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Eval face on Fiverr

Face read girl

I just want to say that if any drugs are being taken, they can easily throw off the face reading analysis. Drugs are a very heavy influence on the body that cannot be ignored. Sobriety is more natural for your personality to flourish.

You look very pretty, first of all. The pic quality doesn’t show aging lines very well, but I guess that you are younger, between 25 and 30? At your age, I would look for signs of aging in your lower forehead. The heavier the lines, the more trauma someone experiences. For you, you appear to have weathered stress well.

Eyes: they are neither very wide nor narrow in proportion to your face. Usually very wide eyes indicate an expansive imagination, and rather unfocused, while narrow eyes indicate more focus on tasks. You appear to be in between.
The size of your eyes appear in good proportion to your face. They are the window to the soul, and tell the truth. Usually larger eyes cannot conceal a lie very well, compared to a smaller more narrow eye.
You have rectangular eyes that indicate an analytical mind. You may have deep emotions but you are unlikely to show them easily, except for humor and anger.
Your eyes look only a little sunken in, but not much at all. I think you enjoy talking a little more with people. Deep sunken eyes tend to dwell in their thoughts a little more than eyes that protrude from the face.
The sharp inner corners of your eyes means that you choose your words carefully, and you can have a sharp tongue when you get angry.

Eyebrows: yours appear in good proportion to your face. I believe you have an ability to hold a moderately bad temper and are not too shy to reveal it. But there are larger eyebrows, such as a unibrow, who are quick to temper. Smaller eyebrows are not comfortable with anger.
Your eyebrows don’t look very long nor very short, and I put you in between: long eye brows show the ability to have a lot of friends, while short eyebrows reveal and independent personality and a desire to do things for yourself.
Your eyebrows are slightly curved which show you posses feminine wiles and know how to work with people, especially men.

Forehead: you have a little bit of a high forehead which indicates that you can think a lot before you act. A smaller forehead would act before they think. You have an intellectual mind and philosophical nature.

Forehead, side view: You are in between a straight forehead and slanted. I describe straight forehead: linear mind. Slanted forehead: facile mind, and negotiating ability.

Outline of face shape: oval, which is defined as specializing as a diplomat, host.
Oval shares many characteristics with the round face. 56

Five elements: I want to put you in the earth category. You get along best with fire, earth, and metal. You may find more trouble with wood and water personalities. Earth organ: stomach. Body type: rounded fleshy, plumpness. Needs: family and friends, comfort, things. Colors: brown, yellow earth tones. Sound: singing. Senses: tasting.

Ears: can’t see, sorry. One interesting characteristic is if your ears are very wide away from the head you talk more than listen, whereas ears that are close to the head means they are more of a listener than talker.

Hairline: you have a widows peak, which means you easily attract boyfriends or husbands.

Chin: the chin is slightly rounded, indicating you are diplomatic and even-tempered.

Jaw: the jaw is called the “roots of the tree” a big strong jaw mean the trees cannot get blown over very easily by the wind. You don’t appear to have a very strong wide jaw, nor a very narrow one either. You are in between. A strong jaw shows your determination and athleticism and a desire to fight for what you believe in. A narrow jaw means you consider your options before making a decision. A narrow jaw can change their mind more frequently. You are balanced between both.

Nose: you have a slightly rounded tip of your nose which indicates a need for creature comforts and a love to be surrounded by beautiful things.

Mouth: you have a large mouth which indicates a generous nature and strong earth energy. You give easily and grandly ;) smaller lips indicate suppressed emotion and a reserved person, which you are not. Your full lower lip can indicate that you are a gourmand.. You love good food, wine, company and luxurious surroundings.

Lower cheeks: you have slight money bags, which is a sign of extra earth energy and show your ability to save money and energy. This is the most important warehouse on the face.
You have more plump cheekbones you can make a nice boss who is pleasant to work with.

Nose: your nose is slightly larger which indicates ambition and your willingness to work harder to achieve your goals. You have an ego that is best filled by a sense of accomplishment.

The bridge of your nose is more wide than narrow. You have good strength, stamina and abilities to make good money. It is a sign of a stronger spine. Narrow bridge on nose shows a weaker spine.

The flesh that surround your nostrils show that you can be disciplined about money and good at saving it.

In conclusion:
I think you are an objective person who can see both sides of a situation fairly. You are not judgemental and are very fair in your actions. You may want to be careful about being too generous, but you do have a strong ability to make money. You might enjoy work that allows you to maximize your personality, such as a teacher, nurse, engineer or anything that requires a fair perspective.

Thank you.

Would it be ok to add my evaluation to WordPress?

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One Year Checkup with Fiverr. Nothing has changed; Maybe they created a new app, I’m not sure.

It has been over a year since I complained about Fiverr and everything I complained about before is still the same. Are these guys making a lot of money? I don’t understand why they are sitting on their app the way it is still.

One of the many things that irk me a lot about the website is this:


Why do you guys have to continue torturing us all with this dumb tweaking problem? Every other website accepts the pic for the size it is except you. Even Craigslist got up to date with the sizing difficulties.

Maybe its a patent thing with the sizing program. Fiverr doesn’t want to pay for another tech worker to fix the problem or something.


Fiverr could learn a lot of lessons from EBay. The eBay website knows how to make it easy to upload items to sell on its app. I think the most ideal Fiverr would allow people to sell on iPad. They could significantly increase the seller numbers. But, then again, maybe Fiverr feels they have too many sellers and not enough buyers.

Without knowing Fiverrs revenue numbers, maybe something is going on that I don’t understand. Its stange to me though. All the other websites thank us for posting something and then telling us it really helps them a lot. Fiverr seems to be going the other way with gratitude and just make posting harder to do.

Amazon Has the Worst Customer Service and Payment System Available

How is this company able to even stay in business. Its probably because they take the cheapest steps possible for customer service. They put all the pressure on the individual seller to not screw, yet Amazon themselves, are the ones who fall short on help.

It’s not fair to work with Amazon. Right now, they are simply surviving on their popularity as a brand name. Everything else is the cheapest service set up possible. Their financial accounting system is run by gangsters and the customer support is answered by the remotest village in India.

Amazon blazed new trails for collecting money in every way possible, as easy as it can get. A customer can pay into the website at lightning speed. But, when Amazon has to pay out money, their accounting system experiences several hiccups for days and weeks at a time. When you have a question about what is going on, you talk to English language students from India who are earning their foreign language credits for school.

I emailed an Indian with a simple question. Manpreet was not able to answer my question due to lack of detail. He told me that he needed more detail. So I try to email him back, but get an auto email back denying me contact. Apparently we aren’t allowed to have email conversations with Amazon reps.

Is that the secret to Amazons success? They reduce the peasants to only being able to talk about them, but not to them? Is there any person who can stand up as a recognizable Amazon representative? Or is this really like being lost in the Amazon where you are lucky to run into a tribe who can help guide you a little bit through the deep jungle?

Amazon keeps wanting to push people to their facetious discussion forum. Just what I’m looking for is another group of people who only have slightly more knowledge than me on the operation of Amazon. This website really is a deep dark jungle that will leave you scared and angry with them.

Here is my email reply that just compounded my problem with them:


Type Gig into iTunes App Search and all you get is Gigwalk for jobs

There are supposed to be several gig, or temporary job apps available, but you can’t find them in the iTunes Store with one search term of gigs. The gigs search word looks to relate to a lot of singing type jobs.

I think a few more apps that are more job related could squeeze in to the gig search. But I don’t know how the iTunes Store works. Maybe some people can pay to have competitors excluded.

There is an app called Rewardable and they are not easily found as a gig app. They only show McDonalds price check jobs right now. but I’m not even sure if they even pay real money for that work anyway. It seems too easy:


Here are the search options for typing in gigs in search on iTunes. You have to search regular websites to find a wider variety of options:


Which is Better? Venmo or Paypal?

I just found out about Venmo when I read a review for the Rewardable gig app. The guy put in his comment that he wished to get paid through Venmo instead for some reason. Naturally, I had to look further into this software program. Where is the first place I go? In a round about way, I go straight to YouTube to hear and see what people are saying about this app. It sounds pretty cool, especially with the encryption thing. How does Bitcoin beat the encrypt service?

I never read about Paypals encrypt software. Frsnkly, I would love to hear how both their encryption services stand up to each other.

Either way, Venmo looks like a Facebook for money transactions. PayPal still relies on email, which can make it look a little anachronic.

Here are some snapshots of the apps in iTunes:



Gigwalk Instructions for a $7 Job I Recently Completed. I checked Amazon display at Staples.

This little job had a couple snags. I originally took some photos separately and they were saved to my Photo Library on iPad. Unfortunately none of these could be used for Gigwalk. They don’t offer the option extract the pictures into the app, which was fair. I just retook pics through the app and it all worked.

I was a little nervous about getting the job in on time. The app kept failing to properly locate where I was through their GPS. But eventually it went through. The problems worked themselves out.
This Gig will require you to find displays for Amazon Kindles and other e-Readers/tablets in general. You will need to take a few photos of the products and answer a few Yes/No questions.

Please follow the instruction below:

1) Before entering the store take a clear photo of the front of the store showing the store logo

2) Amazon Kindle Demo Units: go into the store and take at least TWO photos of the displays / shelves were Amazon Kindles are displayed (including NEW Kindle Fire, NEW Kindle Fire HD, KINDLE FIRE HDX (7″ and 8.9″, NEW Kindle Paperwhite, all Kindle models). You must stand back from the shelf display so that the photos show the ENTIRE display / shelf. Press the power button if the demo is not on and make sure the photos show the screen of each demo device. Upload the photos into the Gigwalk app.

This Gig will require you to find displays for Amazon Kindles and other e-Readers/tablets in general. You will need to take a few photos of the products and answer a few Yes/No questions.

Please follow the instruction below:

1) Before entering the store take a clear photo of the front of the store showing the store logo

2) Amazon Kindle Demo Units: go into the store and take at least TWO photos of the displays / shelves were Amazon Kindles are displayed (including NEW Kindle Fire, NEW Kindle Fire HD, KINDLE FIRE HDX (7″ and 8.9″, NEW Kindle Paperwhite, all Kindle models). You must stand back from the shelf display so that the photos show the ENTIRE display / shelf. Press the power button if the demo is not on and make sure the photos show the screen of each demo device. Upload the photos into the Gigwalk app.


Display 2

3) Amazon Kindle Shelf Tags: Take photos of the price and information tags for all the Amazon devices.

Example pic for Kindle Paperwhite:

Example pic for Kindle Fire HD 7:

Example pic for Kindle Fire HDX:

Example pic for Tags:

Photo instructions:
ALL Photos must be clear
You must stand back from the shelf display so that the photos show the ENTIRE display / shelf
Two photos are the minimum — you must take as many photos as needed to show the entire shelf area or display
You MUST follow all of these photo instruction otherwise your Gig will not be approved and you will not be paid

Thank you very much for your help and please don’t hesitate to message us if you have any questions.

Here is a snapshot of the instructions:


Weird Dream about Remote Control (RC) Cars. Why can’t they be bigger?

Remote control vehicles can take away the need for some one to spot a car to get through a difficult situation, or even to hitch up to a trailor. I had this weird dream where a girl stood outside and watched her car drive by and up to a trailor. She was able to back her car up to the trailor with a remote control that looked like an iPad. Then she hooked the car hitch up to the trailor and drove the car over to another driveway as she walked behind it.

It almost looked like a game she was playing with her car. This type of technology is already possible with the RC car controllers. People are able to control tiny motorized vehicles already, with no problem. There isn’t any regulation controlling those tiny gas powered toy cars. But on a larger scale they have potential to do more damage.

It would be pretty cool to control your car from outside the vehicle. If you were having trouble parallel parking, you could step outside your car, on to the curb and then start parking your car while having the best view of the curb.

The military is developing mechanical transport mules that follow the soldier wherever they go through hard terrain. Why can’t we have our cars follow us on command as well? There is a lot of potential for self-driving cars. There is certainly a lot of talk about them. But having a self-driving car can be much more than something that follows GPS on the road. People can change a parking spot without having to get inside the car.

Backing up a vehicle is always considered dangerous. So, if they driver could get out of their car and operate it on a remote control while also watching the rear, they would have a great advantage. Along with sensors to stop the car before it runs someone over, it can be a great option to use.

People already have remote car starters.

Maybe with the driver outside the car, the car is only allowed to go up to 5 MPH.

Added remote control features for a car could be a little more complicated like turning on headlights or air conditioning.


Graffiti artists. What goes through their minds?

I was sitting in the library minding my own business working on my iPad when some guy pulls up to a table, sits down, becomes immersed in his activities. I couldn’t tell what he was doing, and frankly I didn’t care at the time. I was playing with the Microsoft Photosynth app for iPad. I actually captured the guy in a panoramic photo unintentionally. So you can see him just sitting there focusing his gaze on the table.

His buddy came by a few minutes later and they both left. That was the end of his work. Only later when the library started playing their annoying 15 minutes until close music did I happen upon the guys works.

She just stared blankly back up at me with the confidence and self-control unlike any I have ever seen, drawn in pencil. I wondered if the guy really drew her freehand or traced her. I couldn’t tell. She was laying on a stack of papers and you could see the artist pushed very hard to leave indentations on the bottom papers. In fact, he even left a broken pencil lying beside her. It was as if upon breaking the pencil he was done with her.

He simply created her, then walked away. I grabbed her and looked around a little bit to see if I could get a glimpse of the artist again, but he was gone, and that was it. I stuffed his drawing into my bag and left too.

A graffiti artist has to be able to quickly walk away from his work. Those are the rules. There is no camping by your project. You aren’t being paid like you are Leonardo DaVinci working on the Sistine Chapel. You create your idea into an object and then walk away. Artists have walked away from a lot of work, whether they loved it or not. They don’t always walk away in disgust of their work.

The works of art aren’t always expected to be where they were left. Sometimes they quickly get covered up. Every day, a graffiti artist has to expect that this is the day their work will be covered. Any day their work will get covered. If they wanted their paint job to live forever, they would paint and tag inside caves more often. But you don’t see that a lot.

A graffiti artist may have a completely different mindset from a regular one. It’s the difference between long term and short term thinking. With grafitti, it’s about working a blue collar job with little if any rewards, and sometimes fines. While an established artist will create a piece of work that can be admired 100s of year from now.

Volume is also a factor. The grafitti artist just creates so much art that they form a habit of creating and have a very hard time breaking the habit. If it feels good to create works of art, why stop? It’s about the process of creativity or the journey that is rewarding its not always the end result.

An artist gets an idea in their head and wants to play it out. Sometimes, their idea is very grand. It may not be satisfying enough to see your idea compacted onto a small piece of paper. If you want to think big, you have to create big. Nice open face walls are the perfect thing to use for elaborate designs.



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