Little Buck Tooth Girl Meme; Going to Disneyland, When She Really Needs a Dentist.

I keep seeing the little buck tooth girl memes pop up periodically and had to investigate. She gave a very adorable expression and it has generated a lot of buzz on the Internet. The mom made a video for YouTube, channel: Kaftc. It’s titled going to Disney World again it was uploaded on Sept 2013 and has over 6 million views. The mom made a previous video 2 years ago in 2011 which has over 14 million views. I actually remember watching the 2011 Disneyland video. Her daughter is very cute and sociable. People have been promoting these little girls on many different formats from 9gag, Vine, Memes, to Liveleak and so on. It just keeps garnering more attention and creativity from people. Because of all the different sources of this little buck toothed girl emerging, its hard to pinpoint the actual source of it. First I thought she was just a picture taken at the right moment. But then I saw a black kids Vine where it was actually a video and the black kid took a second to put his face at the very end and tag the 7 second clip to his account. He wasn’t the source, be he certainly helped propel the popularity of the video by condensing the 4 minute video into 6 seconds of the little buck toothed girl. The black kid has 1 million subscribers and his name is ? Anyway, the video is as adorable as the first one. The comments are hilarious too. Here are a couple other 9Gag photoshops: dog nailed it emoji bucktooth Here are other favorite 9Gag Memes that I up voted: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DFSJBCbkLYk ———————–



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Big Bulky Blackberries Hug the Northwestern Coast

I have never eaten so many blackberries in my life. At first, when I started eating some in Raymond, I developed terrible headache. I thought I may have had an allergy to them.


Then after slowly testing out berries in other patches, I found I wasn’t getting the same terrible headaches. I felt fine and started eating more and more at a time. I got to the point in Hammond, OR where I ate so many that my stomach felt slightly ill. But that passed. My head didn’t hurt at all.

Now, I do believe that the blackberries in Raymond, WA were not safe to eat. I found them along a paved trail between South Bend and Raymond. 

Here is a short Vine of me eating more delicious blackberries on the beach in Hammond, WA. They tasted great.

<script async src=”//platform.vine.co/static/scripts/embed.js” charset=”utf-8″></script>

Unfortunately, I can see they are starting to ferment and mold on the bushes now. The leaves don’t as healthy as they did a couple months back. It looks like my blackberry days are numbered here. I will have to wait until next year before I can enjoy them again.

Being Homeless in Astoria, Oregon is not Easy

I find that if you want to car camp in Astoria, you are going to have a hard time. The choices on places to comfortably camp are quite narrow. It’s a very compact city that seems to push people into parking on the street more than the parking lot. Furthermore, Portland also seemed to force me into parking on the sides of streets as well, so it might be an Oregon thing.

The parking lots down at the bottom of the mountain and at the city center are not options to park. They have signs pointing to be Reserved for other people. They all threaten to tow your vehicle at your expense. Even the nautical museum says that anyone caught in their parking lot when it’s closed will have to leave or get towed at your expense.

I checked the hospital and they are aggressive about parking. Everywhere at the city center is aggressive against parking. You can always park on the side street, but that isn’t exactly desirable. I don’t care for cars and people going by me when I’m trying to relax in my car.

The best option looks towards either taking advantage of the more isolated spots on top of the mountain or parking in the next city over in Warrenton. There isn’t a comfortable spot to park and sleep in Astoria.

Besides struggling to find a place to park, I don’t know what I’m doing here. The Internet access is virtually dead. The library physically pulls the WiFi plug when they are closed. I never seen a library do that before. They already throttled Internet speeds, so that video will take longer to load. But that wasn’t enough. They have to unplug it every day too.

The city looks very different. It is built on a steeper mountain than Port Angeles, WA. The houses are taller and more narrow. The parking lots are smaller and more constricted. This is a city that tried to tackle urban sprawl problems head on.

You won’t find a mall here or any big box store. It’s composed of more small shops. Plus it holds strong to nostalgic things like an old video arcade business. There is an old video store that sells or rents DvDs. Somehow, these businesses are still able to hold on a little bit longer.

The city almost seems like a social experiment in trying to slow down technological progress. It’s like they are holding onto the Goonies era as long as they can. You really get the feeling here that the city has not advanced since the 1980s. It might be that the Goonies are what attracts the tourists and that is fine for the city leaders. No other city gets the distinction of being the Goonies capital.

It must be expensive to maintain the old tall homes here. I see that when construction workers to repair work on a home, they usually need to bring a lift to get them to the 4th floor. The special equipment for buildings is a unique part of the contractor work done in the city.

The sea lions are so loud, over half the city can here them. There is an amazing echo that can be broadcast from the water and up the mountain. It’s almost as if the water below is the stage and the people on the mountain are in the audience. The big passing ships are always a spectacle to behold.

I find it interesting how the ships move through Hammond nonstop, but in Astoria many of them will sit in the water unmoving, sometimes for days.

The Black People Have an Incredible Advantage in Ferguson, MO

Take a look at the weather. White people tend to overheat and make bad decisions when it is hot out. They don’t function at their ideal performance with the sun bearing as they are sticky from sweat. Turn around and look at the black people in this heat. They are invigorated by it. The heat doesn’t slow them down, instead it picks up their morale.

You can see two clear reactions to the heat of August being played out right now. You need to recognize that this issue is very much a racial issue because one race handles the heat with much more resilience than the other. There is a reason why white people skin went pale over generations. They (we) adapted to low sunlight and colder weather and learned to thrive.

I believe that this officer generally makes good decisions. But you have to look at all the factors beyond just the interaction he had with the black kid. You have to see that they all were being influenced by extensive heat. They were not struggling inside an air conditioned building.

Ferguson, MO is not a place for people who tend to overheat and get sunburns. The officer looked very pale. What if he was dehydrated at the time of the struggle? White people tend to dehydrate and possibly die easier than black people. The state of your mind will change under the influence of extreme heat.

This heat won’t be around forever. But the warnings are out until Sunday that the heat will be at dangerous levels. You can expect a lot of excitable and possibly irritable behavior on account of this heat. I don’t know if any newscasters want to talk about the heat, but you cannot ignore that it is a factor.

Look at the New York Wall Street protestors. They stopped protesting when winter came. The cold broke up their routine of trying to get media attention. Instead the cold weather sent them running for warm shelters. And for the ones with stronger willpower, the snow piles put a damper on their ambition.

No black people have ever rioted in a cold climate that I heard. There is a certain distinction in climate with how we decide to protest. It is always more convenient to hold protests in warmer weather.



Why is Craigslist Blocking Mobile Technology?

I noticed that the only way to get onto the Discussion Forum is by using the incognito option. For some reason Craig decided to block all the mobile tech access. You can only access their website through Windows screens.

I asked about it in the Computer Forum and they said there was a big discussion about it in the help forum. Unfortunately, I wasn’t given a link to this discussion nor could find it. Maybe the discussion actually exists, maybe it doesn’t. But the fact remains that my iPad is being blocked by Craigslist.

I don’t see any good reason why Craig is blocking mobile. Unless, if Craig is trying to preserve the history and experience of his website. He was one of the first creators to make a website when the Internet began. His style of content has remained the same since the inception, 25 years ago. But now, mobile tech is making a huge impact.

As every website is trying to change to meet the demand of mobile tech, Craigslist decided to go the opposite way and exclude the new emerging tech. They are probably interested in only preserving their niche on the Internet. They don’t want to give into the demands of the touch screen interaction. They want to make it clear that their experience will have a historical reference now more than ever. If you want to know what the Internet was like in 1995, play around with Craigslist in 2014. That was it.

Its a very bold move on their part. To dig their heels into their niche maybe hold a sense of stability as the Internet is constantly undergoing unforseeable changes. Craig must be happy with his customer base and profits. He always seemed to be with his low overhead. In the end, he can say that he never gave into the demands of the changing Internet. He did things his way and he can phase out knowing that.

For a time he commanded millions of page views. Has he reached his peak? I don’t know the numbers for that. I think his page views are probably in decline. But I am only speculating. There are still young people who will use Craigslist from time to time. I just read someone who claimed to be 15 years old asking a question about their weight problem. So, it’s not like Craig isn’t gaining new users or anything. Its hard to say what is going on with such secretive people.

Racism in 1995, while I was stationed at BarksdaleAB, in Lousiana

I understood, but barely experienced racism while in Wisconsin. I think my first encounter was approaching 2 young blacks when I was 6. They looked so different from myself and I had a need to approach them for a closer inspection. Their mom yelled at them within a couple minutes, from a distance, like they did something wrong. I felt a little guilty like I got them in trouble for something.

Flash forward to the Air Force when I started seeing more black people around. They look quite peculiar to me. I was always amazed at how physically strong they tend to look. I love fitness and it takes a lot of effort for me to put on muscle, but black people seem to put on strength effortlessly.

When it came time to decide where to get stationed, I got about 5 choices. I wanted to make sure that my choice was very different from Wisconsin. I needed to see a very different culture. So, I chose Florida, Germany, and anywhere south. My last choice was Barksdale AB, near Shreveport. I wasn’t too enthused about the choice, but didn’t know enough about it to be too wary.

I drove for 26 hours and only stopped for gas from Rice Lake, WI to Shreveport, LA. I was impressed that I could do it. My excitement and lots of caffeine kept me awake. I made the trip about May, so the summer heat was really picking up. I thought it was nice that there weren’t as many cold nights in Louisiana as there were in Wisconsin in the Spring time.

While in Shreveport and Bossier City, I could see that there were a lot of black people around. The racial makeup was 50% white and 50% black! roughly. I felt a little bit more scared of the city. I was warned to avoid ghettos outside of the base. In fact, within a couple months of being stationed there, I noticed a black soldier who started using crutches. I overheard him explaining to his friends that he was using a pay phone and someone else wanted to make a call. He got shot in the leg for taking too long.

I heard the word, Nigger used a lot. I decided to use the word with a friendlier black guy. He clammed up and told me never to use that word again because it’s racist. He didn’t allow for white guys to use the word, it was only to be a black guy thing.

When I would be stationed at a guard house with another black guy, who was well-liked by his peers, they would all hang out with him and talk to him, while I was left to mind my own business. When we switched duties where I would come inside to write passes, the group would move outside with him. They were all black and really conversed well with each other. I felt like a very odd duck in their group.

I didn’t understand people very well because I was trained to see everyone as equal. If I couldn’t get along with one group, try as I might, I didn’t even want to bother getting along well with another group. I wanted my affiliations to be equal across the board, if I couldn’t establish rapport with groups I thought to be important, then in would give up and not give much effort for any groups.

I didn’t get the black people. I laughed at many of the funny black guys jokes. But I still couldn’t keep up a good conversation with them. My interests were too different, but my sense of humor was strong enough to react to their jokes.

However, not all of their culture was very welcoming to me. I came from a city that has a very boring radio channel that plays the same ten songs every day in the 1990s. I think they are still going to keep that model going until they run our of business. But in Shreveport there was a rap station that the black people reveled in. They loved to play the music very load in their cars and it tended to common rap beats found on the radio station. I never heard as many loud cars as I have in Shreveport. Most people in Wisconsin kept the radio volume low and respectable.

I had a little fight with a black guy in the cop car one day. He wanted his rap station with the volume turned up. I wanted the rock station, or at least the rap turned down. It was another hot day and I was fed up. I got very angry with his behavior, but he was able to maintain his cool behavior. I didn’t know how he was able to keep his cool so well listening to loud rap music on a hot day. But I understand now.

The military leaders worked hard to prevent racism, and I think some did an ok job. But the racist mannerisms and culture from the city still bled very thickly onto the base. You could see some favoritism control the behaviors of some. Groups of friends did form and that will always exclude particular people. I just avoided groups all around and did my own thing. I felt like if I got too comfortable in one group, then that might cause me to exclude another group at a stronger level. Maintaining neutrality felt very important to me then, just as much as it does now.


Things That Don’t Belong in Your Anus.

You only get one colon in your life and it’s best to take good care of it. As much as the pornography business wants to encourage you to destroy it with various objects, you must realize that the choices that porn stars make should not be repeated. They chose to use their butts to make money and most know that they probably won’t be functioning like normal people when they get older.

The porn stars have a lifespan of sports stars. their bodies can only hold up to the rigors of their lifestyles for so long before they need to make way for the next group of fools.Not everybody can or should do what they do regularly. It takes a certain amount of vigor and resilience to get through many of their sessions. Also they have to risk spreading disease to entertain people. How many professions do you know that cause people to risk catching a disease? Nursing is the only one I can think of right now.

Our bodies developed genetically to adapt to the environment. We were given two kidneys because sometimes one can fail, but we still have a backup. Why didn’t we only develop one lung? Because there are a lot of lung diseases to catch and by developing a disease, there is the chance that the disease only damages one with the other to spare. By having 2 kidneys and 2 lungs we are supporting the environmental risks of water and air with a greater caution.

However,there are some organs where we only have a single replication of because the risk of permanent injury to it used to be minimal. Unfortunately, times have changed and so have also the risks we place on our bodies. Heart disease is up. Colon cancer is increasing. We are putting our most vulnerable organs in more peril now than ever.

In turn, we are consuming more clean foods and safer water, so that the kidneys and lungs tend not to get taxed as much. Although, living in large metropolises increase our risks for those organ diseases.

It used to be that people encouraged the practice of safe sex, which involved being clean and using condoms. Or, you don’t even need have sex at all. But, there is a growing group of people who practice sex in very dirty and unclean ways. They will put things inside a dirty anus and then set the object somewhere that could be touched by children. Fecal matter has a higher chance of being spread by people who engage in butt sex than any other kind of sex group.

The porn industry goes to extreme ends to make anal sex look like a clean activity. They perform a lot of prep work, because they want to give the best performance they can. But the average people do not perform clean prep work and place themselves at more risk than the professionals. Just look at all the drunken anal sex that occurs. These people may have already soiled themselves and are unaware of their personal hygiene at the time. Then they spread their disease in a careless fashion.

I would like to be one of the few people left on this planet, who speak English, to say that the butt is not meant to accept strange objects like toys, broom handles, balloons, phalluses or kinds, or whatever. The anus is not meant to be stretched to such extreme ways that a hand can easily pass through the sphincter area. The ass should not be vigorously thrust upon either.You only get one, and the messy “sexual” acts lead to an even messier old age. You need to build a stronger conviction to not participate in these behaviors.

Gay people can still be gay by not exchanging fecal matter with each other. There still are other things they can do, like wear dresses still. Or anyone who has a desire to thrust a remote control up their ass need to stop and think about the repurcussions afterward. You only get one ass. The remote will be covered in fecal matter and could make someone very sick. You need to think about maintaining better hygiene.

We take for granted that we live in one of the cleanest cultures ever right now. But disease is constantly evolving and can very easily find its way around many standards and practices. So, the next time you take a poop, think about how important it is to control where your fecal matter goes and not spread it around because are doing it in pornography.

Run the Hammond Fishermans Rush in Oregon

The activity is amazing at 4:30am. It’s still plenty dark, but hundreds of people are awake and rushing their boats out to the Columbia River. I’m at the library at that time and can see the convoy passing by. It’s after 6:30am and the traffic no where near where it was 2 hours ago. The fishermen are working hard to get an early start.

I walked to the dock where they drive to and can see a long line of people waiting to get their boats in the river. This must be a popular fishing spot at this time of year. I never seen such a line to wait and dock the fishing.

The campers who sleep at the dock get an even earlier start to their day. They pay about $28 per night to sleep at the campground.There are hundreds of campers too. For such a small village, it gets a lot of activity. It’s not like the sleepy village of Naselle, WA or anywhere else. People really love to interact and eat the fish.

There is a nice fish cleaning station at the dock. From some of the fish scraps I see, they look to be at least a foot long on average. I can see why people would prefer to clean and dress the fish at the dock rather than carry them home.

i find it humorous how people in Wisconsin accept such small fish , less than 6 inches and eat them. Filleting those small fish can take a long time to get much meat from. It’s like filleting little baby fish compared to the fish that are caught around the mouth of the Columbia River.

Parking is $5 per day. I never noticed any other docks being as popular as this one. Maybe, it’s the design of the city that brings me more intimately close to the fishing activities. I’m sure Ilwaco is just as popular. They can reach the northern part of the Columbia River. Or even Astoria enters right into the Columbia.

I see a lot of large shipping boats pass right by the fishers. The shipping ons dwarf the fisherman boats. I wonder if there are many accidents in the area. I see warning signs about boat safety and how to interact with each other at the docks.