if I can help it. If you know anyone with a good bicycle, please let me know thank you.

Why do males destroy the public bathrooms?

You never see so much destruction of a facilities as you do in a male restroom. The people who have to clean up after them really have their work cut out for themselves. It’s like they have to clean up daily (f)art projects. There are a lot of fecal art projects being made in bathrooms that only sickos create.

Males seem to take a lot of pride in their poop. Many don’t even flush the toilets so that they know the next guy will have to look at their poop. It’s all clearly done on purpose. This is a sign of psychotic behavior. It may not be a glaring sign, but certainly it should be a red flag. Males who want to show their poop to other people think that their poop looks awesome.

For some males, about the only production you can get out of them is their poop. Many are not worth the poop they produce for the day. The destruction they do to the public bathrooms is a good sign they should probably stay out of the workforce as well. To show such a lack of respect towards others is very insulting.

Its possible that the people who badly mess up bathrooms might have a drug addiction of some kind too. To be able to sit back and make the facilities worse must take someone who is not sober to perform. There is something very wrong with these people.

There was a time when human poop was a little more useful. We would poop in pits and drainage that were used to fertilize our crops. The poop was treated a little bit more efficiently in nature. There were no washrooms, just the ground. There was no plumbing, just open ditches or holes. Young males didn’t have any facilities to make a greater mess in. The mess would blend in with the dirt.

Based in the messes I have seen in public restrooms, I can tell that we haven’t evolved that much further from the apes. Humans have flung their own poop at people, just like monkeys do. Many will gag and lol at the smell. Some just take an unhealthy fascination with their own feces that is bizarre.

Can these people be helped? I don’t think there are enough stickers and signs you can affix to the bathrooms to change their behaviors. You have to take them on a case by case basis. I think the people who play with their poop a lot and make terrible messes in the bathrooms will be young, antisocial and probably look unkempt and unhealthy. There is a good chance they don’t take very good care of themselves, and therefore they have a high probability of destroying public bathrooms too.

Its a sanitary and health issue. We need to target and put these sick bastards on probation as early and for as long as possible. They need to be watched closely, supervised and given harsh punishments for bad behavior. I don’t recall ever wanting to make a terrible mess of a bathroom nearly as much as the people who destroy them these days. Something is wrong with society.

I was reading Reddit and there is a good discussion about poop messes: