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The Leg Extension Exercise is My Favorite for Leg Workouts. Unfortunately, I can’t afford the gym

So I have to improvise by using this picnic table and my gravity training straps:

People want to compare this to sissy squats:

But the feel is very different. You don’t work the muscles in the same way. With the sissy squat, you put all of the pressure on your heels. But with my leg extension squat, I put a lot of pressure on the back of my calves. That is why I need to use a lot of cushion for my calves. Because of the different focal point for weight bearing, different muscles get activated. I don’t think enough people realize how much that slight differences in exercise can make for the workout.

I personally don’t like the sissy squat, especially in the way that this guy is doing. He could, at least, make it comfortable by standing on an incline instead. Those weights dig into the back of the heel quickly and make the exercise more uncomfortable than it already is.

I strongly recommend feeling for yourself what the difference is like.

2 Types of Nixie Wrist Devices Can Be a Little Confusing

If you read and learn what “nixie” means, you see that it is a certain kind of technology. It was named after the abbreviation of “Numeric Indicator eXperimental No. 1″. It was an early technology developed in the 1950s before digital displays were created. A lot of people still like the look of the old technology and refer to it as Steampunk. But it is not cheap technology now because it is handmade:

Now there is a prototype of a drone copter that can fit on your wrist. You release it and it can fly above you to take photos of you from a distance. It is in the running to wins an award for wearable devices that are cool, but I don’t see how it is associated with the nixie technology:

Either way, the word “nixie” is not a trademark name, so anyone can use it. So, the person who created the flying nixie copter will not be able to trademark the word as it is a certain kind of technology that he is not even implementing into his product design. There will be some confusion between the two types of wrist technologies when people type “nixie” into search engine. It will be interesting to see how they sort it all out, if either one becomes very popular.

Watching Steve Wozniak talking about his Nixie watch was fun:

Here is a vid I made about the confusion between the 2 wrist devices:

Ask.FM is a Tool for Parents to Check on Their Kids Internet Activity

There are a lot of good ideas here. The PAPs are especially revealing. What a PAP means is to Post a Picture. The kids willingly answer the question and then post publicly for everyone to see. It would be hard to lie about your activity if you were demanded to post the pic right away.

If the kid was out too late at night, the parent could ask them to PAP where they are. They could even take a short 8 second video, like you find on Vine to help the parent understand the kids current location.The parent could then request to know who they recently were talking to on Snapchat or KIK and ask for a PAP immediately. The whole process looks to be easy to process now.

Here are some old Ask.FM videos where I recorded random activity:

The website is constantly updating like its a Twitter website. The questions are short and the answers are short. There are many funny images sent through this medium. There are also revealing videos submitted as well. You get a sense of what is happening in youths lives in general through this. Ofcourse, it has its limits.

What is the Cultural Difference Between Glasgow and Scotland?

Here is a redheaded teen girl from Glasgow:

And here is a redheaded teen girl from Scotland:

I recorded them publicly off the Younow website. They talk enough to give you an idea of what their personalities are like. I feel the Glasgow girl is a little more edgy. I think it’s possible that she is influenced by the culture of her city. They are almost 70 miles apart from each other in distance, which can be significant in how each cities culture is.

Without knowing the economies of either city, I would guess that Glasgow is middle class, but still a productive economy. In turn, I think that Scotland is a little more upper class and possibly more relaxed than Glasgow. But this is judging the demeanor of two teenage redheaded girls from the area.

How do I even know they are from those cities that they mention? They could be lying. But, knowing redheads, they tend to be cavalier about themselves anyway. You can ask most of them about anything and they will give you an honest answer that may not always be politically correct.

Either way, after having watched these 2 teenage girls, I somehow would love to learn more about Scotland now. They took the time and were brave enough to publicly talk about themselves in front of strangers who came and went in the chat. Yes, it’s getting easier to contact strangers these days and it may not always be wanted contact with many, but luckily, the website uses some good Moderators to kick people who bring up inappropriate topics, such as twerking.

Kids Learn How the World Works Through Prank Youtube Videos

After watching a ton videos about kids pranking adults and scrolling through thousands of titles that I can still watch about pranking. I see that there is a lot to learn about people. The learning process is constantly in motion as many people will react slightly different with a small twist in the prank.

Most of the pranks seem terrible and should never have, but since they did happen and were recorded, it probably seems more ok that it was conducted in the turns into a psychological lesson after it is done. Even if the prank involved you as the victim, you can later laugh about it. But while the prank is happening, it can be difficult.

What exactly are kids taking away from these pranks? Maybe they are learning to become more sophisticated with how to conduct the pranks. Maybe they learn what works and what doesn’t. Some kids may be satisfied with watching others perform pranks. But it seems we are finding that people will watch multiple videos of the same theme. It’s kind of like binge watching. Some kids may feel like it’s ok to add another of the same kind of prank video to YouTube, because it will be their own original content that could get watches too.

I feel that many pranks may be a little too heavily edited to portray some false impressions. That is why it’s helpful to see multiple videos of the same kind of prank from different people.

Hiding Money is Easier for Rich People To Do than Give it Directly to Poor People

We’ve all heard stories of how John D Rockeller used to throw pennies out into the street for the kids to risk their lives getting. Why couldn’t he just hand the money out directly to the kids? Because it wasn’t in his human nature to do so. When people give money away, they have a tendency to make a sport of it. The rich may not like to take a direct approach in giving away their money. Why do you think gambling is so popular? The rich like to make a game of their money, and whoever wins it, deserves it, in the rich persons eyes.

Why is geocacheing so popular? The people with money have a little fun with the treasurehunting. The human trait of looking for things is a big deal. We are constantly searching for things, truth, opportunity. It goes on during the waking hours of our existense every day for all our lives. It is a natural tendency. It’s why eyes are focused in the front of our heads and not the sides. It’s why we have legs instead of roots. We can’t help our human nature.

Here is another example of a rich man who couldn’t just give his money awy directly. What seemed natural to him was to find it and announce for people to come look for his money The discussion starts at 1:18:22 :

It’s so much easier to give away money indirectly and make someones day with finding the money spontaneously. I personally cringe at seeing someone stand on a street corner begging for money. I couldn’t see myself giving that person any money. I can’t see myself standing on that street corner to beg for money. I think at that point, I would rather just lay down and die.

The Reason That Women Fell Behind in the Computer World

After listening to the most recent Planet Money podcast I learned the very moment that women stopped being interested in computers. It happened in 1984.

The commentators went back as far as the 1950s to find some women who were men’s equals in the computer world. This was a time when computers were programmed with the bare bones binary system of 0s and 1s. Some women put together a business and programmed mechanical language for major corporations like Raytheon.

As computers got more sophisticated and the language was able to get more advanced in the programming language of C, a wider range of programs emerged. Many of the program’s involved games to be play for fun like Pong or PacMan. More boys became interested and encouraged to play with computers at this point.

The focus of marketing got to the point that they targeted boys as the majority for purchases. They loved playing the games and hanging out at Radio Shack to see the latest tech. Girls were not involved with computers as much as the boys through 1980s. Even though there were a lot of girls who were just as good in math as boys.

So, as a result, boys tended to have more hands on experience before college than girls did. The computer education did not demand any experience with computers, but boys tended to have the experience which gave them an edge over the girls.

Eventually girls started to drop out in greater numbers from the computer education. It has taken them a long time to catch up to the level of males over the ensuing years.

Living Amongst all The Obese People has given me Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome

They are very disgusting to look at. They know they suffer an addiction to sugar extracts. Many of them go on Whisper and complain about being fat and not being able to pick up a man. They are the kiss less virgins who are frustrated with their bad health conditions.

Like any drug, alcohol, gambling and whatever addiction…. Obesity also affects other people around them. The health condition is such that everybody suffers at different levels. The person carrying the extra weight suffers, and then those who interact with them will also suffer adversely by having to deal with the psychological traumas that play out with the disease.

My overweight grandma of 88 years insists that I shouldn’t even look at the fat people if I don’t like what I see. I certainly follow her advice as best I can, but the amount of fat people is just so overwhelming. In fact, when I make a YouTube video, I definitely don’t want any fat people in the video. I think a lot of other people may feel this way as well. It is a burden to record fat people because they are unsightly.

It pains me to look at them. They don’t have to do much to lose the weight either. All they have to do is cut out sugar extracts. Unfortunately, the manufacturers are to blame in large part for all the processed foods that contain sugar extracts. Even when I try to bulk food sections, they add sugar extracts.

Fat people are not entirely to blame for their health problems. They are the end result of a health system that has failed. We all are suffering to some degree. When I see a fit person in America, I see a person who has to be a little bit stronger than everybody else to resist the addictive sugar extracts. They develop attitudes like they are superior to everybody else and that can be tough to deal with. I have developed one of those superior attitudes to overcome my sugar addictions as well.

It never used to be this way. The corn subsidies of the 1950s led to the HFCS bombing all the food of today, which created metabolic syndrome. It feels very futile to resist the urges to eat these sugar extract bombs. There are many foods in which people say they hardly taste the sugar. Regardless of their taste buds, if it has any sugar extract it is bad. People overdose on other drug extract as well -like cocaine, nicotene, heroin….

I can’t trust slender people in America just as much as I can’t trust the fat people to be level headed about the sugar extracts consumed in this country. People still talk about how their problem is mostly a metabolism problem and how Aderral or ephedrine is their only hope to lose weight. Many slender people rely on stimulants to lose weight. I don’t rely on the stimulants. I don’t touch them and I don’t touch sugar extracts either.

It takes a lot of will power to deal with the health problems in this country. Many candy stores profit from it. I don’t think they have a conscious. People need to realize what they are doing to themselves is hurting others. The diet craze is the single biggest threat to the strength of this country that no one seems to put enough focus on. For that I am stressed out and have suffered psychologically as a result.

Best Movie Scene: Alternative Music to the X-Men Days of Future Past Quicksilver Scene

I had to make some major changes here to still be able to Monetize the video. But I think fans could have fun thinking about the kinds of music they would have added as an alternative to what was chosen. I made my own music for fun using a Mbira & Khartal:

Here is the original scene:

And above is my alternative music for the same scene:





“Time In A Bottle”

If I could save time in a bottle
The first thing that I’d like to do
Is to save every day till eternity passes away
Just to spend them with you

If I could make days last forever
If words could make wishes come true
I’d save every day like a treasure and then
Again, I would spend them with you

But there never seems to be enough time
To do the things you want to do, once you find them
I’ve looked around enough to know
That you’re the one I want to go through time with

If I had a box just for wishes
And dreams that had never come true
The box would be empty, except for the memory of how
They were answered by you

But there never seems to be enough time
To do the things you want to do, once you find them
I’ve looked around enough to know
That you’re the one I want to go through time with

US Post Office Monetizes their General Delivery System Now. Extra Bogus Fees from USPS

This comes as a surprise to me. After a year of using the General Delivery for packages, I finally got charged money for the Post Office to hand me the package. In the past, I had 3 pairs of shoes sent to Rice Lake, WI Post Office with no charge. I had a couple packages sent to South Bend, WA with no charge either. I had a package sent to Raymond, WA, but they refused it because I put their address with the General Delivery. All of those packages were from UPS or FedEx.

When I get to Seaside, Oregon, they finally charge me over $6 to hand me the package. That cost me more than the FedEx delivery charge of $4. Their reason for charging on General Delivery packages? It’s package had a FedEx postage charge on it and not a USPS charge. So, the clerk decided to charge me the price it would cost to send the package from one end of the town to the next. He said that I should be thankful that he didn’t charge me for the distance from Iowa that the package was originally sent.

He made it sound like that postage that I paid for really didn’t happen. He acted like he was just holding a mysterious box that needed to have some kind of Post Office label to sit behind the counter. He actually said that he could have charged me from the ship out point in Iowa, but didn’t because he was being nice about it. This guy is a real jerk and I wouldn’t doubt that he is probably pocketing the money.

If he wanted to charge me from the distance in Iowa, then he is recognizing some elements of the delivery that occurred. He talked like the label from FedEx was untrustworthy. But, he certainly recognized that the box did come from Iowa and said he would charge me for that distance. want to pay my rightly fees, but this sounds like a hidden fee that he made up to surprise and then further state that he could charge me more to be thankful for the smaller fee to cover from one end of the town to the next.

If this General Delivery fee has been in place, this is the first time I have heard about it. I remember asking in Rice Lake Post Office about their rules. They said that they can carry any sized package for free for up to 30 days. They didn’t mention any issues with extra fees or anything. If they could have told that fees would be applied, then I would not have used the General Delivery system.

Is USPS not standardized? How can one Federal Government Office charge me a fee while another does not? The Post Offices seem to be acting more like their own businesses instead. I need to know if this General Delivery fee is standardized, but most ignore charging the customer. Or is it not standardized and the employees will charge at will? There is a major inconsistency going on here with a Federal mail delivery system.

Here is my story in further detail:

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