Little Buck Tooth Girl Meme; Going to Disneyland, When She Really Needs a Dentist.


I keep seeing the little buck tooth girl memes pop up periodically and had to investigate. She gave a very adorable expression and it has generated a lot of buzz on the Internet. The mom made a video for YouTube, channel: Kaftc. It’s titled going to Disney World again it was uploaded on Sept 2013 and has over 6 million views. The mom made a previous video 2 years ago in 2011 which has over 14 million views. I actually remember watching the 2011 Disneyland video. Her daughter is very cute and sociable. People have been promoting these little girls on many different formats from 9gag, Vine, Memes, to Liveleak and so on. It just keeps garnering more attention and creativity from people. Because of all the different sources of this little buck toothed girl emerging, its hard to pinpoint the actual source of it. First I thought she was just a picture taken at the right moment. But then I saw a black kids Vine where it was actually a video and the black kid took a second to put his face at the very end and tag the 7 second clip to his account. He wasn’t the source, be he certainly helped propel the popularity of the video by condensing the 4 minute video into 6 seconds of the little buck toothed girl. The black kid has 1 million subscribers and his name is ? Anyway, the video is as adorable as the first one. The comments are hilarious too. Here are a couple other 9Gag photoshops: dog nailed it emoji bucktooth Here are other favorite 9Gag Memes that I up voted: ———————–


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Nice Craigslist Discussion on Counterfeit Money

Can I buy a gallon of milk with this? < Acumagnet > 07/25 15:55




Depends on the store. § < - >


I usually see only the corners cut. § < - > 07/25 16:02


There was a story in the paper of a man < - > 07/25 16:24

arrested for trying that. He had cut off all 4 corners of a $20 bill (ruining it) and taped all 4 corners on to a single dollar bill.

Couldn’t figure out why that would make him any money.


Yeh. His twenty dollars cost him 21. § < - >


Duh. Cut one from each of 4 20′s. §


R U experienced with that ?_ §


No. I’m just a lot smarter than you are.


Don’t brag … many people are smarter than me.


I appreciate you. < - > 07/25 16:46

I’m sure you have talents that make you special.

We’re all different.

My talent is dealing with numbers, puzzles, etc.


So you are going to turn in 4 damaged bills with < - > 07/25 16:37

4 different corners cut off for a refund?



Brilliant. … not you, < - > 07/25 16:41

the bad guys would spend that money where they thought that they could get away with it.


A co-worker was arrested with one of those. < - > 07/25 16:09

Payday with no money in his pocket, goes to the bank during lunch and cashes his check.

On the way back to the job he stops in an OTB to place a bet. Pays with that bill and is asked to wait a moment.

Security comes and places him in handcuffs while he wonders what is going on.

After a short while he is released when they accept his story that the bill came from the bank.


Would you buy that story? < Acumagnet > 07/25 16:25

I suppose justice was served by catching him on the street.


They might have been watching that bank, < - > 07/25 16:30

it’s not likely that it was the first time it happened.


I think your story is counterfeit. < - > 07/25 16:34

Bank employees are trained to spot counterfeits.


Bank employees are sometimes the crooks. § < - > 07/25 16:36

Typical Computer Forum Trolls on Craigslist.

does the eink 2nd screen save battery life? 07/18 12:22

I don’t understand what is going on with this.

Stop being such a dinosaur 07/18 12:49

You should know very well by know that computers the size of phones easily outperform your desktop of 10 years ago.
Please provide a link to that computer that 07/18 12:59

is the size of a phone. And don’t say phones are now considered computers, dumbass.
Phones are computers. Look up the defintion 07/18 13:06

Maybe you should try reading regular common English some time and stop trying to apply your Program language to everything.
Though that may be, still isn’t a phone forum! 07/18 13:12

There are plenty of phone forums available if you need one though.
Should be a few in these links.
Good luck!
See why everyone calls you STUPID. 07/18 12:58

You can’t even ask your question in the correct forum.

You’re probably too stupid to even find the Android Forum.
If it’s not on the main forum, it doesn’t exist § 07/18 13:03
DUMBASS 07/18 13:06

Is that a “Travis Says” statement.

Sorry, Travis. You are NOT Simon. We only play “Simon Says”.

Simon says “Join ComputerJunkee”.
Is this a reference to Star Trek? 07/18 13:21

I’m not following what you are saying here.

Do you have a link to the episode you are referring to?
Hey Dumbass 07/18 13:24

If I was referring to a Star Trek episode, I would have referenced the episode.

Here’s an example, Travis, from Forest Gump, “Stupid is as Stupid does.”

You stupid dumbass.
Psssttttttttt 07/18 13:20

The forums on CL are only a few of the MILLIONS of forums on the INTERNET.

You’re right, if it isn’t on the main forum directory it doesn’t exist ON CRAIGSLIST, so that means you have to go to some place else where it DOES exist.

There is no forum on CL for “visit my website”.
There is no forum on CL for “Give me money”.
There is no forum on CL for “I’m looking for a job”.
There is no forum on CL for “I’m selling my computer”.

People who post that shit get ridiculed and get their posts flagged and those who continue to do it get labeled as TROLLS and then they NEVER get help, even to legitimate questions.
Your lucky, gonna let you slide for awhile after 07/18 13:32

your loss.
A phone is a computer nowadays, these dumbasses 07/18 13:30

don’t know any better.
Where’s your handle PinkBlood? 07/18 13:35

I got it, I got it, I’m gonna get your handle and eat it all gone…..

THERE IT IS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Where’s you handle, where’s your handle?

Oh, the Setbacks are the Worst to Deal With

I was just told that my body odor is offending people at the Ilwaco library. This is the first I had a librarian approach me and tell me that, besides the Rice Lake incident. I told the librarian I would clean my arm pits right away. She told me that I can’t use the library bathrooms to clean my body. I told her I was going to go to the bathroom for regular use. So, eventually, I did a little make-shift cleaning and changed my shirts.

The weather has been warmer out and I put out more body odor because of it. It’s harder to control my scents in this heat. It’s frustrating. As cold as the ocean is, I find it too hard to just jump in and swim. Either way, summer time is a bad time for me. I usually prefer the winter time, because it’s much easier to keep cooler. Although, it can get a little too cold when it gets below 20 degrees.

I tend to get sick in the very cold weather. I think about 55 degrees is good enough for me. That seems to manage my activity heat and I can still layer for warmth. I used to think that 65 was ideal, but it doesn’t seem that way many times.

This library is cramped for computer usage. There are only 2 tables and about 4 other Seniors love to set up their laptops for work. This is a rare place that I have come across that I have to compete for space. using my body odor against is a good and fair tactic to get me to move. I have brought my smell problems on to myself by not caring for myself enough. That’s the price of being homeless.

I just found out that my Abandoned Home posts were getting flagged off Craigslist. I had no idea that was going on until I finally decided to look. Now, I can’t advertise my abandoned videos to anyone. I end up just making them for myself. Oh well.

I haven’t worked to earn money in weeks either. This is very frustrating. The Taskrabbit has failed me. They changed the system and I have no idea who is hiring anymore. I am trying to look at other similar apps, but nothing is looking very interesting.

Human Medical Bloodletting in the 1700s Discussion

Human medical bloodletting 07/24 02:59

Do you think that humans accepted the practice of bloodletting among themselves in the 1700s because they were widely draining the blood of their farm animals for nutrition?

The medical bloodletting instruments could have been used on cows and horses as easily as humans.

Since no one has anything bad to say about the taste of blood, I wonder about the practice of its consumption when medical bloodletting became popular.

Um no 07/24 06:03

I believe bloodletting was accepted because doctors so strongly believed in and recommended it. It was a way to let out extra blood and rid the body of bad humors, two things that were thought to make sickness.

I was not aware (and have been unable to find reference to) bloodletting of farm animals for nutritional purposes. Bloodletting, by definition, takes a small amount from the host while leaving it living. During slaughter, blood WAS collected and consumed (primarily in stews, sausage and puddings) because our ancestors were frugal folk and did not want to be wasteful.

So no, I don’t think there’s much correlation between animal and human bloodletting other than to provide healing practices to both. Humans, as a general rule, did not drink each others blood for nutritional value.
No corilation, blood was captured during 07/24 07:16

slaughter and used in cooking. not exactly medicinal for the cow.
Shakespeare and other actors of the time used cattle blood on stage.
this is absolutely correct. 07/24 08:00

There are many references to blood being more than a biological element.

Blood was considered the essence of a person. Take the phrase “blood brothers”, “blood is thicker than water” and the “king’s bloodline” which was believed to be granted by God, by some.

An illness “must” be bad blood, thus the logical conclusion was to let it out. As modern people we can see the flaw with that logic being based on the faulty premise.

To rob an animal of its “being” was not a crime but our right under Christian doctrine since God gave Adam dominion over the beasts. However robbing a person of their “being” could not be looked on favorably by the church.
Bloodletting of cows was done by and 07/24 07:22

still is done by the Maasai in Africa. I thought of them first when I read about blood letting for nutrition. I saw a documentary a long time ago.

Anyway, I wondered if the Maasai were brought to the U.S. as slaves and brought that tradition with them. Answer is probably no as few of the Maasai were taken as slaves. They mostly protected neighboring tribes from being captured.

Since I had never thought about farmers using blood letting on their animals I looked into it. The posted site has pictures of blood letting tools and these paragraphs:

“The fleam is perhaps easiest-to-find bloodletting antique. These devices have one or more blades at right angles to the handle. The most common form is a brass case containing 2 or 3 steel blades, often stamped with a makers name (figure 8). The blades were usually of various sizes to offer a selection to the phlebotomist. Many of these fleams were likely used on animals but the ones with small blades no doubt were used at times on humans as well. Imagine the farming family that used their fleam for both purposes!”

“The fleams used for veterinary purposes were placed over the jugular vein of the neck most commonly and inserted with the help of a fleam stick. This was a heavy wooden club used to drive the blade in with a quick motion (so the horse didn’t know what hit him). Figure 12 shows a variety of fleam sticks. Often the bleeder would place a sheet over the animals head so they didn’t see what was coming. It’s a good thing they didn’t bleed humans this way!”

No mention was made that the blood was consumed.
Non-European cultures 07/24 07:53

After writing the above post, I did remember a scene from an episode of Sharpe (TV Series, British, 1993-97, 2006) where a downed Calvary horse is blooded at the neck, springing to life after. I know that show did really well within their scrooge-like budget to portray costume, props and military tactics during the Napoleonic Wars as authentically as they could.

I didn’t want to sound racist or ethnocentric in my earlier post, but I did figure that other cultures outside of European and North American might have different views on blood-drinking, whether human or animal. My education, like many others, is skewed in that area. I couldn’t find anything in a quick google search (plus I was at that time on an android tablet, and HATE doing more intricate typing and searching on it!).
Oh lordie…. ICK!!!!! 07/24 08:03

Just found a, uh, ‘interesting’ article that is close to the topic. I’m not gonna paraphrase it here…. I can barely make my way through the reading of it!

The Gruesome History of Eating Corpses as Medicine
The belief is not entirely dead, i.e., 07/24 08:54

“By ingesting corpse materials, one gains the strength of the person consumed. Noble quotes Leonardo da Vinci on the matter: “We preserve our life with the death of others. In a dead thing insensate life remains which, when it is reunited with the stomachs of the living, regains sensitive and intellectual life.”

Just recently I had two older men who wanted older roosters, about 2 years of age, for eating. One man was with his son and he and I both tried to get the father to take a younger roo.

Another man, maybe 40 or so, came to get an “older” roo as he had company coming from out of town and they wanted a fresh chicken to eat.

Generally people want roos that are from 6 mos to a year old.

I was talking about this with another customer and she explained that many cultures believe that eating older animals results in the person getting the “wisdom” and other positive attributes of an old rooster.

Same idea. Glad that they limit themselves to animals.
The worst & only exposure I had to drinking 07/24 08:18

blood was probably 40 years ago. I went to a picnic hosted by a Filipino group. I had never eaten goat and was urged by the ladies to have some. As soon as the juice–it was like a stew–hit my stomach I was at the big garbage barrel throwing up. Yuck, it was goat cooked in its own blood. Hell with “waste not, want not”.
Common practice..for hunting 07/24 09:11

Drink the blood of your first kill.

And yet another movie. Red Dawn, (1984) ..

If nothing else you want to watch because it has a young Patrick Swayze, Charlie Sheen, Emilio Esteves
Another movie.. 07/24 09:03

The Killing Fields. The man was starving and risked death to blood let from a cow. The livestock were protected for what one can assume that very purpose.


The Reason the Inuit Don’t Suffer Heart Disease is Because they Consume Seal Blood

People talk about how the high fat diet of Eskimos should lead to heart diseases and early death. Yet they are consistently shown to have perfectly healthy hearts throughout their lives. We only have a small picture into their culture as to how they consume food.

Many of us only see certain kinds of food that the Inuit eat as edible. This is because our own culture puts blinders on our eyes and we see only small portions of the culture that we feel we can compare to our own. Since we are limited to looking at other cultures through our own culture, many of us completely discount the blood consumption undertaken within their tribes.

Blood feeds our own blood and will keep our circulatory system healthier. There are a lot of benefits to drinking the blood of other animals, and the Inuit will not waste such a precious resource. They have to get creative with extracting every drop to feed their families.

Americans are in a decline largely because we constantly change the culture to encourage passive-aggressive behavior. Look at our problems with fat soldiers now. They are not healthy. They are no longer consuming the types of food products that once keep our ancestors strong. Even President Obama is saying the younger generation is predicted to not live as long as previous generations because of bad health practices.

Is blood the answer to everything? No, but it is certainly stands as a reminder of a precious resource for nourishment that people are turning their backs vainly. Blood could become a commodity. The animal slaughterhouses are very efficient with extracting every piece of the animal to use for various trades.

I have no idea what the manufacturers are doing with all their animal blood right now, but they have probably found something useful for it. Maybe it’s being used to feed the predator animals in some way. Either way, it’s very useful for humans as well. Women would best make use of drinking blood because they tend to suffer the highest rates of iron deficiency.

Americans suffer a lot of heart disease issues. The Inuit do not. Maybe we could take a step back and reevaluate our choices. Imagine replacing HFCS with blood. All diseases would go away. Think of that while you pour more syrup on your pancakes.

Woman Taking on Ocean Spray is a Real Hero and Needs Support

She is doing something I wish I was able to do. These food mafuacturers need to stop mislabeling and adding so much sugar to their drinks. In turn, they want to claim that concentration is different, but it’s not that different. They may argue that maple syrup has been eaten for hundreds of years and is extracted too. But that doesn’t mean it is safe.

Maple syrup is too sweet and will also cause you risk for diabetes and metabolic syndrome. I drank the sap straight from the tree once and was surprised how extremely sweet it is. When it is boiled down, or “concentrated” it yields an even more powerfully packed dose of sugar. This is the same approach that Ocean Spray is taking with their juices.

These elusive practices need to be stopped by food manufacturers. Did you know that 80% of food sold in grocery stores have sugar added or concentrated? Just because it is common, doesn’t make it right. Just look at the end result of all these overweight, obese people hanging by a thread to their blood pressures and blood sugar stability. Many suffer and don’t even realize why.

What needs to be brought out clearly for everyone to see is how Ocean Spray views concentrated sugar and sugar extracts. At what point do they consider their products dangerous. If they say that you need to consume a little bit of everything and that what they sell is harmless, I would object and call that frivolous. They cannot bring any other food into the matter. They need to focus on themselves and how bad their labeling has gotten.